Little Taxes; Death By A Thousand Cuts

Socialist Bernie Sanders wants to be president and his rhetoric of promising everyone everything (to the tune of 18 TRILLION dollars) is hitting home with the “me” generation and the Gimmiedats.

They all like Bernie’s idea of taxing the rich more to pay for the millennial’s needs. Why yes, tax those greedy rich suckers and give us more stuff.

There is no way to tax the rich and pay for what Bernie wants to give away (notice he is very generous with OTHER people’s money). If Bernie could confiscate 100% of the money the wealthy have (even up to about the top 40% of those considered wealthy, not just the 1%) it would not be enough money to run the government for more than a few months. After that the well would be dry and there would need to be new sources of cash to feed the left’s insatiable appetite.

But Bernie wants to give stuff away. He wants a paid family leave program where people could have time off and get paid. His example is for a woman who gives birth. Bernie thinks she should get paid time off and of course everyone else pays for that.

You see, he wants to add just a little to the payroll tax to finance his paid time off plan. It is just a little bit he says but he also says it will affect all workers. To the socialist all must pay in to help the others.

So now the young “me” generation will have to foot the bill for people to have time off.

Many of them might think that is Ok but what happens when the little bit taken is not enough to pay for the program? Then the little bit more in taxes becomes a whole lot more in taxes. We already know that no government program ever dies so getting rid of it will be out of the question. No, we just need a little bit more on top of the little bit we take already.

Pretty soon all the little bits add up to a whole lot. It ends up being death by a thousand cuts.

And more people end up barely making ends meet while their hard earned cash goes to care for people who took life decisions that did not involve them.

Most millennials are not very bright and they will complain about the taxes and then vote for the next liberal/progressive/socialist who promises more free stuff.

These youngsters just can figure out that nothing is free. Someone, somewhere has to pay for it.

And it will end up being them.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Democrats, Pro Choice? Not Really

Last night the Democrats held their first circus event of the campaign season as four old (and one middle aged) white people debated how to issue a death blow to the nation and finish the destruction accelerated under Obama.

These folks all discussed how to spend more money we don’t have to give away things government has no business being involved in. They want to give away free college education, free health care for illegals, and just about any other thing that will pander to the uneducated in order to secure votes while continuing our downward spiral.

For those of you who support these people please tell me how these free things are going to be paid for. Please explain where the money will come from and then tell me how it is actually free…

I did notice there were not too many pro-choice folks on that stage. Oh sure, there were those who support a woman’s right to choose what to do about her pregnancy. They are all in favor of murdering children in the womb and want to spend even more taxpayer dollars to provide this service.

But nearly every one of them is not in favor of pro-choice should that choice involve firearms. I think Jim Webb is the only one there who supports the Second Amendment.

The others have varying opinions on firearms that have evolved over the years depending upon who they are pandering to (like John “Elmer Fudd” Kerry and his shotgun).

These folks discussed how to disarm law abiding citizens and eviscerate the Second Amendment. In other words, they want to deny you the right to choose to own or carry a firearm. Make no mistake about it, these people want to remove firearms from private citizens. They cannot totally control you if they do not disarm you. This has been going on for over 100 years and our protected right to keep and bear arms has been eroded over that time. If it takes them a hundred more years they will not stop until they have us unarmed and at their mercy.

They are like Islamic terrorists that way.

Martin O’Malley was up there telling everyone how wonderful he is and how he did so many wonderful things in Baltimore and in the state of Maryland. Did you see those riots? They were the culmination of policies O’Malley put in place or continued from previous liberal “leaders”. Baltimore has been run by liberals for a very long time and it is a dying city. Anyone who saw those riots and cannot connect the dots is not smart enough to vote.

O’Malley, as governor, pushed through some of the strictest gun control in the nation. He pushed unconstitutional gun laws on the state and his toadies in Annapolis assisted him. Baltimore has more shootings now than it did before the laws and crime is out of control. O’Malley wants to impose those same laws on the nation.

O’Malley, like three others on that stage, does not believe in choice when it comes to firearms. If you want to murder your unborn child then they are all about being pro-choice but if you want to own or carry a firearm to protect your child they are not pro-choice.

They only want you to have the choices they decide are good for you and that, in reality, is not choice at all.

Fortunately, we have a choice in who to vote for and anyone who cares about this nation should not vote for anyone that was on the stage in Las Vegas last night.

Those people are self-serving twits who want to rule over you. They have forgotten that the people are the government, and the people are in charge of the government.

Unfortunately, many Americans have forgotten this as well (or more likely were never taught it in the government run school system).

It is well past time to take this country back and the best way to do it (not the only way) is to run all these anti-American elitists out of politics.

And retrain their mindless zombie voters…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Liberals Exploit Death

Liberalism is a culture of death as evidenced by their obsession with murdering unborn children and the way they dance on the graves of people gunned down by their mentally deficient followers (but I repeat myself).

Joe Biden is no different and he has even gone so far as to exploit the death of his own son.

Before I go any further let me state that I was saddened to hear of the death of his son and kept his family in my prayers. No parent should ever have to bury a child and I pray I never have to experience that horror.

