The Bleeding Of Jobs Continues In Maryland

A government contractor in Maryland is moving its operation to Virginia and taking over 1000 jobs out of the state as the bleeding of jobs continues.

Bechtel Corp announced the moves which will take place next year. This is just another in a long line of companies that have left Maryland for more business friendly states. Governor Martin O’Malley and his Lieutenant Governor Anthony Brown, who is running for governor, increased or enacted more than 40 taxes that are hurting the working people of the state and driving business away.

Brown wants to take over where O’Malley leaves off, with more taxes and a bad business environment. Brown is happy to carry the torch of progressive destruction in a state where Democrats outnumber Republicans 2:1.

Larry Hogan is the Republican running to beat Brown and turn the state around. Hogan is a businessman who actually knows what it means to meet a payroll.

Put simply, Hogan knows what it is like to sign the front of the check. Brown only knows how to sign the back.

Hogan had this to say about the latest loss:

We are saddened to learn that another 1,100 well-paying jobs will be leaving Maryland for Virginia,” Republican nominee Larry Hogan said in a statement. The loss of jobs “will ripple though Frederick as dozens of small businesses — restaurants, repair shops, suppliers, cleaners and delivery firms — will suffer. Baltimore Sun

Liberal policies put in place by O’Malley and Brown are killing the state. It has been dying a slow death for decades under Democrat rule but the last eight years have seen an acceleration of that demise.

Get rid of Brown in November and we can begin to repair the damage done by him and O’Malley.

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Houston, You Have A Problem

The city of Houston Texas might be ground zero on a new assault on our rights. The city has ordered (via subpoenas) Pastors to turn over the content of their sermons and they are particularly interested in items that discuss gender neutrality, homosexuality or openly gay Mayor Annise Parker.

Many pastors have expressed opposition to the new non-discrimination law which allows people to use any restroom regardless of their actual sex (the law covers other things as well). A number of liberal bastions have passed such measures even though they are largely opposed by most people.

Liberals are confused and can’t figure out which restroom is the one to use…

In any event, pastors were issued subpoenas when they joined with groups to oppose the legislation. Those groups held a petition drive that generated well more than the number of signatures needed but the city threw out the petition saying it had irregularities.

The only things irregular here (besides the lesbian mayor) are the way the city is trampling on the Constitutional rights of the pastors and the way the city threw out a petition it did not like.

The pastors are covered under the First Amendment. They have a right to free speech and they have a right to practice religion as THEY see fit.

The city does not have the right to harass these pastors because of their beliefs. The city does not have the right to intimidate these pastors because of their beliefs and the city certainly has no right to the sermons of those pastors.

It matters not if the pastors are opposed to homosexuality, the law or any other thing. It is their right to be opposed to something and it is their right to express that opposition.

What we have here is a Nazi Lesbian mayor in Houston how has her boxers in a wad over the opposition to laws and policies. It is also obvious that she is not happy with their opposition to her.

Screw her. They can be opposed and if she does not like it then too bad.

The pastors face fines and jail time if they do not comply but they are not intimidated by those threats. They are willing to take a stand for their rights.

God bless them as they fight the beast that is oppressive government.

If they lose this battle the flood gates will be opened for government to harass any person and to infringe upon their right to free speech and freedom to practice religion.

First they came for the guns and I did nothing because I did not own a gun.

Then they came for free speech and religion and there was no one with a gun to defend me…

Tyranny is only defeated by one thing, unrelenting opposition (by any means necessary).

Todd Starnes via FOX News

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Obama To Delay Naming AG Nominee

Barack Obama will delay naming Eric Holder’s replacement until, surprise, after the midterm elections. Obama does not want the selection to be used as political fodder forcing Senate Democrats to indicate whether or not they support the nominee.

The Democrats are expected to lose Senate seats if not outright control of the Senate in the midterm elections. If they lose control Obama will push to have his nominee confirmed during the lame duck session while he still has a majority and while Harry Reid can change the rules to get what he wants.

I can imagine the entire thing playing out, assuming the Republicans win control. Obama, who is delaying naming the nominee (there are claims he has not picked anyone yet) will present the nominee during the lame duck session and urge Senators to rapidly confirm the person. He will say that any delay is unacceptable and based on partisan politics. He will tell us how important the Attorney General position is and how we cannot wait to have a person in the office.

He will tell us all how important it is to act quickly even though he has no problem with NOT acting quickly at this particular time.

