Cell Phones And Rude Behavior

There is an article out that discusses how people are not happy with inconsiderate cell phone users. I have posted about this a number of times in the past and I think everyone knows how I feel about the rude people who permeate our society. Latest numbers show that about 66% of people have a cell phone so it is not hard to figure that they are everywhere.

The problem is that when you get more people with phones you get more people who can display their lack of manners. You will have people who discuss things on the phone in such a loud voice that everyone can hear them. They will keep the phone on during movies, plays, concerts, weddings, and yes, even funerals. I personally think that no one is so important that a call can not wait but there are still people who will walk out of their office building and then call back on their cell phone. I guess they figure the entie corporate structure changed while they were walking outside.

And how about people talking on them while driving? These have got to be the most inattentive and dangerous people in the world. I do not know how many times I have been driving and someone has encroached into my lane or has been driving slow and holding up traffic and when I finally passed them they were yacking on a cell phone. I was driving to Birmingham Alabama and all the traffic in the right lane began to slow and move into the left lane. I figured that there must have been an accident. When I got closer it was because a car was driving about 30 mph. When I passed him the guy had his hands over the steering wheel typing a message into a Blackberry. Someone should have run him off the road. Recently there was a man severley injured when a driver was distracted because of her cell phone. I think if they can put breathalizers in cars for people who have had a DUI (the kind that will not let the car start until the driver blows into it and there is no alcohol) they should be able to put a cell phone signal jammer in the car of any person who causes an accident or gets tickets for impeding traffic while using a cell phone. The cops are big into putting tracking chips in car license plates (an invasion of privacy as far as I’m concerned) but this would be one place I think it would serve a useful purpose. People with cell phone infractions could get a restriction on their license and a chip with the restriction imbedded in the license plate. Then when a cop sees them yacking on the phone he could hit a button to check for a restriction chip. If it is there do not pass go do not collect $200.

And now to my favorite part, air travel. Cell phone companies are lobbying the FAA to allow cell phone use on planes. This is a disaster in the making. People already use cell phones prior to and after landing. This is the time when we find out people do not realize cell phones work even if you do not shout into them. It is a time when people are trying to get settled in and you always have several jackasses who talk and block the aisle. It is already bad enough you are squished into a plane but if I had to spend 3 or 4 hours next to some jerk talking on a cell phone I would probably beat him senseless (Or just keep talking to him while he is on the phone). If the airlines thinks they have problems now with air rage because of all the security measures wait until they let people use cell phones while in flight. They already have those in flight phones but no one uses them because they cost about $10.00 a minute. Maybe they can install some thing that only lets you talk on a cell phone if you pay $10.00 a minute. That should keep the plane quiet.

People are supposed to have manners. Unfortunately, we have developed into a society where signs need to be put up to tell people how to behave. If a person needs a sign to inform him of appropriate behavior then maybe he should not be allowed out in public without supervision.

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2 Responses to “Cell Phones And Rude Behavior”

  1. “not allowed in public without supervision”… ROTFL

    I wonder what happened to people with manners? I would say that people just don’t learn them anymore but people I know that used to have manners have just lost them once they got a cell phone.

  2. N. Mallory says:

    I think it should be illegal to use a cell phone in restaurants, cars, theaters, and movie theaters. I also think I should be allowed to participate in any phone conversation happening next to me in line at the grocery or Wal-mart.

    Personally, I never turn on my cell phone. Only 2 people have the number and they’ve been warned that I never bothered to figure out the voice mail option. I only use it in emergencies. I do not want to talk to anyone who calls me while waiting in line somewhere simply because they are bored and can’t stare at the cover of the Enquirer like everyone else.