The Cost Of The Damage Is Higher Than Their Bail

By now most of the people in the US know what is going on in Baltimore. The people who have been raised to be victims who are entitled to everything are upset because a black man named Freddie Gray died while in police custody. There is an investigation into the death but there are no results yet*.

On Saturday people were peacefully protesting the death when civil unrest and violence took hold of the crowd and the police had to step in. On Monday high school students initiated a purge and that purge ended up in a riot. Cars and buildings were burned and businesses ransacked and looted. The police were attacked by people who threw rocks and bricks at them.

The police did not clamp down on the rioters. They watched as the city burned and it has been reported that this was on orders from the mayor. Eventually the National Guard was activated and a curfew instituted. Things have been much quieter since then but there are rallies scheduled for this weekend so there is no telling how peaceful things will be.

It is also possible that the findings will show the police were not responsible for Gray’s death. If that is announced I suspect the city will light up again.

Protestors say Gray deserved due process and did not get it. These same people have already convicted the police without due process. If the cops are responsible they should be dealt with harshly. Unfortunately, they might never get due process. Public pressure might land them in jail even if they did nothing wrong.

Over 200 people have been arrested for their participation in the destruction and violence. Their legal system is working to get them processed but the state of emergency and numbers of people is making it difficult for rapid processing so many are being held longer than the 24 hours allowed.

Attorneys for those who have been arrested are complaining that their clients have excessive bail and are unable to get out of jail. Those attorneys were pushing for bail amounts of $25,000 but the judges have been putting those bonds at $100,000 and $500 of it must be cash.

It appears as if many of them can’t come up with bail and might well spend months in jail awaiting trial for their crimes.

I find it hard to have sympathy for people who have high bond amounts when they caused millions of dollars in damage and are costing the city and state millions in resources. If they can’t afford the bail then they can sit in jail until their trial dates. That will at least keep them off the streets and prevent them from causing more mayhem.

Perhaps they should have thought about the consequences of their actions before they broke the law. If they did not want to worry about bail money they should have stayed home instead of committing crimes.

This is only the tip of the iceberg. The police have thousands of images of people breaking the law. They have license plate number and photos of people looting. They will eventually hunt those people down and arrest them. There will be a heck of a lot more people with high bail amounts before this is all over.

I don’t blame the judge or the legal system for imposing high bonds on people who had no regard for property or the lives of the people in their city.

Jail is where they need to be to keep them off the street.

*(Just released) Preliminary Results indicate he broke his neck in the police van during his arrest.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Black Lies Matter

A man named Freddie Gray died while in the custody of the Baltimore City Police. Gray has a long record mostly for drug distribution and is likely not a good guy so the portrait of a great guy (a lie) is way over the top BUT he should not have died while in custody. Initial reports are that he suffered a spinal injury while in the custody of police and his requests for medical assistance fell on deaf ears.

No matter why he was arrested or what his history was he deserved better treatment and I hope this will all become clear after it is investigated. I say I hope because the police are conducting the investigation and that casts doubt on the integrity of the process. Officers are rarely found in the wrong when investigated by their own departments.

There are a lot of people in Baltimore who are upset about this and a large number of them decided to protest. I have no issue with peaceful protests. The act of protesting PEACEFULLY is part of what makes America great. The problems come when those protests end up interfering with the lives of other people or turn into riots.

It is great to protest but to block traffic and shut down businesses is interfering with the rights of others to move about unhampered and free of harassment.

When the protests turn to riots people get hurt and property gets damaged. The legal peaceful protest turns into an illegal act.

On Saturday night in Baltimore the protest turned into a riot as unlawful people began breaking windows of businesses, looting said businesses, damaging vehicles and attacking the public and the police.

People attending the Orioles game were not allowed to leave the stadium for a while because of the riots (this possibly unlawful detention is a subject that could have its own discussion). Perhaps the 30,000 or so people should have been unleashed on the rioters…

In any event, the Mayor of Baltimore, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, proved she is a lightweight who is unable to lead. On top of that, she and Elijah Cummings lied about the nature of the violence.

The mayor and Representative Cummings both stated that the riots were the result of outside agitators and that most of the people involved were not from Baltimore.

Al Shaprton, an outside agitator if ever there was one, will be going to Baltimore to get involved. You can bet that SRB and Cummings will welcome him and never think to blame any unrest on him.

First of all, how can they tell just by looking at the people? How did SRB and Cummings determine that these folks causing and participating in the riots were NOT from Baltimore?

The police arrest reports seem to paint another picture. Nearly all of those arrested for rioting were from Baltimore.

I am sure there were outside players who incited people but they are only part the reason for the riots. Those who participated were the major reason and most of them were from the city.

This lie is to paint a picture of a competent leader who has her finger on the pulse of the city and to keep people from drawing the conclusion that this all took place because of liberal rule, liberal policies and the liberal victim mindset.

SRB indicated that she told the police to protect the protestors and give them space. Fair enough. We can’t have them getting hit by cars or being attacked for peacefully protesting. But the dimwit also told police to give the rioters space to break things.

Many businesses were damaged and people were hurt. Property insurance usually has a clause that excludes damage from civil unrest. Will Baltimore write checks to the owners who lost property? Will the city pay for the damage it allowed to happen?

