Maryland Governor Insults His Citizens

Anyone who has lived under the tyranny of Martin O’Malley knows his mere presence is an insult to Maryland citizens but he took things to a new low in an attack on the conservatives in the western part of the state.

O’Malley (or O’Moron as I like to call him) is a big supporter of illegal aliens. He likes them coming here and he is more than happy to ignore the law and violate his oath to get them here. He even calls them new Americans even though they are nothing of the sort.

Oh, and O’Moron wants to be the next president.

The federal government has allowed an invasion to take place on our southern border and is moving diseased people all over the nation. Democrats need to get these new Democrat voters spread out so when some sort of illegally granted amnesty or asylum takes place these folks can help get more Democrats elected.

The Obama regime was looking at an empty Reserve Center in Western Maryland as a site to house these folks. There was talk of putting them in Baltimore but that broke down. Congressman Andy Harris and local politicians in Western Maryland caught wind of the attempt to sneak illegals in and put an end to it.

O’Moron, who first expressed how we could not send these illegals back to certain death told the White House not to send these people to Western Maryland. It is not that O’moron does not want them in the state because he is certainly illegal alien friendly and his squinty little eyes look like dollar signs as he thinks of all the federal money that housing these illegals will bring.

No, he said that Western Maryland is a conservative part of the state and that it would not be an inviting (read safe) place.

While it is true they would not be welcomed there (the conservative part of the state is also law abiding so it would not want law breakers there) it is not a violent part of the state. Conservatives do not go around hurting people for the hell of it but O’Moron had to paint a picture of violent conservatives.

The reality is the people there would protest and make noise about this and call attention to the state and the illegals. This would not look good for O’Moron as he plots his path to the White House. How on Earth can this guy lead if his own people are protesting his actions? No, he wants them moved where they might be more accepted and he can avoid any embarrassment.

If he is worried about their safety then Baltimore is definitely out. In fact, most liberal parts of the state are out because they are dangerous. Remember, all the ghettos and dangerous cities in America are run by Democrats. Maryland is no different.

O’Moron insulted a large number of people living in Western Maryland and painted an unflattering picture of them.

I submit that the illegals who are coming here are dangerous and the people of Western Maryland would not be safe. These illegals are infiltrated with dangerous gang members who are recruiting from among their fellow illegals and many are carrying diseases that can cause a lot of people to get ill.

The people of Western Maryland are the ones who would be at risk not the O’Moron future voters in the illegal alien population.

Martin O’Malley is a liar (check into his bar application) and an anti Constitutional moron who infringes on the rights of the people. He is a violator of his oath and instead of a term in office as president he should get a term in a federal penitentiary.

Twenty-five years to life sounds reasonable.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


The Illegals Can’t Be Refugees In The US

The federal government tried to move a large number of illegals from the border states to a vacant Reserve Center in Western Maryland. Congressman Andy Harris (who represents some of the area but not the area of the Reserve Center) and local residents caught wind of the clandestine attempt and put an end to it. The governor of Maryland, Martin O’Malley is itching to show his progressive stripes by letting as many of these folks in Maryland as possible. His policies favoring these kinds of shenanigans have resulted in a budget explosion, dozens of tax increases and a downturn in the state economy but he presses on.

O’Malley said these folks should be granted asylum. The UN is working to declare these illegals refugees in an effort to force the US to take them in. They technically do not meet the definition of a refugee but when has the law ever stopped the UN or other progressives?

An asylum seeker is someone who is seeking status as a refugee If asylum is granted by the host state then the person would become a refugee and be entitled to legal protections.

These word plays are nothing more than games designed to get tens of thousands of illegals in the US and give them some kind of legal status. However, the plan should never work (though in this world it might) because any court reviewing the petitions would see a glaring problem.

Mexico has granted the illegals free passage through their country so they can get to the US. In other words, Mexico gave them safe refuge.

The International Justice Resource Center states that the following people are not refugees (therefore cannot be granted asylum):

Individuals who voluntarily avail themselves of the protection of their country of nationality or habitual residence or individuals who have received protection in a third country are also not considered refugees. See 1951 Convention relating to the Status of Refugees, art. 1(C). [emphasis mine]

All of these individuals have received protection in a third country because Mexico granted them protection to make their way to the US therefore they cannot be refugees. They can’t seek asylum in the US because they received protection (from their alleged persecution) in the country of Mexico and Mexico is a signatory of the 1951 Refugee Convention and the 1967 Protocol. Since Mexico granted them protection they need to be the ones to grant them asylum.

I certainly pray that the court system beats back any attempt by the UN or misguided politicians (like Martin O’Malley) to grant a status to these illegals that they are not legally entitled to in the US.

