China Spies Arrested In US

Four Chinese spies have been arrested in Los Angeles. It appears that this group which contains 2 naturalized citizens and 2 resident aliens, is responsible for passing some of our most sensitive information on th China. It is well known that China is seeking the means to attack the US and to repel us in the event there is a conflict with Taiwan. One of these folks had a security clearance and was able to get information on Aegis battle management systems. China covertly obtained Aegis technology and recently deployed its first Aegis class warships.

The group would collect the information and then encrypt it and copy it to CDs. It was then taken to China and given to the people who want to use it to kill us. So here is my proposal. These spies should be tried under a military tribunal. Then we do not have to worry about all this appeal crap which could last for years. Send them before a tribunal and present the evidence. If they are found guilty of spying they need to be executed.

We need to have a public execution. Not some pansy be nice feel good lethal injection where they can fall into a sleepy death. We need this to be a gut wrenching agonizing brutal death for each spy, one after the other. We need to televise this and announce it well in advance. We need to bring old sparky out or the guillotine or some other brutal device. Perhaps we can bring back drawn and quartered just for this.

We need to do this for one reason. People need to know that if they are caught spying here they will be executed for the act. Spies need to know we will not pussy foot around and that they will die if caught.

In a related story Senator Ted Kennedy and the rest of the Democrats in the Senate called for a special investigation into who outed these spies. The moonbats want to know what the President knew and when he knew it with regard to these spies being outed. Kennedy said “See, that proves we were right. These Chinese spies have not been out of the US in more than 6 years but they were covert nonetheless.” When asked why he thought the Chinese were stealing the information Kennedy replied that they were probably tired of paying Clinton for it and figured this was cheaper.

The Washington Times

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