Chris Matthews Gets Hard Balled

Chris Matthews is supposed to be this rabid commentator who plays hardball. He interrupts, raises his voice, and challenges those on his show. However, Matthews was hard balled recently for some comments he made regarding Hillary Clinton. Matthews should know that it is against the rules of the media to say anything negative about she who would be Queen. The Clintons have enjoyed a media blackout on all the bad things they have done and their illegal activities were either under reported or ignored. Those that were mentioned were never investigated with the zeal of a Woodward and Bernstein in pursuit of Nixon. That can’t happen and despite Bill Clinton’s claim that Obama gets better press coverage, the media is ignoring Clinton’s past. As an aside, perhaps Obama gets better coverage (if he does) because he allows the media in and Hillary does not.

Matthews told the absolute truth and that is something that is not allowed when it comes to the Clinton Crime Family. Matthews said that Hillary’s career was the result of being a victim of an unfaithful husband. This is not quite 100% correct because part of her career is the result of having the same last name (or sleeping with) the president of the US. Hillary took advantage of the public sympathy that the idiots in America gave her and parlayed it into a Senate seat in New York. She did not deserve that sympathy because Hillary knew for years that Bill slept around and she did her best to squash the women who came forward with allegations of sexual affairs or rape. Hillary knew her husband was an adulterer and a rapist and she enabled him by going after the real victims, the women Bill molested and had affairs with.

The fools in America gave her sympathy and acted like she was the victim when she was, in fact, an accomplice in the sexual deviance of her husband. Hillary used that sympathy to get elected to the Senate so Matthews was correct when he said her career was the result of her being a victim of a cheating husband. Hillary Clinton has no accomplishments of her own. All that she has done has been a result of involvement because of her husband’s position. She was the First Lady of Arkansas and had duties as part of that title and it was all based on her husband being Governor. She was First Lady of the US and her duties were a result of being married to the President. Hillary Clinton had no individual accomplishments when she ran for the Senate. Everything about her was the result of her marriage to Bill Clinton and her “victim” status after he cheated and raped other women.

If Hillary had never married Bill she probably would have been a lesbian lawyer defending environmental whack jobs and terrorists. She probably would have become another radical lawyer activist like Lynne Stewart with the same desire to turn this country into a socialist haven. The problem is, Matthews is part of the media and they do not like it when a woman is attacked. The media can attack George Bush all day long and call him any name they want but as soon as someone says something about a woman, especially Hillary, they are misogynists and sexists. This is what Media Matters thinks of Matthews.

Chris Matthews got hard balled for speaking the truth about Hillary Clinton. He apologized because of the pressure put on him by the dark forces inside the media establishment. Perhaps he was worried about losing his job, who knows? The reality is, he had to apologize for telling the truth.

Fortunately, I have no such problem so let me state it; Hillary Clinton only made it as far as she did in life because she slept with the president and because she played the victim after his affair. She parlayed that into a Senate seat and had it not been for these things in her life most people would not know who she was. Hillary is quite ordinary and unimpressive and without the Clinton name she would be a nobody. With the Clinton name she is nothing more than an opportunistic liar and law breaker who will do anything to gain power.

There Media Matters, take those words and chew on them for a while. As for you Chris Matthews, your show should be renamed from Chris Matthews, Hardball to Chris Matthews, No Balls.

News Busters

Big Dog

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31 Responses to “Chris Matthews Gets Hard Balled”

  1. Pauls Lane says:

    Seems to me the Dems have painted themselves in a corner. If you are critical of Hillary you are labeled a sexist, if you are critical of Obama you get the racist tag slapped on you, and if you actually back Edwards then you are probably gay (not that there is anything wrong with that). As for the conservative Republicans it really doesn’t matter if they are critical of any of the Dem candidates because as everyone knows they are sexist, racist, homophobes anyway. It is going to be fun watching the rest of the primary season play out.

