GOP Is Not Shutting Down DHS

Barack Obama and the Democrats are.

The last budget deal funded everything except the DHS through the end of the fiscal year (ends 30 September 2015). DHS was funded through the end of February because of one thing and that is Barack Obama’s unlawful Executive Order on illegal immigrants. Obama is moving forward with his plan to allow millions of illegals to receive some sort of legal status and of course, all the benefits that American taxpayers can provide.

The Republicans funded DHS short term so they could work the issue out. Democrats do not want to work things out and are now crying about the things they used to do and are doing the things they used to cry about.

Democrats say the DHS should not be held hostage because of immigration and that the issue should be a separate issue in a separate bill. Really? They loved to put bad things in must pass bills to force Republicans to vote for them when they were in charge.

They are also filibustering in the Senate. They hated it when Republicans did so and decried the party of NO. Now they are the party of NO and are doing the very thing they said was wrong to do.

I have no problems with either party using whatever parliamentary procedures they can legally use. This is how politics work. But it is hypocritical for either party to do one thing and cry later when the same thing is done by “the other guy.”

As far as I am concerned they can shut down the DHS until Obama and his illegal actions are stopped. We did not have a DHS prior to 2001 and we survived up until then. Shut them down for as long as it takes to force Obama to stop violating his oath and OUR Constitution.

Nancy Pelosi is telling people what is right and wrong with all of this as if she actually has a clue. She lacks a brain and should be in jail for her illegal actions and for violating her oath.

Pelosi is upset at short term continuing resolutions and says they are not the way to do things. Her party used CRs for years because they never passed a budget. They always let things get to the brink of disaster and then forced votes in the middle of the night or during the holidays in order to coerce people to pass bills no matter how bad they were. She is also as responsible as anyone for the number of CRs that have been used in years past.

Shut up Nancy. No one wants to hear what comes out of your mouth because it has no brain to connect to and if it did it would be a mush filled liberal brain that is devoid of logic or intelligence.

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Intended Consequences Of Immigration Executive Order

There is a thing called unintended consequences where something is done and the consequences of the action are not thought through (and they can be good or bad). When they happen people never saw them coming. For example, Congress passes a bill that only affects employers with more than 50 workers. Small businesses reduce their workforce so they are not affected by the law (Obamacare is a prime example). Time and again this happens but they keep passing bills that harm people. The consequences were unintended but they happened.

The illegal actions Barack Obama has taken regarding immigration is a different monster. In this case the consequences were anticipated and intended. Obama wants to bring people who are here illegally into the spotlight and give them a legal status. He is operating way outside his authority but no one seems to want to stop him (and I mean to really put the brakes on his plans). Many talk a good game but do little to actually stop what is happening.

Illegals will be able to file income taxes and claim credits from years past. They will get taxpayer dollars even though they NEVER paid into the system. They are being rewarded with OUR money for breaking the law.

Illegals who fall under the Obama Executive Order will also be able to register to vote and vote in elections. It is illegal for them to do so but that will not stop them. The states do not have the manpower to weed out applications to see who is registered legally and who is not. This is all by design because Democrats want more voters.

Some Democrat lawmakers comically assert that they doubt anyone who falls under this umbrella would risk deportation by voting in an election. Really? So the same people who broke the law to get here and who risk deportation each day they are here would NEVER break the law and risk deportation by voting particularly when there is little risk of getting caught. Right. These people are either idiots or they think we are.

Barack Obama and his minions do not want restrictions. They do not want to go after illegals and they do not want to deport anyone because the overwhelming majority of these people support Democrats. This is all a backdoor amnesty designed to increase the number of Democrat voters.

In addition, these people will drain our resources even more than they already are by receiving tax refunds (if you can call it a refund when you paid nothing in), welfare and Obamacare.

This needs to stop and we need to put every member of Congress who supports this as well as Obama on trial for violating their oath to this nation. They are taking us down from within and they need to be stopped.

We tried the soapbox and the ballot box so we are running out of options.

[UPDATE] This article claims the illegals paid into the system for years but were unable to get benefits. Perhaps BUT, they were not supposed to be here and if they paid in were doing so under false pretenses. And really, does anyone believe they were not receiving benefits because they were not allowed to?…

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Now You Know Why He Supports Gay Marriage

It was reported this week that Barack Obama always supported gay marriage but lied about it for political reasons. Joe Biden let the cat out of the bag and forced Obama’s hand and that led to his “evolution” on the matter. This video shows why Biden is in favor…

Obama has a few of those buddies as well. Bathhouse Barry is the nickname I heard…

Big Dog salute to The Weekly Standard

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Minimum Wage Maximum Destruction

Liberals scream about a living wage though if you earn a wage and are not dead it is technically a living wage. They will tell us people can’t live on the current minimum wage and there is a push to make the minimum 15 dollars and hour. That’s right, liberals want to pay people 15 dollars an hour to screw up fast food orders.

