CIA Held Key; Bush Told Truth, Wilson Lied

During a State of the Union Address President Bush uttered the now famous sixteen words that critics have insisted showed he exaggerated his case for going to war with Iraq. Those words; “The British Government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa” have been a focal point for those on the left who claim that Bush lied us into war. The fact is, President Bush did not say that Iraq actually had uranium, he only stated that they tried to obtain it. This information came from several intelligence agencies but it seems that in this matter only one source was considered reliable and that source was Joe Wilson.

Joe Wilson, a deeply partisan man, was recommended by his CIA agent wife for a trip to Niger to investigate the claims. Joe Wilson went to Niger, sipped some Mint Julep tea and then wrote a report stating that Iraq did not try to get uranium and that the administration lied about it. This led to a firestorm when the administration investigated Wilson after he lied by stating that the Vice President had sent him on the trip. In the process it was learned that his wife sent him and that she was an employee of the CIA. Wilson and his wife, Plame cried foul and said her supposedly covert status had been compromised, a “crime” for which no one has ever been convicted (Libby was found guilty of perjury, not outing Plame). The Washington Post had this to say about Wilson’s report:

Wilson’s central assertion — disputing President Bush’s 2003 State of the Union claim that Iraq was seeking nuclear material in Niger — has been validated by postwar weapons inspections. And his charge that the administration exaggerated the threat posed by Iraq has proved potent.

Before we continue let us note that the lack of WMD in Iraq did not validate Wilson’s assertion because the President only claimed that Iraq was trying to obtain the material, not that they possessed it. Just because it was not there does not mean they did not try to get it. Amazingly, during all the noise made in this case, the Central Intelligence Agency remained silent. This is an intelligence agency that Wilson’s wife worked for, that sent Wilson on the trip and that Wilson was basically trashing because he said that the President lied with information he received from our intelligence agencies (including the CIA). Certainly they had information that could shed light on this. If they did they never said a word as Wilson became more vocal, the Plame case consumed more time and the moonbats became more and more convinced that Bush lied, people died. “The sixteen words” has become a phrase that people understand without further explanation but as it turns out, Bush did not lie about it.

A declassified memo from none other than the CIA indicates that indeed a meeting took place between officials from Niger and the Iraq regime of Hussein and the officials involved state that there is no doubt that the Iraqis wanted to purchase yellow cake uranium. The deal never took place because of Niger’s allegiance to the US and because of UN sanctions on Iraq. Niger does not want to sell its uranium to rouge nations. This memo which is about Niger denying any sales to Iraq, is here and paragraph 2 on the first page indicates that government officials believed that Iraq wanted uranium but that no such sales took place.

It would appear as if Joe Wilson was to person who has been caught in the lies with regard to this case. He lied about who sent him as well as his wife’s status. Given this memo, it is doubtful he received the information he claims when he went to Niger. George Bush was not lying when he said that Iraq tried to obtain uranium though no one on the left will ever admit that fact.

More about this is located at It has been around a while but most moonbats don’t want to see facts unless they support their claims. To the left, any information that shows George Bush in a favorable light is not accurate.

I know this is long past and considered old news but the more time that passes the more we are seeing that the administration was right and that people have gone out of their way to bash this president and to harm our country.

Big Dog

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20 Responses to “CIA Held Key; Bush Told Truth, Wilson Lied”

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  2. Perri Nelson says:

    Another couple of things of note about the 16 words and plamegate…

    1. The sixteen words indicated that “The British government” had learned that Saddam had been seeking Uranium. The British government never denied this, and in fact stated publicly shortly after the State of the Union address that it had indeed learned that. Therefore, the sixteen words, which had nothing to do with U.S. intelligence were NOT a lie, and Joe Wilson could not refute them. This is attested to in the Butler report, also available online.

    2. The Senate intelligence committee actually came to the conclusion that Joe Wilson’s report did NOT say what Joe Wilson later wrote to the New York Times that it did. The Senate intelligence committee actually found that his report BOLSTERED the impression that Iraq had indeed tried, unsuccessfully, to obtain Uranium.

    3. After Richard Armitage confessed that HE was the one that revealed Valerie Plame’s name to Bob Novak, the Washington Post later published an editorial in which they regretted ever believing Joseph Wilson.