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  3. Adam says:

    At first light your words may come off as incredibly sexist to somebody who doesn’t know your writing very well. You reduce Hillary Clinton to such a degree that she is the stereotype of the advantageous business woman who sleeps with her higher ups because that is the only way she can get ahead of the men above her. It is the hight of sexism to suggest this about powerful women. But that’s not my point…

    The truth is though that you will say anything, ANYTHING at all to bash a Clinton. No matter what degree of truth there is, or lack of proof, or illogic involved, you will take it and run with it, just like you did when you were wetting yourself over the idea of Hillary dropping out of the race. That’s all there is to this, and why you will defend a stupid sexist talking head like Chris Matthews…

  4. Rosemary says:

    Great post, Big Dog. ;)

  5. Adam, quit being such a Clinton apologist. You guys are defending her at warp speed, but it’s fortunate for the rest of us that her campaign is imploding at the speed of light. You all can’t even keep up.

  6. David M says:

    The Thunder Run has linked to this post in the – Web Reconnaissance for 01/18/2008 A short recon of what’s out there that might draw your attention, updated throughout the day…so check back often.

  7. Pauls Lane says:

    It gladdens my heart to see comments like Adam’s. It proves my theory that they eat their young. They are their own enemy.

  8. Adam says:

    Lightspeed is pretty fast. That must be why I haven’t noticed it imploding. All I’ve seen is her win in New Hampshire, her current lead in Superdelegates, her double digit leads in New York, New Jersey, Florida, and California, her widening lead in Nevada. That’s an implosion alright. She should really just give it up, she hasn’t got a chance… … …

    Look, I’m not one to suggest Hillary will for sure get the nomination, but I was hoping after New Hampshire that you guys would stop lying to yourselves about a collapse in her campaign. I guess that’s too much to hope for…

    Don’t let me stand in the way of a good baseless Clinton smear though, by all means, keep on making fools of yourselves. I take my babies with a little BBQ sauce…

  9. Big Dog says:

    Well, I never wet my pants one way or the other. I am not a liberal. Secondly, I think Hillary would be the easiest to beat in the general election.

    As for the sexist aspect, it is sexist if it isn’t true. The fact is this woman has nothing to tie her name, and her name only, to. She would not be where she is if it were not for her husband and if it were not for him cheating on her. All facts.

    There are many, many items out there involving this crime family for anyone who cares to dig and get to the truth. The MSM will not and the Clintons will not release records. They are criminals and they are both liars, and yet you seem to believe what they say.

    We shall see tomorrow. Of course, she and Bill have been using covert racism and you failed to discuss that.

    Also, discuss how they are trying to disenfranchise the union workers now that the union is backing Obama.

    These people are slime.

  10. Adam says:

    It’s always a conspiracy with you when it comes to the Clinton’s, and I think that’s hilarious.
    There are a million “facts” about the Clinton’s that you and your fellow Clinton haters love to parade around, to print in letters to the editor, to repeat in calls on CSPAN…

    Yes, the “Clinton crime family” is “slime,” Hillary is “satan” and Bill Clinton is probably out raping somebody right this instant, and all of this would be known and the Clinton’s popularity derailed…..if not for that durn blasted Em-es-em. Oh gosh almighty, when will the world ever learn the truth about these evil Clinton’s? .. . …

    Give me a break. And you say liberals are deranged about Bush? You guys wrote the manual on it.

    I was at the store the other day and I thought of you. It was a sale on tinfoil, for the little hats you use to keep the Clinton’s black helicopters from tracking you down. Better hurry…

    All joking aside…when it comes to Nevada I’m not sure if Hillary can win or not. It’s a close race, so it will be interesting…

  11. Big Dog says:

    Ha ha ha
    I don’t use tin foil. Clinton has no helicopters because he cut the military in half. Plus, he can’t fly in something related to combat after he evaded the draft and considering how much Hillary hates the military.

    I know you find it hard to believe but all you have to do is investigate a bit. They have both been caught in huge lies so why should anyone believe them? Her law firm records that the courts wanted??? They were with her the whole time and LTC Buzz Patterson saw the box that they later “found.” The people who went through Foster’s stuff while it was a crime scene, Whitewater (Bill and Hill were all part of it, don’t let it fool you). Madison..

    I am surprised that you would dismiss the accusations of rape. Are you saying that the women lied? Like Flowers lied about the affair, oh wait Bill finally admitted to it while under oath. About Paula Jones which Bill denied, oh wait he admitted to that under oath and she won the lawsuit. How about Monica who Bill lied about and said he did not do it, oh wait he had to admit it because he left some er, uh, evidence around.

    I believe the women because he has a reason to lie and he has done so. Rumor has it he did Princess Di, no wonder she ended up dead….

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  16. Adam says:

    Sure, Clinton’s lies about affairs might establish a pattern, but there’s one other established pattern you’ve left out.

    There’s that time that Bill Clinton fathered a child with a hooker. Oh wait, that was later proven to be a myth. There’s that time that the Clinton’s had Vince Foster murdered. Oh wait, all investigations into that said otherwise. There’s that time when Bill Clinton turned down a chance to get bin Laden. Oh wait, that’s just a lie spread by losers like Sean Hannity. There’s the time that the Clinton’s fell asleep at Reagan’s funeral. Wait, no, was that just another baseless Clinton smear by idiots like Drudge? Surely not. What about when Clinton said he abhors the military, that wasn’t just a distortion was it? It was? Shoot.

    It goes on and on. There are literally thousands of things that the Clinton’s have been accused of without basis, without fact, just on the sheer need to attack a Clinton, and many of those things have been said by you with no evidence whatsoever except for your own dislike of the Clinton’s based on previous things you have baselessly suggested the Clinton’s did. It’s a vicious cycle really when you think about it…

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  18. irtexas44 says:


    I am so surprised that Adam has not learned to read or do research. Adam you disapoint me. Here’s one for you Foster was left handed. So why do you think he used his right hand to pull the triger? You see all that grey matter on the drivers window would not have been there if he used his left hand. How about the young lady in Starbucks that was set to testify in a case against Bubba. Two other workers were shot once each. She was shot 5 times in the back of her head mob style. I could go on but since you haven’t researched any of it any way. It’s a mute point and I would just be taking up to much of BD’s space. Oh more thing what about when Bubba and one of his bud’s were laughing it up out side Ron Brown’s funreal? I digress. I’m done.

  19. Big Dog says:

    Actually, the woman who said she was pregnant ended up dead and no one ever checked to see if the kid was his.

    The accusation was not that Clinton had Foster killed, just that it was not a suicide. That is correct based on the evidence, evidence that was ignored or later fabricated. If Vince Foster actually had a gun, he would be alive.

    As for the Clinton falling asleep. It has hardly been disproven. You have people who saw the video saying they were asleep and the Clintons saying they were not. FWIW, It looks to me like Bill is asleep and Hillary is fighting to stay awake. BTW, I looked it up and this is what Limbaugh said about it. He said he gave Bill the benefit the first time because he might have been praying but the second he said Bill was asleep. He said Hillary was fighting sleep.

    So it was hardly disproven.

    None of the items you say have been proven to be myths and one accusation was an incorrect portrayal.

    As far as fathering a child, I think Chelsea looks just like her father, Web Hubbel.

  20. Adam says:

    Have you ever met a left handed person that uses his or her left hand for everything? I don’t and I’ve been left handed all my life. It’s impossible for whatever reason for me to cut with scissors accurately with my left hand. I use the mouse with my right hand. Surprise. That argument filled with water at the speed of…light.

    The problem with proof for the Clinton haters is it’s never enough. I’m not sure what you’re saying about the dead pregnant woman but a DNA test confirmed the baby was not Clinton’s, except that isn’t good enough is it? The story goes that the DNA on record for Clinton had been altered to protect him. The FBI ruled it was suicide with Foster, but that was manipulated by Clinton as well, or what? Footage that notorious Clinton haters cut for you to look at makes it appear as if they are asleep? Imagine that, and Rush Limbaugh giving a Clinton the benefit of the doubt? What a joker, that man is. It’s never going to be enough because for every story that is dispoven, there is disproof for the proof. It’ s a cycle…

    Hate away though, Hillary is Satan. This is the last I’ll say about this for a while because it’s a waste of time. I just go back to my first point, that you are not sexist about Hillary Clinton, and anybody who accuses you of that doesn’t understand your obsession with the family. You will just say anything to discredit them…

  21. Big Dog says:

    I don’t recall a DNA test being done to see if the kid was his. You need a court order to do that and an accusation from someone who is then dead does not hold much water. It is unlikely Foster killed himself. The first responders reported that there was no gun then there were reports of a gun then there were pictures that showed a gun different n description of written reports.

