Chevy Chase is an Idiot

I wrote in an earlier post that Eminem and Cher were idiots. Add Chevy Chase to that list. Mr. Chase was at a function and decided the people in attendance needed to know his political views. He is a Hollywood elitist, we already know his views. Anyway, he called George Bush a dumb F*** and said that he (Mr. Chase) was no F***ing clown. I have seen some of his movies and I would have to disagree. Mr. Chase is a clown. Perhaps he just has brain damage from all those years snorting cocaine on the set of SNL. Maybe he hit his head one too many times performing one of his slapstick falls. In any case, Chase is an idiot. The reports are that the liberals in attendance were even embarrassed by the remarks.

Add Chase to the list of has been actors who believe they know what goes on in the real world..

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