To Obama it is not prudent to act quickly when an election is in the balance but it will be real important to act quickly if he is faced with losing the majority.

Now serfs, we can wait until after the election but we cannot wait until the new Senate is seated.

That would be unacceptable because…

Well because it is for the children.

Associated Press

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Bad News On Hold Until After The Election

Obamacare is wonderful and it will cut your costs while allowing you to keep your plans and doctors.

That claim is the millstone hung around the necks of Democrats who rammed the albatross down our throats. They are being reminded of what they said, what they did and the actual outcome. Many of those Democrats are running away from Obama and their support of Obamacare.

The law is a bad one and it hurts people and our economy. The thing is so disliked that Obama had to grant waivers to his supporters so they would not suffer like everyone else. Obama illegally delayed portions of the law until after the November midterm elections in order to give his sock puppets a chance to win.

The premiums for next year are in and they are UP. Some states will see double digit increases which means a lot more money will come out of the pockets of those forced to buy insurance.

The premium amounts are only speculation at this time because Obama is withholding that information until after the midterm election. Those in the know claim there are rate hikes everywhere and they will be big in a number of places. Obama knows they are up and bad or he would release them NOW. If they were good (a modest increase) or better yet lower he would be screaming from the rooftops about how his grand scheme worked.

The fact that the numbers are being delayed means they are bad, really bad. They are so bad the Democrats are worried that releasing them prior to the election would sink the chances of many Democrats seeking reelection.

The self proclaimed most transparent administration in history is as clear as mud. The numbers, like all bad news, are being hidden. In this case the bad news is being hidden in order to influence the election.

Obamacare is bad. It should never have passed and it was passed ONLY by Democrats.

Do us all a favor and remove them from office.

Make them pay for making us pay…

The Washington Times

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Another Reason NOT to Vote For Brown In MD

Anthony Brown is the Lieutenant Governor of Maryland and he is running to replace outgoing failure Martin O’Malley. Brown is a Democrat and he has pushed for typical liberal policies that hurt people and make them slaves of government.

Anthony Brown wasted MILLIONS of dollars on the Maryland version of the Obamacare website. It was an absolute failure and he owned it because that was his responsibility. The local media has not challenged Brown over this lack of leadership.

Brown’s largest assets, it seems, are that he is a veteran and he is a Democrat. These are the only things people seem to know about him because he does not spend time telling us what he will do. No, he spends time lying about his opponent.

Brown is a disgrace and an oath breaker. In a rare instance where Brown actually said something he would do it turns out that thing is to violate people’s rights. Brown was a big proponent of Maryland’s Draconian gun control laws. They violate the Constitution and they infringe on the rights of law abiding citizens and Brown, a veteran who swore to protect and defend the Constitution, is all in for the gun laws. Brown put an editorial in the Baltimore Sun stating that he would enforce the gun safety law.

First of all, the law is not about safety. It is about infringing. The law bans specific types of weapons incorrectly identified as assault weapons and it bans the sale or transfer of standard capacity magazines. The law does nothing for safety because it is not designed to make us safe. It is designed to control us.

It is moronic. Brown claims that assault weapons were banned. It bans the AR 15 (the most popular firearm in the country) if it has a standard barrel BUT if it has a heavy barrel one can purchase it and walk out of the store with it (after passing a background check). The HBAR is no less deadly than the one that is banned. The AR 10 is in the same boat as the HBAR and it fires a bigger caliber bullet. People can still buy magazines with capacities larger than 10 in other states and bring them here. There are probably hundreds of thousands of them (if not millions) in the possession of gun owners and they last a very long time.

Brown will violate his oath to uphold an unconstitutional law that infringes on OUR rights and he proud that he will do so.

Brown is a supporter of a woman’s “right” to an abortion and will do anything to make that as easy as possible while he works to restrict the God given right to keep and bear arms and only one of those two things is responsible for the death of millions of children (clue to liberals, it is not the firearms). He is a disgrace and he should NEVER be governor of Maryland.

Anthony Brown is weak. He is a disgrace as a politician and he is a disgrace to the uniform he once wore. He is liar and he is a loser. How he ever made it in the Army is beyond me. He is a liberal hack who is hell bent on continuing the liberal policies that have ruined Maryland.

Maryland barely survived the idiot O’Malley and his unconstitutional regime. The last thing we need is his idiot underling taking over.

You know what they say about if it’s Brown…

Maryland, the choice is yours. Choose wisely.

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