The police have some explaining to do with regard to how Gray ended up dead while under their control but they showed a lot of restraint during the rioting. Perhaps it is because they were following SRB’s orders but they showed restraint under very dangerous circumstances. A lot more people could have ended up hurt or dead if the police had been more aggressive (not that hurting rioters would be a bad thing).

The lack of spine SRB has and the lack of leadership during the outbreak of lawlessness will embolden those who wish to participate in more illegal and dangerous acts. Right now the police are on alert because rival gangs have banned together to stop killing each other and start killing police officers.

This is what happens in liberal run cities where people are lied to each and every day. They are held down by liberals and told they are victims. The people grown up with no desire to achieve and a belief that they are victims who can only be protected by the government.

The race hustlers and liberals like SRB and Cummings push that narrative and their lies have devastating consequences.

Yes, these black lies matter…

Cave canem!
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Big Dog


Government Agencies Collude To Deny Vets 2A Rights

The VA has signed a memorandum of agreement with the FBI to provide the FBI with information on veterans that will be included in the instant background check system. The information will keep many veterans from owning firearms.

Now, if any information is legitimate such as mental health issues or other real reasons that someone should not own a firearm then this could be good.

Unfortunately, the VA is using questionable means to disqualify veterans. The VA is reporting bank habits as questionable and indicating the veterans can’t take care of their finances so they are incompetent, The VA is reporting veterans who decide not to take certain medications as incompetent.

People can do their banking as they see fit and if a patient does not want to take medication that is the patient’s right.

Why is it that a woman has the right to choose what to do with her body but a veteran can’t?

This is a backdoor attempt to institute gun control. The VA and the FBI are working together to invent reasons to keep veterans from owning firearms, you know the very items the government handed them when it sent them off to WAR.

The liberals want to remove the means to resist and they are targeting the very people who have shown they will defend the Constitution and who know how to do it.

It is bad enough the VA is a corrupt inefficient poorly run scam organization that treats veterans poorly while enriching its leadership but to target veterans to remove one of the rights they fought to protect is beyond any measure of decency.

Stand up for what is right.

And let’s rebuild the VA from the ground up. We can start by getting rid of every leader in it. We can also fire the poor performers and hire people who will do the job right.

Always remain vigilant because the liberals will not stop trying to disarm us. And never buy their BS that they support the troops.

They don’t, period.

Cave canem!
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Big Dog


Mandatory Support Is Not Support

When one is forced to support something then it is not real support. That is not to say that the person does not actually support the idea or program but when that support is forced it is not genuine.

The US military is pushing the sexual assault programs and there are numerous mandatory training sessions that everyone must attend. Mandatory training is one thing and all employers have it.

The problem comes when there are voluntary support programs like 5K runs for a cause or dance-a-thons for the cause and those voluntary programs are made mandatory.

When people are forced to run a 5K race to support something or face negative consequences they do not do it for the cause, they do it to keep from having problems at work. Unfortunately, this leads people to dislike the very things people are trying to get them to support.

The members of an Army ROTC unit at Arizona State University are victims of this type of poor leadership. There was an event called Walk a Mile in Her Shoes to raise awareness of sexual assault toward women. The idea is for men to wear women’s heeled shoes and walk a mile in them. I have seen some of these locally and the people who participated did so voluntarily.

The ROTC members were forced to buy heeled shoes and paint them red so they could participate in the event. They had no choice in the matter. They were forced to participate in a voluntary event. This means they were not supporting the event because they only did it to avoid a negative review that would have affected their careers.

The entire situation discredits the Army and the ROTC program involved and demonstrates a complete lack of leadership on part of those running the place. It also lessens the program it was intended to support.

What does it say about a program when leaders have to force subordinates to support it?

Some cadets are not happy and they voiced that displeasure on social media. I do not blame them.

They were forced to wear a pair of women’s shoes they had to pay for and paint red to make their command look good.

Hey commander, red heeled shoes are not part of the military uniform.

The cadets were seeing red in more ways than one.

And deservedly so.

Piss poor leadership is the hallmark of the new military.

Cave canem!
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Big Dog


Despite Record Intake Government Still In Red

The federal government took in a record amount of money from taxpayers through the end of tax day (the number is not final until the next day but any additional money will add to the record). The government took in $1,416,555,440,000, more money than it has ever taken in during that time frame (in inflation adjusted dollars).

Even though the government fleeced taxpayers for a record amount of money the government still managed to spend $439.47 billion more than it took in.

Are we at a point where even liberals can see that the problem is not that we don’t pay enough in taxes? Are we at a point where they can see that the issue is GOVERNMENT SPENDS TOO MUCH?

The government has a yearly deficit and it takes in record amounts of money. Government continues to add to the debt (actual total of our debt in the right sidebar) even though it takes more of our money.

Perhaps the government should be pared down. Perhaps we should end many welfare programs that are being abused. Perhaps we should stop allowing illegals to receive these welfare hand outs.

One thing is certain. Government spends too much (often on items that are not Constitutional) money.

The amount coming in is not the problem.

The amount going out is.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog