Che Che Change At Wal Mart

CGflagWal Mart has decided to remove all items associated with the Confederate Battle Flag from its retail and online stores. The move comes after manufactured indignation at an inanimate item that is part of American history because some whack job racist murdered nine people in South Carolina.

The Flag did not murder anyone and there is no indication that the flag inspired the idiot to murder people but it makes liberals feel good to bring up the Confederate Battle Flag every time we head into a presidential election. This gives the liberals who are ignorant of history the opportunity to make allegations of racism against any politician (read Republican) who does not jump up and down and demand the flag be removed.

It appears to be working as many Republicans are now showing their ignorance as well. Or perhaps they are caving to the chattering class in order not to be labeled racist. News Flash folks, they will call you that no matter what.

This is snowballing as Democrat Mayor Stephanie Rawlings Blake of Baltimore is demanding the state of Maryland stop issuing Sons of the Confederacy license plates (which feature the battle flag) and recall those that have been issued. The Baltimore County Executive is trying to get Robert E Lee Park renamed.

Blake is using the uproar to make demands for the removal of a symbol of history but was silent (in fact I have heard no liberal discuss this) as ISIS flags were waving among the rioters she sponsored just weeks ago.

It is all about not letting a crisis go to waste and to that end Wal Mart is jumping on board to show it is not a racist company. Yes, it will no longer sell any item that features the Confederate Battle Flag.

Wal Mart is based in Arkansas and Bill Clinton is from Arkansas. Clinton used the Confederate Battle Flag imagery when he ran for president. I do not recall liberals protesting the flag then and I don’t recall Wal Mart having an opinion on the matter.

Wal Mart continues to sell items with the face of Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara on them. Che’s face is featured on many shirts worn by liberals and his poster adorned a wall at an Obama campaign office. Blacks overwhelmingly voted for both Clinton (who used that Confederate Flag) and Obama who never demanded the Che poster be taken down.

Why does it matter? Che Guevara was a racist from Argentina who murdered a lot of people, many of whom were black. He was a huge communist who wanted communism to take over the world. Here is some interesting information about Che, the guy you see on many shirts worn by the very liberals who demand the Flag be removed:

Guevara was a notorious anti-Black racist from Argentina who murdered hungry children and became an icon for leftists around the world for his role in the 1959 communist takeover of Cuba. This was a man who was a defender of the North Korean regime and who deeply mourned the death of Joseph Stalin. Guevara hoped the Soviets would launch nuclear attacks on American cities, for some reason confident that the communists would win a nuclear war that would have killed millions.

Che Guevara banned music, burned books, hated blacks, was an anti-semite [sic], murdered those who disagreed with him, personally oversaw execution squads, and was in charge of a system that imprisoned gays solely for the crime of being gay. X Tribune

If Wal Mart was so socially conscious wouldn’t they remove all Che items from the store?

The Southern states seceded from the union because of economic reasons. A large part of the economy was slave driven but the slave aspect is not why they left the union though they set up a government that codified slavery. The federal government was willing to continue slavery if they rejoined the union but a tripling of the tariffs crippled them economically. The flag was a battle flag carried by units that had soldiers, most of whom did not own slaves, who were tired of the federal government’s overreach. They fought with pride for their side in the war.

It is easy to sit here today and criticize and with the sorry educational system it is even easier to brainwash people into revisionist history but the reality is most people viewed blacks and inferior at that point in time. Abraham Lincoln was among those who thought blacks were inferior. There were some who believed that there should be no slaves but they still believed the white race was superior.

We are a nation with a past that has some great things in it but we also have some bad things. Slavery is among the worst part of our history and this Democrat institution should have died out long before it did. Our history after slavery was not much better with Democrats and their racist Jim Crow laws that kept blacks as second class citizens. Gun control was designed to keep blacks unarmed so they could not resist the tyranny.

That flag is just that, a flag. It is a symbol of our history and it should remain a part of our history.

But if people want to ban flags then they might want to look at the US Flag. It flew over this nation when we committed genocide against the Native Americans, while slavery was an institution, during the forced incarceration of Japanese Americans and during the post slavery period of racist laws and practices. Given this and the reasons for the Confederate Flag uproar, what makes it any more worthy?

Perhaps it is because despite the sometimes horrific history associated with the nation over which it has flown it still stands as a symbol of hope and freedom. It represents what can happen when people come together to build something and despite the flaws of its nation it demonstrates that people can move past horrific periods and events and become something better.

The Confederate Flag also represents a history that many today find intolerable. It should remain as a symbol that even in our darkest times we were able to overcome.

The Flag in South Carolina flies over a Confederate Monument, where one would expect it to be.

There is nothing wrong with displaying our history. Every aspect of our history should remain as a tribute to a nation of people who did not always get it right but improved and continue to improve.

Leave the Flag alone. It is heritage, not hate.

As an aside, there are many groups in this country with flags and banners. Certainly we could all find one reason or another to get rid of their symbols but do we want that in a nation that prides itself on freedom of expression?

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “Che Che Change At Wal Mart”

  1. Blake says:

    I would love to torch the rainbow banner, if for no other reason that it is ugly in the worst sense of the word.
    The same can be said of many of the Eco-weenie banners that these wastes of space fly at times.
    I have an ISIS flag that I piss on at least once a day- it saves on water, too- there you go, eco-weenies- you should be praising me, but somehow I don’t think you will.