Chris Dumb As A Rock

There is this comedian named Chris Rock. Perhaps you have heard of him. He is a black fellow who rants about white people and some think that is funny. I don’t think he is very funny though some of the things he says are humorous. The bottom line is that 90% of his schtick is a rant about how white people have it great and the poor black guy blah blah.

Only in America, where we have elected the first half black president, could a black comedian who makes millions of dollars cry about how bad the brothers have it. I mean, if it is that bad why doesn’t Rock part with some of his money and help a brother out?

In any event, Dumb as a Rock joined in with a bunch of America haters to ridicule the Fourth of July. There are various tweets about how America sucks and how it is a bad nation and how this and that, you know typical liberal blame America stuff. The kind of stuff you would hear Obama say when he apologizes for this nation.

Many of the tweets were about the nation celebrating independence when blacks were slaves and not independent at the time the Declaration was signed (not all blacks were slaves so some were free but the tweeters failed to make that distinction).

Rock joined the chorus with this tweet:

Happy white peoples independence day the slaves weren’t free but I’m sure they enjoyed fireworks

I am going to help Dumb as a Rock out here. White people were free before Independence Day. White people were free and some blacks were free while others were brought here by other blacks and sold as slaves.

The American Independence had nothing to do with any individual being free, it had to do with our NATION leaving British rule. Yes Chris, the country was unhappy with how King George was doing things so we told him that our country wished to sever our ties and become a separate and distinct nation with our own rule. The whole thing had absolutely nothing to do with one class of people or another being free because white people were already free.

I am sick and tired of people whining about slavery. It was a bad thing and I can’t understand why any person would own another human being but that was the custom of the time and no matter how we feel about it now there is nothing we can do to change the past. Every person who was held as a slave in this country has long ago died and every slave owner has died as well.

There are no more slaves or slave owners except, of course, the minorities owned by the Democrats. Those folks are kept on the liberal plantation and told how to live their lives. But in that case they entered slavery willingly.

This is the year 2012. We have black members of Congress, a black man on the Supreme Court and a half black guy in the White House. There are black entertainers, sports figures and businessmen and they make good money and contribute to society. There are plenty more hard working blue collar black folks who are free to live life as they wish. This is all good and it is high time we stopped with all the howling over slavery. It happened, it ended and it was a long time ago. Let’s move on or as Obama might say, move forward [comrades].

Interestingly enough, the very people who bemoan slavery and white America are the same people who are the most evil racists. Look at how people of all colors on the left treated Herman Cain. Look how they treated Condi Rice and Clarence Thomas.

Celebrate Independence that we got as a nation and celebrate the freedom that comes from those brave white guys who Rock and the other morons so easily dismiss. Or, don’t celebrate if you don’t want to. The evil white guys ensured you were free to do that as well.

I know that the things that happened when we achieved Independence gave us a recognition that we have a right to free speech. Those very white guys Rock hates so much left a gift that he uses to bash the very people who provided it. In other nations Rock would be put to death for his words. Here in America he can say them and some folks can agree with him and others can disagree. I am exercising the same right to tell you what a moron Chris Rock is.

Yes Chris, slavery was a bad thing and it was a horrible way to treat human beings. But look on the bright side Chris. You never had to go through it but because some black folks in Africa captured other black folks and sold them to America your ancestors arrived here and you were created long after slavery ended.

If they had never been brought here you might have been born in Africa.

Then maybe you could have lived in a shack next to Obama’s brother.

The conversation is here at Twitchy

Here is my tweet for Rock:

Hey Chris. I don’t like what you said but will fight to my death defending your right to say it.

Hell Chris, if you don’t like it here there are plenty of places you can go to. I promise I won’t miss you.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “Chris Dumb As A Rock”

  1. Blake says:

    Yea, Chris Rock is one of the worst racists around- if he spent more time telling Blacks how they are free to work as hard as they want, in order that they could better themselves, he’d be a better example to his community, but I guarantee you one thing- he lives in a “gated” home, so he can keep the riff-raff of ANY color out.