Change I Don’t Believe

Barack Obama ran his entire campaign on the theme of hope and change. He told us it was change we could believe in. He is not in office yet and already I see change but it is not change I can believe in, it is change I just can’t believe. However, he did tell people he was going to change things but he failed to mention if that change would be good or bad. Here is some change that I don’t think will be good:

  • A nominee for Secretary of State that is extremely conflicted. Her husband is a former president and he receives money from around the world. How effective will she be working to do her job and keeping her husband’s money train running?
  • A nominee for Director of the CIA who has absolutely no background in the intelligence field. In these perilous times, is that the kind of change we need?
  • The governor of his home state tried to sell his vacated Senate seat. The Senate now has a person that the Democrats and Obama did not want.
  • Hillary’s soon to be vacated seat is being pursued by Caroline Kennedy, who Obama supports. She has never held a job much less public office. Her claim to fame is her name, her money, and the fact that her father was a president who was assassinated.
  • His choice for Homeland Security has not even been able to get an emergency plan for her state squared away. How will she take care of an entire country?
  • His choice for Commerce Secretary had to withdraw to fight corruption charges.
  • His choice for Treasury Secretary did not pay his taxes even though he received money to do so and signed papers saying he would. This was explained as an oversight and blamed on a lack of knowledge. Is this the kind of person we want watching over our treasury?
  • He is proposing the largest spending package in our history claiming it will help fix the economy. If spending was the cure for the economy it would not be in bad shape because George Bush did nothing but spend for the last eight years.
  • He has broken promise after promise. He is realizing that it is easy to say it on the campaign trail but actually doing it, once in office, is very difficult.

While Obama has been lauded for some of his other picks it is safe to say that he has filled his administration with Clinton retreads and he has put people of questionable integrity or who are completely unqualified in important positions. I imagine the MSM and Obama toadies will not criticize him the way they did President Bush when he put unqualified people in charge. Good job Brownie. Where are the trolls who infest this place criticizing Bush for things like this? Probably in the Kool Aid line.

I should not be surprised that Obama has selected unqualified people for positions. He is not qualified for the position he will soon hold. He has never been in charge of anything and his claim to fame is being a rabble rouser. He spent little time at the national level before he launched into his run for the presidency. The only good thing is that once he is done as president there will be nowhere else for him in government. He can fly around with Bill Clinton with his hand out.

This line up is a disaster waiting to happen and the ones who will suffer are the American people.

When the next 9/11 happens these people will make the Keystone Cops look like the Special Forces.

Big Dog

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14 Responses to “Change I Don’t Believe”

  1. Adam says:

    You’re probably on to something with the whole Hillary and Bill thing. I mean, look at how much money Cheney made when his stock options at Halliburton increased in value with every no-bid contract awarded to the company for Darth Cheney’s wars for peace.

  2. Big Dog says:

    Cheney made NO money. He and his wife signed those stocks over to charity and the document is irrevocable. Cheney gives millions of dollars to charity.

    Did you forget that the no bid contracts were give to Halliburton by Bill Clinton as well?

    That was and remains the only company able to do the things that they wanted. I imagine it is hard for you to see but it is the truth.

    Yes, Cheney makes no money from the Halliburton stock. He gave it away. Something like 8 million dollars.

    Beats the 300 dollars Biden has given over the last 10 years.

    Nice try though.

  3. GM says:

    Doggie, that was not a nice try by adam, it was a despicable lie told by the left that has tarnished Cheney and Bush for the last 8 years. Maybe with The One in office, we will at last see the end of that kind of crap.

  4. Adam says:

    Darth Cheney’s stock values still rose something like 3281% at some point and the level of contracting rising by about 600% for Halliburton under the first few years of the Bush Administration. While you are correct that he gives that money to charity is there not still a conflict of interest? I mean…that money you’re worried about with Clinton is part of his Foundation…

    • Big Dog says:

      His stock value fell quite a bit in the last few months. Should we deride someone for that?

      Cheney had nothing to do with awarding the contracts. Halliburton is the only company that does what it does so they get the contracts. Like I said, where was the outcry when Clinton issued the no bids?

      Cheney’s money came from Halliburton and he had nothing to do with awarding contracts. In case you don’t know, they are not issued that high up. Realistically, Clinton did not issue the contract, it happened in his administration. Clinton takes money from countries that his wife (therefore the country) will have to deal with. You don’t see a problem with that?

      The money for pardoning Marc Rich went to his foundation. I can see where it would give the appearance of influence peddling and appearance is often reality.

  5. Adam says:

    “He is proposing the largest spending package in our history claiming it will help fix the economy. If spending was the cure for the economy it would not be in bad shape because George Bush did nothing but spend for the last eight years.”

    I think most respected economists believe that every dollar spent by the government for growth in turn grows the GDP by $1.5-$3 depending on how you look at it in terms of money spent coming back again in the form of revenue.

    It’s not about simply spending in general but spending it smartly. Will Obama and the Dems spend it smartly? God knows. I hope so, since my grand kids will be paying the bill.

    Still, these same economists are raising serious doubts of the impact of Obama’s current plan but his lack of details (He’s never been one for details) have them just guessing at this point.

    • Big Dog says:

      Saying that most respected economists is like saying only respected scientists agree with global warming. The truth is that economists are all over the place on this.

      If your family budget is such that you are in debt at 20 times your annual salary and you are having trouble making ends meet what would be the thing that would get you out of trouble? Would an economist tell you to spend more money and you will be out of debt or would he tell you to cut whatever you can and pay off your bills?

      Taking taxpayer money and giving it around only redistributes what we have to borrow. At some point the bill comes due. Markets have ups and downs and the problem is our government has refused to let the downs occur by manipulating the markets with interest rates. Not to mention encouraging people to spend what they don’t have. It got us in this trouble and now we want to do more of the same to get out. It won’t happen. They tried this in the 1930s.

      Cutting taxes will allow people to spend THEIR money and not someone else’s. This has to be accompanied by budget cuts.

      Like I said, if spending helped there would be no problem because that is all they have done.

      • Adam says:

        It’s worth noting first of all that the US economy has very little in common with a family budget that is in the red where you want to cut spending and/or increase income in order to get out of trouble.

        Second, if the government could cut taxes and decrease spending at the same time then it might be true that tax cuts increase revenue. That’s never going to happen. There’s always going to be something to blow money on and because of that it has the opposite affect of creating bigger deficits.

        You may want to just sit around waiting for the market to correct itself but I’m of the mind that we’re going into more debt one way or another so we might as well use that to extend unemployment and food stamps, create jobs and develop works projects that stimulate the economy right now.

        • Big Dog says:

          Government does not create jobs, private industry does.

          The budgets are very similar. The attitude that there is always something to blow money on is what got us in trouble. The money is ours and we should demand better stewardship of it.

          Why should taxpayers be required to pay for things for others when they are having trouble paying for things for themselves. The market would have corrected all this if the government did not get involved.

          Government involvement is what created the problem. The greed was a result of government policies and regulations that allowed it to take place.

          It is impossible to spend our way out of the problem especially when we are spending what we do not have.

        • Adam says:

          Many PhD holding economists disagree with you on your last point.

  6. Jenn Sierra says:

    The American people are getting exactly what they asked for, Big Dog. We tried, and tried, and tried to warn them, but they weren’t interested in listening to reason.

    There will now be a period of time when all we can really do is just keep speaking the truth, and wait….until people start waking up. Let’s pray they do – sooner than later.

    • Big Dog says:

      Jenn, it will be a wild ride. If the government takes us into a depression there will be civil unrest in a very big way.

      Obama equates himself to Lincoln. He might be in more ways than one if he presides over the next civil war.

  7. Big Dog says:

    And many agree…