    4. Valerie Plame was NOT a covert agent and had not been one for over 10 years at the time her name was revealed by Richard Armitage, so no crime was committed in the first place.

    5. Patrick Fitzgerald KNEW before he began his push against administration officials, including Scooter Libby that Richard Armitage was the one to leak Valerie Plame’s name, and yet he never pursued that, instead working hard to create a “process crime” to vindicate his totally unnecessary and wasteful investigation.

    All of these facts are public knowledge, yet the left continues to harp the “Bush Lied, People Died” mantra. This despite the fact that the vast majority of Democrats supported the war, had access to the same intelligence that President Bush had, and in fact were calling for regime change as far back as 1998, FIVE YEARS before we went into Iraq.

    Interesting how short the left and the Democrats think our memories are isn’t it?

  3. Big Dog says:

    Nicely done Perri,
    The evidence, to this day, continues to mount in this case and yet not one Democrat has stepped up and apologized. Joe Wilson has certainly not apologized and he continues to make money playing the victim.

    Thanks for all the additional info. We will never convince the moonbats but we can continue to show the truth.

    Will you be in DC on the 15th?

  4. Perri Nelson says:

    No, I’m afraid not. I’ve pretty much used up all of my vacation time for this year.

  5. Big Dog says:

    I will get lots of pictures. One advantage to living in MD is I am about 2 hours from DC.

    It is really about an hour and a half drive that takes 4 hours…

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  12. Patsy says:

    Two questions:

    1. When will Scooter Libby be completely exonerated from those
    trumped up charges?

    2. When are perjury & conspiracy charges going to be filed
    against Joseph Wilson & Valerie Plame?

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  14. Patsy says:

    Why doesn’t the Justice Dept. investigate Joe Wilson & Valerie Plame? They’ve clearly perpetrated a fraud on the Congress, the CIA and the American people. They lied under oath, that’s perjury, a federal crime which even a former President has been impeached for. They violated their oaths of office, I’m certain Joe Wilson had to be sworn in before he left on his trip to Niger. It’s clear, from the recently declassified CIA reports, that he falsified his report and failed to divulge to the Congress that he indeed did find evidence that Saddam Hussein’s government was attempting to obtain yellowcake uranium. The actions of this self-described Washington DC “power couple” are treasonous, they need to be prosecuted for setting in motion the chain of events that led to the trial of Scooter Libby and having half of the Bush Administration dragged before the Grand Jury umpty-ump times. Let them feel the heat they inflicted on the real innocent victims of this non-event.

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  16. Ted Scranton says:

    Most of us except you ‘cons already know the whole story on the yellowcake.

    It’s here:

    There is not a single Republican in this country that has read the assessment, however, and who knows this story.

    A study was conducted as recently as 2006 to try to find a single Republican who read this Senate Intelligence Committee Report; none were found.

    You could be the first, but then you’d have to delete this blog entry of yours. Either that, or my post, but like I said, the rest of us have already read it and know the full story, every detail (and you post a 3 page CIA memo that is simply not the final word on the matter.)

    Welcome to 3 years ago, pal.

  17. Big Dog says:

    It has been at least three years but we must keep beating the drum because liberals like to believe that non covert agents get outed and that when Iraqi scientists state they were working on nukes that they are lying because it does not fit what you want to believe.
    Are you telling me that the few Republicans on this report did not read it?

    I am always skeptical of any report that comes from the very people who are pushing an agenda. And no, I did not read the 229 pages. They have an agenda, the question is if every intelligence agency in the world was saying it, why is it wrong? If the CIA indicated that Niger thought Iraq was trying to buy yellow cake then are they lying?

    Libs have a hard time understanding evil because they embrace it. That is why they have their Che shirts on, and love Castro and Chavez. America is always the bad guy and someone like Hussein could never be bad.

    BTW, who knocked down the WTC and tower 7? I just want to know what version of reality you side with.

  18. Rosemary says:

    I love this site! What happened to the brownish/tan one? I liked that one, too. Now let me finish reading your post, will ya?! LOL.

  19. Rosemary says:

    Okay, now I’ve read it. Dittos to Perri and Patsy (and anyone I may have inadvertently forgotten).

    Answer me this. If there were no WMD there, then why did we find REFINED Uraniam in the amount of 500 TONS in Baghdad? Hmm?