Will They Get A Slap On The Wrist

A lady was fortunate to win one thousand dollars at the Maryland Live Casino. Unfortunately, two other people noticed her good fortune and followed her to her home that was about an hour away.

When she got out of her car one of the two brandished a handgun and took her purse. The couple was arrested four days later by detectives and they are charged with assault, armed robbery and theft.

Given that they committed a crime with a firearm in Maryland they should expect a stiff penalty and some jail time. But, this is Maryland and even though they broke the law they might get a plea bargain for lesser crimes and end up walking only to commit more crimes in the future.

Maryland is easy on criminals but tough on the law abiding. The man who had the gun is Mark West. He has a lengthy criminal history that includes assault, CDS possession with intent to distribute and violation of both probation and peace orders. I don’t know his specifics but this history would indicate he would not be allowed to legally own a firearm.

In many of his past cases he was not prosecuted (looks like the charges were dropped) and for those he was prosecuted he received little in the way of punishment.

Maryland would rather keep putting criminals on the street and harass law abiding citizens.

In Maryland the law abiding cannot carry a firearm at all openly (it is alleged that one may carry a long gun but that would be unwise) and concealed carry permits only go to special people. Maryland has decided that certain firearms are not allowed in the state and its citizens may not purchase them.

The laws are designed to keep the law abiding from getting or carrying firearms. Self protection is not a valid reason in the state.

It would appear though, West had no trouble getting a firearm and using it in a crime even though he has a criminal history and probably would not be allowed to have one.

The point has been made many times that gun laws only apply to people who obey the law in the first place.

This story proves that point.

Maryland is a nanny state that infringes upon the rights of its citizens.

I hope this trend reverses starting next Wednesday when a new governor is sworn in.

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Liberals End Run The Second Amendment

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. ~ Seconed Amendment US Constitution, 15 December 1791

The Second Amendment protects a preexisting right. It does not grant a right and it does not allow for caveats. It states that the right (a preexisting condition) to keep and bear arms shall NOT be infringed.

The liberals who are against gun ownership and who do not like the Second Amendment are working overtime to develop ways to ignore it and confiscate firearms from law abiding citizens. We have heard all their schemes. They want background checks (which we have and that many of the people who did bad things passed despite their questionable background. Chalk one up for government efficiency) to ensure only the right people have firearms. By right they mean the government and its enforcement agencies.

They want all firearms registered so there is a database of firearms and who owns them. They tell us that will allow them to track firearms recovered during criminal investigations and help with law enforcement but the reality is it will allow them to track people, see who has firearms and then target those people. It will make it easier for the government to confiscate firearms when that directive is given. Does anyone put it past Obama to issue an Executive Order mandating they be turned in?

The Nazis required firearms registration. Part of the information gathered was what religion the gun owner was. Then when Hitler decided to eradicate Jews he had THEIR firearms confiscated. No longer able to resist the Jews were rounded up and murdered.

Places like New York have registration requirements and they have a database of firearms owners. But there are plenty of ways for government to collect that information. Has anyone gone to the doctor’s office and been asked if there are firearms in the home? What does that have to do with your medical treatment? The VA asks veterans if they have firearms and doctors are paid a bonus to adjudicate people as mentally deficient so their guns can be confiscated. It is a scheme designed to do an end run around the Constitution.

In New York and Navy Veteran and former police officer had his firearms confiscated and pistol license terminated after he sought treatment for insomnia. He was diagnosed as having mild depression and insomnia (keep in mind everyone gets depressed throughout life and bouts of transient depression are different than a clinical diagnosis of chronic depression). The clinical notes clearly indicate he is not a danger to himself or others but his visit was shared with the State police who then notified the local Sheriff.

The Sheriff confiscated his guns.

This is why registration is dangerous. They will make up laws to use the database to disarm people and in this case they even violated their own law to do it.

Do not divulge to your doctors that you own firearms. If you are in a place where they make you register (like Maryland, a state that says it is voluntary but requires you to sign the voluntary registration to receive the firearm) then do not seek treatment for anything that might get your guns confiscated (obviously if you are having a real mental health issue you need to see a doctor) because they will find a way to take your guns.

If your doctor asks about guns tell him it is none of his business and ask how it pertains to your care.

As an aside, Obamacare provides for them to ask but specifically states that none of the information will be used to establish a database. Looks like they are violating that law as well.

Democrats put that in to circumvent the Second Amendment and they have been working on many clever things to get your guns.

They are evil people and leaders like them are the very reason our Founders felt it necessary to protect this preexisting right.