Having typed that I must discuss the story in Politico about Joe Biden and his story of how his dying son told his father he had to run for the presidency. Those were, according to Joe, among his son’s dying words.

I was not there so I don’t know if his son made that statement but if he did it is something Joe should keep to himself. If he decides to run then he can do so with the memory of his son’s words as a motivation. If elected he could then, probably in his inauguration speech, talk about it and tell folks he did it for his so (though truthfully, that is NOT a reason to run). That right there would be a great story.

But Joe is a calculating politician and he sees death as an opportunity.

He uses the deaths of people from nuts using firearms illegally to push for tougher gun control. Death exploitation is the liberal mantra except of course when the deaths are the result of government corruption and as is the case with Benghazi.

In any event Joe is using the death of his son in a calculated fashion to gain sympathy and support for a presidential run.

He talked to Maureen Dowd and disclosed his son’s alleged dying words in order to stir up interest and support for him to run. He did it so that people would call him and encourage him to run. He did it so that the money people would be inclined to donate to him.

He is using his son’s death in the same fashion the deaths of anyone in a mass shooting is used, to push an agenda.

This discounts the deaths of people shot by illegal guns used by people not legally allowed to use them in liberal cities like Chicago and Baltimore. Liberals never mention those because then the spotlight would focus on who runs those places where strict gun control is already in place.

I feel bad for the Biden family and the loss of their loved one. It is a tough thing to have to go through but I will not let their sorrow be used to manipulate me.

Unfortunately there are far too many people who will allow the story to manipulate them into supporting a man who is borderline senile and is well past his time for service.

Biden reminds me of Al Gore when he was crying about tobacco and he told us his sister (a tobacco user who was dying from its effects – lung cancer) pleaded with him on her death bed for Al to get rid of the tobacco.

The Gores farmed tobacco and six years after his sister’s death Al was still accepting contributions from tobacco companies.

Liberals exploit death to accomplish a political agenda.

Obama does it, Gore did it and Joe Biden is doing it.

Biden is banking on getting in the White House on the back of his dead son…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Donald Trump Was Right

Whether you like him or not Donald trump says what is on his mind and many of the things he says are on the minds of a lot of others who do not have the platform he has to express those views. The little guy is ignored by elected officials and the media.

Trump is not ignored.

Earlier in this long campaign Trump made some comments about ILLEGAL immigrants from Mexico (though it applies to illegals no matter where they originate). It is important to emphasize that he was speaking about ILLEGALS.

It is true that many of those who are coming here ILLEGALLY are not good people. They have broken the law to get here and many keep right on breaking our laws. We now have huge numbers of gang members who are here illegally and who do horrific things.

We also have people who come here and live like they are still in their nation of origin. They rape, murder, steal and goodness knows what else as if the laws do not apply to them.

Considering they are virtually allowed to break the law to get here and are encouraged to do so perhaps the laws do not apply…

In Texas two ILLEGAL immigrants are being held for the murder of two other ILLEGALS. Police took the two into custody after a car fire where firefighters discovered two bodies in the trunk of the car. The dead had been shot in the head someplace else and then driven to the site where the car was torched.

I guess the only bright spot is that they murdered other ILLEGALS and not American citizens as is usually the case.

Morons like Geraldo Rivera tell us the status of the criminal is of no concern because crimes get committed each and every day and it is no worse than if the people were victims of citizen criminals.

Yes, crimes are committed all the time. But if we were to stop people from coming here illegally then we could reduce the number of crimes committed. Our lax immigration policies have led to increased criminal activity in this nation and fueled the rise of violent gangs.

Because there is other crime committed by citizens is no reason not to stop illegals from coming here and adding to the problem.

That is like saying that the victims were going to die someday anyway so what does it matter that they were murdered?

We need to get a handle on the illegal immigration policy and we also need to put a stop to the lunacy of bringing a bunch of refugees here.

Those ranks will be filled with people who hate us and want to do us harm. Those people will come here and want to impose their system on us (a majority of Muslims already want to replace the Constitution with Sharia Law).

The only thing more insane than ignoring (and even encouraging) illegal immigration is actively importing people who will not be a benefit to the country and likely do us harm.

Send them all to the Vatican. Let the Pope practice what he preaches…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Are You Smarter Than An Eighth Grader?

Evidently Barack Obama is not.

A young conservative from Georgia named CJ Pearson has been putting up a bunch of videos where he takes Barack Obama to task for the liberal things he does.

Pearson, who appears to be quite bright, was following Obama on Twitter but he has been blocked from commenting or viewing The POTUS’ Twitter feed.

Whoever runs the feed (we know Obama does not do his own Tweets, no time with golf and all) claimed that Pearson was not blocked but as luck would have it Pearson has a screenshot of the notice telling him he is blocked.

Is anyone surprised that Obama (or in this case his peeps) would block a young conservative from the Twitter feed (where tax dollars are probably used to pay the person who tweets) and then lie about it?

Obama and his mindless drones LIE all the time.

In the reality show “Are You Smarter Than and Eighth Grader?” Obama has shown he definitely is not.

I hope Pearson is successful in helping a lot of other young folks see the light and turn from liberalism.

They are our future and right now that future looks bleak…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog