The Real War On Women

Comes from Democrats. There is a slime ball named Alan Grayson who happens to be a Congressman from he Great State of Florida. Grayson is a progressive who believes in all the things progressives love such as wealth redistribution, government controlled health care and, well really government controlled anything.

Grayson has insulted Rush Limbaugh and discussed how he treats poor people or women (all of which are false claims) and he attacks Republicans and the invented war on women.

Grayson is an alleged wife beater whose wife filed for divorce. Grayson filed to have the marriage annulled because he claims his wife was never divorced from her first husband before they got married.

In that light Grayson has refused to support his wife and their children. She claims to have nothing because he was the sole provider. He is working to keep from paying her anything.

In other words, he is making her one of the poor people he claims Rush Limbaugh (and all other conservatives) hates.

Grayson’s marriage of 29 years dissolved earlier this year when his wife, Lolita Grayson, filed for divorce. A week later, Rep. Grayson asked a court to annul the marriage on the basis of bigamy.
Mr. Grayson is refusing to support his family because he is claiming that she was never divorced from her first husband and therefore their marriage was never legitimate.
Mrs. Grayson told WFTV 9 Orlando she never thought she would be on food stamps or have her kids on the school lunch, because her husband was “the sole provider,” she said. “I don’t have any money at all. He’s been holding all our money for years and years.” Liberty News

Grayson is a perfect progressive. Have a family and then expect the government (read the taxpayers) to support it. He will not accept responsibilty for his family and is refusing to provide for them.

Say what you want about Rush Limbaugh but I bet he paid what was required to his former wives.

I do not like Alan Grayson and I would not mind it if he started walking east until his hat floated. He is a bully, an idiot and a waste of human flesh.

He is conducting a war on women (and children) while he scolds conservatives as evil people who do not care about others.

It would be nice if we could get rid of this jackass once and for all.

It would also be nice if the judge forced hm to pay 50% of his salary to his wife and kids…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Many More Need To Understand This Message

A few folks in the black community are not happy with Democrat rule and they are expressing the same things I have been saying for years. I hope more folks get the message.

The Democrat party does not care about minorities. They see them for their skin color and they see women for their reproductive organs. People are much more than that.

Democrats see them as votes, a means to get and keep power.

I hope this message resonates throughout the black community.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Race Card To The Top

When liberals have no argument or are losing they resort to using the race card. While there are issues regarding race with a small number of people, the majority of people in this country don’t really care about the color of a person’s skin. As MLK said, it is about the content of one’s character.

When liberals are losing they throw the race card around. It is a card from a well worn deck where every card is the race card and it is played all the time. In North Carolina blacks have been targeted by Democrat Kay Hagan with mailers indicating that if the Republican candidate wins Obama will be impeached. The flier has an image of blacks who were lynched.

Maryland is a hugely Democrat state with a plethora of minority voters and limousine liberals who vote for Democrats. The few heavily Democrat counties overwhelm the rest of the state and thus all citizens are at the mercy of those few subdivisions.

Anthony Brown was supposed to waltz in and become the next Governor of the state but his lackluster performance as Lieutenant Governor (including his failure with the healthcare exchange that wasted millions of dollars) coupled with his uninspiring campaign has left him in a close race. In a state where Democrats outnumber Republicans 2:1, Brown is only up by single digits.

Those are public polling numbers. The internals of the campaign must paint a different picture. My suspicion is that the polling indicates that black voters will likely skip the election or not show up in numbers sufficient enough to give Brown the win.

This must be the case because Brown has resorted to using the race card.

The Democrats in Maryland have targeted black voters with a flier that has pictures from long ago and indicates that if Brown is not elected the advances blacks have made will be lost. There are pictures from the civil rights marches, colored only entrance signs and other racist photos of a long ago era. The front has a picture of Dr. Martin Luther king, Jr with the words “It’s been a long journey…”

Dr. King was a Republican.

