Chuck Schumer Was Involved

A former Democratic staffer who worked for Chuck Schumer as part of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee pleaded guilty to illegally obtaining the credit report of a Republican Senatorial candidate. Lauren B. Weiner used Maryland LT Governor Michaels Steele’s Social Security number that she had culled from a court document to obtain the report.

There is no doubt in my military mind that Chuck Schumer was aware of this long before it came out. I am not saying he directed that she do it but he knew about what was going on. It is ironic because Schumer has introduced past legislation regarding identity theft and using SSNs illegally. Schumer and many Democrats distanced themselves from this when the story broke vowing to get to the bottom of it but Schumer kept Weiner on the DSCC payroll for several months after the incident. Possibly a little payola to keep her mouth shut and take one for the team?

Under the arrangement Weiner will avoid jail and do 150 hours of community service. Seems to me her acts involved spying on an American without a warrant. She used her position in the government to check on the private information about another American without getting a warrant. In addition, she used a SSN to commit fraud and she pretended to be Steele in order to get the report. I think she got a sweet deal undoubtedly brokered by some of Schumer’s shyster lawyer friends as payment for Weiner keeping her mouth shut about the others involved. Scooter Libby keeps his mouth shut and gets indicted. There are accusations from the left he is protecting someone. This bimbo keeps quiet and she is a youngster who acted on her own and made a mistake.

Is there any doubt in your mind that if it had been a Republican staffer who did this to a Democrat we would be hearing demands for life in prison and they would somehow find a way to blame George Bush? Kennedy would be on a tirade, Kerry demanding an investigation, Reid and Pelosi talking about a culture of corruption, Schumer demanding that the staffer reveal who really gave the order and Feingold would want to censure anyone who mentioned the affected person’s name. None of these people have said a word about their operative.

Michael Steele should sue the DSCC for invasion of privacy and see if he can get whatever money Howard Dean has not squandered away from the Democrats. I imagine in a few days the DNC will air a lie filled ad blaming the whole mess on George Bush and explain to us how Weiner had a bad childhood and suffered from low self esteem.

Source: Baltimore Sun

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