One should not be making a career out of a low skill, low paying job. If one wants more then it is wise to get educated, improve skills and seek higher skill, higher paying jobs.

It is tough to have a living on the current minimum. How on Earth is one supposed to pay for a smart phone, two cars (or one really expensive one), a place to live with air conditioning and heating along with big screen TVs and satellite or cable. Those things will not pay for themselves and they are a right, at least according to the liberals who expect business owners to cough up more money for low skilled workers.

As an aside, I do not agree with a minimum wage. Employers should be able to establish whatever wage they want to attract workers. If people want the job they agree to the pay. If the pay is too low they go somewhere else and that will force the business in question to raise its wages. The free market works well when it is really free.

Looks like San Francisco, a city in the land of fruits, nuts and flakes, decided not to wait for federal action to raise the minimum wage. It implemented a graduated raise with little thought or regard to what it would do to businesses. Why would they worry? According to liberals business owners are wealthy greedy people who hoarde their money and underpay the workers who are nothing more than slave labor.

Well, it appears as if the city got a lesson in economics:

San Franciscans had also enjoyed frequenting Borderland Books for the past 18 years to read and acquire new and used books. It’s been the perfect haunt to spend rainy San Francisco afternoons, and it’s been enjoyed by many through the years.

In fact, last year was Borderland’s most profitable year, even in the face of online competition like Amazon and Audiobooks, and other means of acquiring and reading books. That provides further confirmation just how many San Franciscans have enjoyed the quaint establishment. [Read mote at Viral Buzz]

In the end businesses that can’t afford the wage increase will close or move. If for some reason the business is able to stay the cost to consumers will rise. When labor costs rise product costs rise. Businesses never really pay tax or wage increases because those costs are passed on to consumers. If, as in the case of a bookstore where the price is fixed by the publisher, the cost can’t be passed on then the business will close or relocate.

This will happen all over and people will suffer. Fast food places will use more machines and fewer workers, other businesses will refuse to hire people that do not have training or experience and others will simply close or move.

In the end, government meddling will harm the people.

It is OK to liberals though. To them, the intentions were pure and that is all that matters…

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The City That Never Sleeps Hides From Snow

Comrade Bill de Blasio, the mayor of New York City said it could be the storm of the century and told people to stay in. Don’t go out and don’t drive. If you drive, according to Governor Cuomo, you will be breaking the law and could face a $300 fine.

Chris Christie in New Jersey (a suburb of New York) closed ALL the roads because of the impending storm.

This will be historic with FEET, hear that, FEET of snow. Prepare now by getting what you need from the store and then going home and staying there.

And whatever you do DON’T drive.

Now that the storm had underwhelmed by dropping a mere pittance of snow (about 6 inches in New York) and missed areas like the Baltimore region nearly completely the aftermath shows that people are turning into wimps.

It is snow and places that have a cold winter usually get snow. Certainly people should have enough sense not to drive if the roads are bad or they do not have a vehicle capable of handling snow but to close down the city that never sleeps and to close roads across entire states is the nanny state dictating how people act.

They are turning people into wimps who can’t think for themselves and can’t decide whether or not to drive. No need, the government that decides on how much soda you can drink and bans trans fats has also dictated whether you can drive in the snow.

Doctors, nurses, EMTs, firefighters, those who care for others, police officers, all must go out. If you can’t drive then you walk if you are able or the National Guard picks up the mission essential and takes them to work. But if you are able to drive why should you have to resort to other methods?

Because the government said so. They need the streets clear so they can plow. Got it, but government is not usually an essential entity and while snow plows are essential to clearing roads many people are essential to the operation of a company or they are essential to the health care and protective services system.

We all can’t just take the day off because Comrade Mayor says to stay home.

Hey, for those who can telework or otherwise work from home then it makes sense. Unfortunately, not all jobs allow that luxury.

This is not to say that if one ventures out in a bad storm for a joy ride or non essential travel and gets stuck that there should be no consequence. They should pay to be pulled out and be fined if they hamper recovery efforts. However, they should be free to decide.

Americans should be ruggedly independent but are increasingly just dependent and that dependence is on government.

The hype by government officials is detrimental to good order. They screamed from mountain tops to stay in because of the historic storm. Now that it fizzled out people are less likely to heed warnings in the future. The mayor who cried wolf has seen to that.

People, use common sense and if you can stay in then do so. If you must travel then do so carefully and at your own risk.

But maybe there is an upside. Perhaps in a city that never sleeps people finally got some shut eye…

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