China Supplies WMD To Iran

World Tribune is reporting that China has been supplying Iran with WMD including major weapons, components and dual use missiles. The companies involved are under sanctions that do not allow them to sell these items. They, like the former Iraqi regime, have ignored the sanctions and continue to sell WMD. The Chinese are helping to arm another terrorist sponsoring nation. These weapons could be used against coalition forces in the region.

Does it surprise anyone that China would not follow the rules? China has thumbed its nose at nations trying to bring stability to the region. Perhaps it is time the UN pulled up its pants and got involved in enforcing these things. No wait, the UN could not enforce sanctions on Iraq. What makes anyone think they are any better equipped to do so against these companies? Perhaps it is time for the US and its allies to stand up to China and issue them stern warnings about future illegal actions. Perhaps it is time to sanction China, not just the companies involved, and let them know we mean business.

Either you are with us or you are with the terrorists. China has shown who it supports. Now it is time to get tough with them.

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One Response to “China Supplies WMD To Iran”

  1. Adam says:

    Well, as we discussed a little already over at TOTG, sanctioning China would be like pulling the lever on our own gallows. We are much too dependent on them for our own economic welfare. One article calls us an “odd couple.” When the Bush administration lowered taxes while having two expensive wars, there was no other choice besides increasing our dependability on China, a nation we hate for the most part. It’s ironic if you ask me…