    Why did the park police have jurisdiction? Why did not the FBI take over when they found out the guy worked at the WH. And why did the FBI rule anything a suicide when the lead agency was the Park Police????

    The person who found Foster gives a very different picture of the scene than the “Officials” who investigated it. There is enough to be suspicious and none has been disproved and the inconsistency has not been explained. Like, how they said Foster used a gun he owned but the serial numbers from the two parts of the gun date back to the early 19-teens and are from two different weapons, or that one gun was chrome and the other blued. Questions should be answered.

    Like I said, it looks to me like Bill is asleep and she is nodding. Can’t say that has never happened to me and can’t say it was not happening to a lot of people in there.

    Amazingly (not really) you will defend the Clintons for all this stuff but if someone says GWB farted in a church in Boston you would say it was 100% true even if GWB was in Europe at the time…

    Maybe you should give GWB the same benefit of the doubt you give the Clintons or at least use the same criteria for your evaluations. If it is false because Bill and Hill said so then it should be false if GWB says so.

    I will not say anything to discredit them, I will not lie. All I have to do is use THEIR words

  22. Big Dog says:

    I am curious how you determined that Clinton did not turn down the chance to get bin Laden. Did you take his word for it or Sandy Bergalers?

    There are a lot of people in intelligence and the military who say he blew it 3 times. How do you reconcile that, just curious…

    You say it was proven false so I want to see the proof.

  23. Adam says:

    All I know on each of these subjects is that investigations, studies, independent commissions, etc., have been after Clinton for years and all it’s ever turned up is lies about affairs. So yes, Bill Clinton is a liar for sure, other than that, you have nothing. You can say the media has played nice, that the Clinton’s have covered stuff up, and so forth, but that’s it. Conspiracy is all you have pretty much…

    In turn, maybe you should put GWB under the microscope as you have the Clinton’s. I’ve done my fair share of Bush hating in the past but that’s mostly behind me. His time in office is coming to a close and I hope that he spends about as much time in the public eye as GHWB does, which is not much. Who wants to know anything about a lame duck president anyway? No matter who wins for the Dems or the GOP, at least one thing is certain. By Feb 2009 the worst president in the history of the United States will have left office.

  24. Big Dog says:

    The worst president in our history left office in 2001.

    Now, these independent investigations, pretty much like the ones that always included folks from the Clinton cabinet, that found no affairs, did they include, in NO affairs, the ones Bill lied about and then admitted to? You know, Flowers, Jones, Monica…

    I am amazed. Anita Hill accused Clarence Thomas of some pube on a coke can and it was the biggest thing in the world for the libtards. Bill Clinton is accused of RAPE and they ignore it.

    So much for the feminist left, they are sexists who let a rapist (an accusation that was not investigated) go untouched.

  25. Big Dog says:

    Yep, I have a conspiracy when people admitted to it and when Bill himself admitted to it. When the police fail to investigate and when the press fails to apply scrutiny, I have reason to be skeptical.

    There is enough evidence but people ignore it. Pardons anyone? Was that a coincidence, sure it is just Bubba. Don’t go peeking there now, nothing to see, move along. This little hayseed didn’t do anything wrong and you are all part of a conspiracy to think such things.

    I do not believe any investigation that included people who had something to gain, like Berger and Jamie Gurelick. CRIMINALS and that is that.

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  27. hdrk05 says:

    you say bd is always bashing the clintons and yet it seems you are always there to wipe their asses

  28. irtexas44 says:


    There 40+ different PD departments in that little berg. Plus all of the feds. It’s like who’s on first. It is a kind of turkey shoot and they all say this is my toy and you can’t have it. The first guys there wouldn’t make that call it would be up to their bosses to do once they have the paper and can get around their ego’s. Paper work there is a nightmare. If it involves the WH they don’t want to loss their 15 minutes of fame. Some time you feel like which part of OZ am I in now? If you have to combine details it’s a whole other circus act. It tends to give you a large headache some time.

    Adam the worst was Carter, #2 was Clinton. They aren’t hard to keep up with.

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