The wording is overtly racist in that it indicates “…it’s OUR turn…” Since blacks are the target of the fliers it is safe to conclude that the OUR is the black community. Your turn for what? To have a black governor? Will brown not be the governor of ALL people in the state? Is not indicating that it is OUR turn racist in and of itself?

The icing on the cake is that the images are all of the racism that existed because of Democrats. It was the Democrat party that opposed civil rights. It was the Democrat Party that gave us the Jim Crow laws that harmed blacks. It was the Democrat Party that resisted ending slavery and has enslaved blacks to the modern plantation of dependence on government.

All the images (save one which is Donald Trump and the Obama birth certificate which is not racist) are of things that happened because of Democrats and the Democrat in the election is using them as a weapon against a Republican, a person in the party that was formed to end slavery and that introduced and supported civil rights legislation.

Anthony Brown is desperate. The last desperate act of liberals is to play the race card and the Democrats have just played it in Maryland.

Let us hope that like the boy who cried wolf one too many times the voters in Maryland can see this false claim for what it is and ignore it.

Put a Republican in office to turn the state around.

God knows the decades long stranglehold Democrats have had on the state has not produced anything.

Particularly for the black population that remains enslaved (by Democrat design) to an oppressive government.

Daily Caller

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Big Dog


He’ll Leave White House Desk The Same Way

Barack Obama was at a Democrat fundraiser in Chicago yesterday and he admitted that he left unpaid bills on his home desk when he left for DC. The transcript of this removed the reference to unpaid bills but the transcript has since been corrected. Maybe he needs a fundraiser to pay those bills…

“One of the nice things about being home is actually that it’s a little bit like a time capsule. Because Michelle and I and the kids, we left so quickly that there’s still junk on my desk, including some unpaid bills (laughter) — I think eventually they got paid — but they’re sort of stacked up. And messages, newspapers and all kinds of stuff.” The Weekly Standard

He thinks they eventually got paid? Well if he does not know then who paid them? Perhaps they did get paid but this is the mindset of the liberal progressive in the White House, bills not paid, no big deal, it is a big joke.

The ironic thing is that when Obama leaves the White House he will leave a lot of unpaid bills on that desk as well.

Let’s pray that they actually DO get paid someday…

Cave canem!
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Big Dog


The Shine Is Off Hope And Change

Barack Obama was elected by the moron class (with a bit of help from election fraud) and he promised that he would transform America. He told us that his campaign was about Hope and Change. He bragged about how the oceans would recede and how things would be better.

There are many folks who still believe all of this bunk but many of those who were initially fooled have awakened. Perhaps it is the fact they are still struggling or are still unemployed. Maybe they have been able to see past the smoke and mirrors and understand that things are as bad as or worse than when Hope and Change took office.

Maryland is a 2:1 Democrat to Republican state and it has been run by Democrats for a very long time. One Republican governor (a moderate to say the least) served about 12 years ago but he was steamrolled by the Democrat controlled legislature. One would think that any Democrat running in Maryland would have an easy time of it.

Evidently Anthony Brown, the current Lieutenant Governor (and candidate for governor), thinks things will be a bit tough on Election Day. He was supposed to run away in the race but Larry Hogan is giving him a tough challenge.

So much so that Brown brought in the toxic Barack Obama to campaign for him. Brown must feel confident that Obama will help rather than harm him otherwise Obama would not have been invited. If Brown thought he had a commanding lead would he really risk any potential backlash from an Obama appearance?

Obama was in Maryland yesterday and it looks like things did not go as planned. During his speech a number of people got up and left.

Yes, it appears as if some of the faithful have awakened and now realize that Obama is a failure.

Then again, the Ravens were in town so perhaps folks had better things to do, like watch something successful like the Ravens Team.

Tony Brown should be sent packing. He is an oath breaker and a disgrace to the office he holds and the military uniform he wears (he is a reservist who is very misleading about his service).

Send him packing…

Tony spelled backwards is Y Not. Why Not send him to the unemployment line in November and help Maryland get on the path to real prosperity.

As an aside, doesn’t Obama look sickly?

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog