Chuck Schumer And His Agenda

I can not get the radio station holding the Alito confirmation hearing at work so I only saw part of it this evening when I got home. I had the misfortune of watching UpChuck Schumer question Judge Alito. UpChuck pointed out that Alito wrote, in 1985, that the Constitution does not protect the right to an abortion. Schumer asked him if he still believed that. Schumer tried many ways to get Alito to answer the question. Schumer even admonished him for not answering and then said I hope you have changed your opinion. Basically, what Schumer is saying is “I hope you have finally come around to the correct way of thinking and that you have abandoned your Draconian ideas.” I am sure Alito was honest when he said he would review each case of abortion on its merits.

Alito can not answer some of these questions because no matter what the truth is, most people who are fanatical about this issue will not understand the answer. I will answer it for that idiot Schumer. Chuck, the Constitution does not contain anything about protecting the right to an abortion. The word abortion does not appear in the entire document. Now it was cute when you asked Alito if Freedom of Speech was protected by the Constitution and when he answered yes you said if you can answer that why can’t you answer my question about if the Constitution protects abortion. It is pretty simple Chuck, the Constitution has the words Freedom of Speech in it. It is easy to answer that it is in there because it is. The abortion issue was contrived by the liberal courts and therefore would have to be viewed according to case law.

Chuck, you kept asking what his opinion was and he would not give it. Maybe if you listened you little twit, you would have heard him say he does not allow his opinion to affect how he rules. Therefore, his opinion is not important nor is it germane to that line of questioning. It is obvious that Schumer and Kennedy were grandstanding and making a play for the cameras. They have both made up their minds and they just want to find a way to justify their decisions. Hell, they did not even stick around when others were questioning Alito which shows me they have taken a decision and do not care what the answers are.

Like I said, he will be confirmed but the margin will be worse than Roberts’. The Democrats have made it clear they do not respect their advise and consent role as they have not done either.

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