Chuck Schumer Talks Out Of A Lower Orifice

The Dubai port deal went down in flames because of bipartisan support for racism. Most politicians said it had to do with security but that is hard to believe since more and more we learn about terrible port security even before this deal was announced. The elected morons in DC plan to go through with a vote just to make sure the UAE really does what it said it would do. So to make it clear, we told them we did not trust them and they could not come here and then we told them we don’t trust their word so we have to vote on it. Nice. Chuck Schumer of New York is milking this baby for all the political clout it is worth. Here is what he said:

“If things are as they appear, this is a great victory for national security. But make no mistake, we are going to scrutinize this deal with a fine-tooth comb to make sure the separation between American port operators and Dubai Ports World is complete and security is tight as a drum.”Reuters

This is like the Mayor of Baltimore who was on the news last night telling us this was a victory for our national security and we need to make sure we are all safe. I have written about the problems at the port of Baltimore and these have existed for decades. Here we have Schumer telling us it is a victory for national security. You know that Schumer was worried those Arabs could sneak people and weapons in to our secure ports. It would be just too easy because they are not as good at security as we are. Here is a little something from ABC News:

But ABC News has learned about a port threat from within — a major security breach at the ports of New York and New Jersey.

The two ports handle millions of tons of cargo, with scores of cruise ships passing through each year. Truckers who transport much of the cargo are issued ID cards, which give them access to all areas of the port.

ABC News has learned that the cards, given to thousands of truckers by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, were issued with virtually no background checks. The Department of Homeland Security recently investigated the New York and New Jersey ports, and found stunning gaps in security.

The new DHS report, obtained by ABC News, shows that of the 9,000 truckers checked, nearly half had evidence of criminal records. More than 500 held bogus driver’s licenses, leaving officials unsure of their real identities.

“We have no idea who’s in the ports. And many of the folks who come in to service the ports, that drive the trucks back and forth, are people who don’t have very distinguished backgrounds. May have criminal backgrounds,” said Stephen Flynn, a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, a nonpartisan think tank.

The intelligence report found truck drivers had been convicted of homicide, assault, weapons charges, sex offenses, arson, drug dealing, identity theft and cargo theft.ABC News

So they do not know who is in the terminals, what they are doing and where they are from. They are issued cards to get in without background checks and some of the folks have criminal records for violent crime. I can see how Chuck Schumer was worried about those Arabs infiltrating the New York Port Terminal. I guess he is not worried about the thugs and criminals in there now because they are not Arabs. But don’t worry, it is not about racism.

Schumer is not worried about the NY Port because it is run by all the union types who have given him tens of thousands of dollars in donations. If the UAE had contributed to Schumer and the other moonbats they would have been supporting this deal. Look how Bill Clinton supported it when they gave him nearly a half a million dollars.

Mayor O’Malley of Baltimore and Senator Schumer of New York are out of touch with the situation. They decry national security and have no real idea about how poor the security at their ports is right at this moment. They are clearly partisan political hacks who are not concerned with anything other than getting campaign contributions and getting elected. They should be ashamed of themselves. I would like them to email me and inform me why this situation exists. I want them to tell me why they are unaware of the current problems and I want them to explain why anyone should not look at their opposition as politically motivated.

I won’t hold my breath for a response from either of them. Neither is man enough to stand up to scrutiny. They have no testicular fortitude and they are a disgrace to their respective constituents.

I welcome your comments.

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