Cave canem!
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Big Dog


Good Thing Maryland Has Tough Gun Control

I have said it before but it bears repeating, gun laws do not prevent criminals from getting and using guns any more than drug laws keep people from getting and using drugs.

Maryland is a liberal/progressive state that does not believe in the Constitution or freedom. That might have changed a bit with the election of Larry Hogan but his election appears to be more related to the economy and taxes than the gun laws though pro Second Amendment voters were certainly motivated this year.

In any event, the laws were enacted under Martin O’Malley and Anthony Brown and the stated goal was to lower gun related crime. The real goal was to get votes and to restrict people but liberals can never say what they really want to do or they would be rejected outright.

Looks like these laws are working so well that Baltimore, which has long been the gun crime area of the state, has been listed as one of the most violent cities in the world.

Read that again. Baltimore is not simply one of the most violent cities in our country; no it is one of the most violent in the WORLD.

Think about all the violent places in the Middle East and all the places where people are ruled by tyrannical governments and Baltimore ranks right up there with them (and probably ahead of some of them).

The Second Amendment, despite what liberals claim, is there to protect a preexisting God given right for free people to keep and bear arms. The primary purpose is to ensure people are armed and able to resist a tyrannical government and that is why liberals want so badly to take that right away.

They know they are tyrants and they know they can never rule over people completely until those people have been stripped of their right to resist.

Martin O’Malley and Anthony Brown are two such tyrants and they pushed their gun bill through in order to further restrict people and to tighten their grip on the collective throats of the citizens of Maryland.

Fortunately, Brown lost his bid to become the governor but that is only a small part of the problem. Annapolis is full of liberal/progressives who want nothing more than to force their will upon the people.

Gun control does not work with regard to its stated purpose and it will not work with regard to the unstated purpose of removing the means to resist.

At least so long as patriots are willing to stand up to the tyranny.


Cave canem!
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Supreme Court To Take Up Gun Rights Case

The Supreme Court passed over major gun issues this past year. The Court had an opportunity to look at several cases that would have given it a chance to clear up some issues regarding the Second Amendment. The Court decided that it was better to leave things murky.

The Court did though, take up a case of a felon who has firearm issues. A former border patrol agent was convicted of a felony and had to surrender all his firearms. He foolishly surrendered them to the government rather than transferring them to his wife or another family member (or just selling them).

He wanted his guns back so that he could sell them or transfer them to his wife. The government will not let him have them back.

I feel for this guy in that those firearms are his property and he should have been able to sell them to get money for his family. Instead the guns are in the hands of the government which means he will likely never see them again.

Unless, of course, the Supremes decide that he has a right to his firearms so he can dispose of them in a manner more beneficial to his family.

I am glad the Court took this case but I am left wondering why it passed on all the cases that affect LAW ABIDING citizens who are being infringed upon by out of control state and federal governments.

Guns Save Lives

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Gun Grabbers like Their Own Guns…

Liberals love to infringe on the Second Amendment right of the people to keep and bear arms. While it might appear as if liberals hate firearms the truth is they only hate YOU having firearms. They are perfectly happy to have their own firearms or body guards who have firearms. They are much too special to be put in danger.

How many liberal politicians have claimed that we need gun control or told us that no one needs certain types of firearms or that no one should be carrying them only to be exposed as a firearms owner and, in many cases, the possessor of a concealed carry permit?

Missouri State Senator Jamilah Nasheed is one such politician. She has been labeled by the NRA as anti gun and has sponsored bills requiring a gun owner registry. She has also been involved in other anti Second Amendment legislation.

This hypocrite was protesting in front of the police department in Ferguson MO and was arrested. When she was arrested police found a 9mm handgun in her possession. She stated that she had a concealed carry permit.

In addition the police suspected her of being intoxicated because she “smelled strongly of intoxicants” but she refused to take a breathalyzer test.

I have no problem with this woman having a carry permit and actually carrying a firearm. She is covered under the Second Amendment just like the rest of us. I have an issue with her carrying that firearm if she was intoxicated but that is a different issue and only speculation since she did not submit to the test.

What I do have a problem with is that she is a liberal gun grabber who wants to make it tough for the rest of her state’s law abiding citizens to exercise the same right she exercises.

She is like Bloomberg who is anti gun but has armed guards. Ditto for Martin O’Malley, Rosie O’Donnell, and Barack Obama. Then there are folks like Nasheed who are anti gun but have (or had) permits. Dianne Feinstein and Chuck Schumer come to mind.

Liberals love to make rules so long as they don’t have to follow them.

The Blaze

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