Cheney Under Fire

Unless you live under a rock then you are aware that Vice president Dick Cheney accidentally shot a fellow hunter on Saturday. The victim, Harry Whittington, is doing well and is in good spirits. It appears that Whittington went to retrieve a bird he had shot and caught up with the group about the time it flushed out more birds. The VP turned and shot at a bird and hit Whittington who was down range. This is a terrible accident but many on the left have found this to be some sort of indication that Cheney is a law breaker and an idiot.

Over at Lost Adam’s, the post is about how Cheney did not have the required $7.00 bird stamp on his license. The indication is that Cheney was hunting illegally and that the accident might not have happened if he had that stamp. Cheney had a $125 hunting license so it is insane to think he deliberately did not get a required stamp. His staff asked for all required items when they got the license and the stamp was not one of the items they received. Perhaps the clerk was unaware the stamp was required. The requirement is only five months old and many hunters are not aware of it. That is why the Texas DNR is only issuing warnings to people who do not have the stamp. The victim did not have the stamp either.

Dick Cheney, from all accounts, is a safe hunter and a good shot. He was genuinely concerned for the victim and was at the hospital with him on Sunday. This was a terrible accident and people are making more of it than needs to be. I can understand the late night comics and their jokes, but the lunacy on the web is frightening. If people really believe what they are writing, perhaps they should not be allowed to go out without supervision. The MSM falls right in line and shows little concern for the victim. Their major beef is why they were not notified right away. It is not like Iran launched nuclear weapons, it was a hunting accident. If this had happened to Joe six pack the MSM would not know about it and it is doubtful they would even care.

I would go hunting with Dick Cheney any day. I would hunt with Cheney before I would go for a ride with Ted Kennedy. If Kennedy has an accident, I would be left for dead. Cheney, on the other hand, would stay to help me and see that I got all the care I needed.

It would, as always, be helpful if people writing posts would get all the facts and then not cherry-pick the ones they like to try and influence a story.

Source: WBAL

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