CBS News Reports Missing Soildiers Found Murdered

CBS News is reporting that the two US soldiers who were abducted from a checkpoint have been found murdered. Iraqi officials are reporting the two bodies were found in the street in Baghdad near the town where they were abducted. The military has yet to confirm this report.

Let us hope that this is not the case but if it is then screw the commanders, politicians and public who claim that we are mistreating terrorists and killing innocent people. There are rules of war and if the enemy does not want to play by them then we can start playing by theirs. If this turns out to be true we need to make sure every person who carries a weapon or otherwise acts suspiciously dies of something close to lead poisoning.

Our prayers go out to the families and friends of these heroes.

Source: WBAL

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4 Responses to “CBS News Reports Missing Soildiers Found Murdered”

  1. Brutality…

    Secondly, for once will the liberal jacka@@es take their heads out of the ground for once. We’re fighting an enemy who will committ any attrocity or brutality for their cause. They need to be squashed before they come to our shores. Wake up America, ….

  2. For the Cause of Freedom…

    We must—and will—prevail in the War on Terror, where ever it takes us, with or without the assistance or hindrance of the Left. God have mercy on those who get in our way, for we will not….

  3. For the Cause of Freedom…

    What horrid news to be awakened to this morning. Two of our brightest and bravest have been evilly tortured and barbarously murdered, their bodies booby-trapped. Their names are Pfc. Kristian Menchaca and Pfc. Thomas L. Tucker. They were American Soldi…

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