Child Abuse at War Protest

The liberal idiots who reside in this country decided to exercise their First Amendment right to assemble in protest of the war. There were a number of people there including the very aged Jane Fonda who is a traitor to this country and should have been shot a long time ago. But, she wanted to get out with pals Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins and Danny Glover and try to relive her glory days of protesting like she did during the Vietnam War. The only thing Fonda needs to do to complete the experience is go to Iraq and help a terrorists saw off the head of an American. Then she will have aided the enemy as she did a long time ago when she was not so very old.

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It is one thing for adults to protest. They have that right and it is one of the only rights liberals actually fight for. They will fight to protest and for Free Speech and Press but they will fight against Freedom of Religion and the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. In any event, when adults protest one can at least assume they have taken their own decisions regardless of how misinformed they are. When protesters parade their children up there and have them parrot lies then it borders on child abuse. I mean, it is all for the children, right? I am sure that the following is not something that the child came up with:

Standing on her toes to reach the microphone, 12-year-old Moriah Arnold told the crowd: “Now we know our leaders either lied to us or hid the truth. Because of our actions, the rest of the world sees us as a bully and a liar.” My Way News

This 12 year old did not come up with this on her own. She either learned this from school or her parents or both. Given the liberal indoctrination system that passes for the school system, it is likely that she learned most of it there and it was reinforced by her moonbat parents. It is undeniable that the school system is a liberal indoctrination system. I have never seen a report of a teacher ranting in class about conservative ideas. We do, however, get plenty of stories about liberal teachers going on rants espousing their liberal views. Moriah Arnold has been abused by the system and her two minutes of fame demonstrate the danger of the public school system.

Moriah Arnold is an idiot and she will continue to be an idiot when she is an adult. There is no evidence that we were lied to. A lie is a deliberate deception. The items presented for war were based upon intelligence from many countries and that everyone saw. The Democrats are backsliding because they have no backbone and the easiest way out is to claim they were lied to. They were not, they are just not intelligent or principled enough to take a decision and stick with it. Of all the members of Congress, Maxine Waters of California must be the most stupid. Why is that, you ask? She believes that the country was tricked into war. If she was tricked, it is because she is dumber than the man that all donks think is an idiot. Additionally, Waters indicated she will not vote one dime to the war. Fine, can we as taxpayers decide how much we are willing to send in? Perhaps I do not want to pay one more dime for the crack whores that Waters represents. Maybe I am tired of paying Social Security for other people to retire on. Who the hell is this piece of trash anyway? Does she think the money is hers?

Waters is a liberal racist who believes in the redistribution of wealth and justifies black on white violence. Yes, this racist, welfare whore, thought that the violence during the 1992 riots was righteous and defended the way blacks treated whites and Koreans. It is amazing that this thick skulled, troglodyte can justify violence in America (but only blacks being violent to others) and yet is at an anti war protest because she can not seem to muster her one brain cell to say that it is righteous. I said it before and I will say it again, we would probably been much better off if the planes had skipped the WTC and hit the Capitol instead. Then we would be rid of most of the problems in this country and could start anew.

The odds are that one day we will be hit again, especially if we pull out of Iraq. If we pull out and are attacked again it would be a sweet irony if the attackers could hit these folks when they are gathered to celebrate their cause. Maybe little Moriah could be the only survivor so she can again tell us how they were lied to.

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12 Responses to “Child Abuse at War Protest”

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  3. Anon. E. Mouse says:

    Make sure you turn the lens of your high powered perception toward all the sick neocons who send their kids to “jesus camp” and the like :

    Because if you dont, then you’re a hypocrite. Because thats child abuse. I tried to go to jesus camp when I was a teen and they threw me out because I am a homosexual. They told me gays don’t belong in jesus camp and that ain’t very tolerant like jesus was supposed to be. Now that I am an adult I have sex with many men and I don’t feel bad about it.

    No evidence that we were lied to. LOL! Yeah.. time to take your blinders off kiddo. We have been lied to since Clinton said I did not have sex with that woman. Hillary lies every time her lips are moving. BUsh is a hero and I would love to have him, if you know what I mean.

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  5. Big Dog says:

    Yeah mouse, it is a real case of child abuse. Religion is child abuse to all people who live like you…

    Show us the evidence of the lies. Before you do go back to the Clinton administration and see how many of these same idiots were saying Hussein had WMD and needed to go. If a Democrat were president they would be saying the evidence was real, if they ever got a Democrat that was not too much of a coward to protect us.

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  11. Virginia says:

    Bigdog , I like every single word you write, good to see some real balls on here. I guarantee if it comes out of your mouth, I know it is true facts. Thank you for keeping us informed. I look forward each day to reading all your articles.

  12. Tsmith says:

    You war lovers crack me up. Put down your book of hate …aka the bible, and start loving your fellow man. You only get one life, there’s not one after this; so stop the war and the hate.