Church Tries To Exorcise Obamacare Demon

The Catholic Church is up in arms about a rule from the HHS requiring those who provide health care benefits to provide birth control, including the morning after pill (and at no cost at that). The Catholic Church is not the only religious institution upset about this but it has been the most vocal. The ruling does not apply to the houses of worship themselves but to organizations run by the Church such as Catholic hospitals and charities.

As far as I am concerned the federal government has no right to do this. The First Amendment does not allow any government action to establish a religion or prohibit the free exercise thereof. The Church is exercising its beliefs with regard to birth control and has every right to do so.

However, I have no sympathy for the Church because it supported Obamacare. The Church was perfectly happy when it was supporting something that required the rest of us to do things we did not want but now it is having a cow over it being forced to do something it does not want (The two have something in common; they are both likely unconstitutional).

The Church received assurances that it would not be forced to do things that ran counter to its beliefs but it looks like those assurances were designed to get support. Like many liberal constituencies the Church was used when needed and is now discarded. The Church should remember that when it lies with dogs it will get fleas.

There is uproar and the Church is indicating it will not comply with the law and says it will drop all insurance if the law is not changed. This plays right into the liberal’s hands because they want everyone to be forced into government run care. That was the goal from the beginning and it has not changed.

The people who will be affected by this should remember who did it to them and make things right in November.

But I think that will not happen. The Obama regime is catching hell over this issue and it might respond by dropping the requirement. Obama needs to get reelected and he can’t afford to have millions of Catholics turning against him.

Catholics though, should not fall for this. If, and it is a big if right now, Obama changes course it will be solely for political purposes and it will be temporary. If he gets reelected and no longer has to worry about reelection he will do as he wishes and impose his will on everyone. He will reinstate the requirement and thumb his nose at the Church.

Beware Catholics. He screwed you once and he will do it again.

But, you got what you asked for and though I disagree with the rules I think you got what you deserved.

This is what happens when you have to pass bills before you know what is in them. She lost her job and now regrets her vote.

So far the White House is standing firm.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “Church Tries To Exorcise Obamacare Demon”

  1. Blake says:

    The one thing progressives still can’t wiggle out from is the fact that, FROM THE MOMENT OF CONCEPTION, the embryo is a human being.
    That is because, from the moment the sperm and egg meet, the result, if left to come to term, will not be a frog, a mouse, or even an ape- it will be a human being.