If they want asylum then send them back to Mexico and let the Mexican government take care of them.

I am not opposed to legal immigration. We welcome those who come here legally with open arms and are happy to call them friend. Those who come here illegally are making their first act in this nation an intentional violation of our law. We cannot trust nor should we support those who disregard our laws while at the same time attempting to use our legal system and generosity against us.

We do not need to send them home. If the UN and others want to make them refugees then send them to Mexico, the country that granted them safe entry.

Perhaps the easiest way to end all of this and to ensure they leave and that a wall is built to keep people out would be to convince Democrats that these people have all indicated they will vote Republican.

The wall would be up in a week and these folks would be someplace else very quickly…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Ann Coulter Says Ignore Election Fraud

There is a big mess in the state of Mississippi where challenger Chris McDaniel lost a runoff election to incumbent establishment Republican Thad Cochran. McDaniel beat Cochran in the primary but did not surpass the threshold required to avoid a runoff. MS has an open primary so people from either party can vote for candidates of their choosing. In the runoff Democrats were allowed to vote but only if they did not vote in the original primary and they had to have the intent to vote for the Republican who won the runoff in the general election (there is no way to enforce that).

The RINO establishment and Cochran team rounded up Democrat support and published hateful information indicating McDaniel and the Tea Party were racists who would keep blacks from voting. Democrats supported Cochran in the runoff and he “won.” It appears though, as if many election laws were broken by the Conchran machine and that Democrats who voted in their primary also voted in the runoff. McDaniel is trying to investigate this but has been hitting roadblocks.

Ann Coulter, the alleged conservative pundit, says it is time for McDaniel to concede. She points to politicians who did not and were never viable again as well as those who were gracious after their fraud gilled losses who were able to have a future career.

In Coulter’s mind the goal is to win the Senate and that is a worthy goal BUT it is not so worthy as to relinquish one’s principle. Coulter is the first one to scream about Democrat election fraud and the need for voter ID but when there is RINO establishment fraud she wants people to ignore it for the greater good.

The greater good is to fight for a system that has integrity.

But the establishment folks will blow this off and then demand people come together and support the RINO candidate for the greater good of taking back the Senate.

It is important to keep in mind that Coulter was all in for Chris Christie, a RINO’s RINO and that she has not backed solid conservatives for years. She is more interested in the end game than pushing for true conservatism and if that means keeping a RINO who has a chance then take your 30 pieces of silver and move on, unite and vote R.

The title of her article tells the Tea Party to learn from a liberal, Al Gore. Why not learn from John Thune or one of the others she touts as having been gracious and who lived to win another day? Only Ann can answer that but I find it an odd way to make her point.

Ignoring the blatant fraud and encouraging people to gather around one candidate might seem like a winning proposition but it is not.

Conservatives in the state of Mississippi are not happy and if the runoff results stand they will not vote for Cochran. Many Republicans in the state who are upset with the games will likely stay home or not vote in the Senate race (or more importantly will protest vote for the Democrat) and one can be certain all the Democrats who voted for Cochran to help him in the runoff will NOT vote for him in the general election.

It seems to me the Coulter and establishment plan is to ensure a Democrat gets the Senate seat in MS.

These folks, the ones who decry the large Democrat vote among blacks and Hispanics as only voting for the D, want us to do the same thing. That thing is vote for the person with the R next to their name no matter what because we said so.

Republicans have not done much when in the majority whether it be Senate or House and the only advantages of winning the Senate would be to get rid of Harry Reid and to nearly completely roadblock Obama (he still has a phone and a pen).

Coulter is a gifted writer and I like her books. She has a way with words that really brings her points home. But she is a typical Northeastern Republican whose idea of conservatism is in line with the establishment view of middle of the road, go along to get along, anything to win an election mentality. This has not worked and it will not work.

We tried it their way and we have Barack Obama and the twits on the left who are ruining this country with assistance from the RINO establishment. We have not won big using their plan.

We won big when the Tea Party became involved and that is how we took the House. We lost the Senate because the very same establishment types who tell us to circle the wagons around their candidate refused to do the same with candidates who beat their sacred cows. Some of those folks were not the best candidates in the world but they were not the establishment types and if their primary victories got rid of establishment types then all the better no matter what the eventual outcome.

Would it be great to get rid of Harry Reid and roadblock Obama? You bet but not if it means sacrificing integrity.

Ann, a real Republican (and more importantly a conservative Republican) wins on his own merit. If he needs to pander to Democrats then it means his message is more in tune with them than his own party. It is pretty much the same as when liberals run as middle of the road to win the general election and then canter left after they win. You have pointed this out in the past.

Thad moved left (or promised the Holy Grail) to garner Democrat support in a primary about Republicans. His message was not strong enough to garner the support of his own party. The entire process was rife with fraud and that is as infuriating as his appeal to Democrats.

Your advice though, is to suck it up, remove our pants and bend over so long as we support Thad in his quest for continued RINO mediocrity.

Sorry but I don’t work that way and I think you will find that neither do those who were screwed over by Thad.

I am not a citizen of Mississippi but I am willing to bet there are enough Republicans there who will ensure Thad does not win reelection should the results of the fraud filled runoff hold.

No problem though Ann. You can just write another book about the mob mentality of the left that has crept into the RINO establishment.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Want To Know How Screwed Up America Is?

America is on the way down spiraling out of control and the people who are supposed to be in charge, THE PEOPLE, are letting it happen. Voter turn out in Maryland was abysmal and two members of Congress from other states who should be in the old age home have been reelected.

Thad Cochran won his runoff election by soliciting votes from Democrats. You read that right, a Republican appealed to Democrats (Mississippi has an open election) to help him win reelection. There is no way this buffoon would have won if he relied on constituents in his party. This RINO behavior is why there was a big push to get rid of him. The uneducated low information morons in the state answered his call and helped him out. Of course another worthless POS, John McCain, showed up to campaign for him.

Cochran is everything the TEA Party opposes and with the help of Democrats he was reelected. Remember this in the general election Republicans. Vote for the other guy. You see, Democrats supported Cochran and helped him in the primary but they will vote Democrat in the general election. If you want to show Thad how much you appreciate him vote Democrat. Screw taking the Senate back if it means keeping this puke. The next time people tell you we have a two party system remind them of this race. There is no difference between the two.

The ethically challenged Rangel who is in his 80s and has been in Congress for 44 years was reelected. It appears as if the people in his district are OK with his criminal activity and ethical challenges. He has been abusing the system for decades and takes advantage of every perk there is. He loves living off your hard earned money.

He is a slick talking mac daddy who shows that you can take the man out of the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto out of the man.

America is full of people who can’t pour water out of a bucket if the directions are written on the bottom. They pull levers based on name recognition and the letter next to the name (and this goes for both parties). They all think about what the guy promised to give them rather than what is best for the country.

Face it, the seat Rangel holds would still be Democrat based on the district. If the district had voted in a younger person who has not lived on government welfare (that is what a lifetime job in Congress is) they still would have had a Democrat in the seat. But they chose a guy who has committed illegal acts that resulted in his censure but would have certainly landed the rest of us in jail. He is a liar and a criminal and the people in his district still voted him back in office.

The only thing working in our favor is the age of these folks. Rangel and Cochran are in their 80s so the Grim Reaper will be visiting them soon.

When he gets there he can take McCain, Mikulski, and the rest of the lifers with him.

Too harsh? I think not. The only way to get rid of them is for them to die off so just think of it as G-d casting a ballot on the issue…

We are in a serious decline and we will be in serious trouble as long as idiots are allowed to vote and criminals are allowed to hold office.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Bill Clinton; Ambition Over Country

Bill Clinton is the old sage of the Democrat Party. He is still very popular among the party faithful and if it were not for a young upstart named Obama Clinton might have made history as a president whose wife also won the presidency (though who knows, maybe McCain would have beat her). Anyway, Clinton does not like Barack Obama, at all.

With Democrats it is party over everything. With Bill Clinton it is personal ambition over everything.

Clinton never forgave Obama for using the race card on Clinton and his ire was further fueled when it was learned that this was a strategy all along. Clinton does not like Barack Obama and thinks he is not a good president.

Bill Clinton has told people that he thinks Obama is unqualified and that he is making a mess of things. Of course this did not stop Clinton from helping Obama win reelection.

In 2011, about a year before the election, Obama’s numbers were not good and the economy was not improving (and it still isn’t). There was real concern among Democrats that he could lose the election. I think if the media had not helped Obama in at least one debate and if there was not widespread voter fraud (it is nearly impossible for one candidate to get all the votes and not possible for more people to vote than live in an area. It is also highly improbable that all registered voters would turn out in so many districts).

But I digress. The Obama team realized he was in trouble and told him he needed Bill Clinton to campaign for him. Obama did not want to enlist Clinton’s services because Obama does not like Bill Clinton. Eventually though, he asked Bill to join him for a round of golf.

Clinton accepted but he did not want to do it. Did I mention that Clinton does not like Obama (a common theme here)? Bill did it though because he wanted something in return for his help.

Clinton made it clear to Obama that Hillary would be running for the presidency in 2016 and that they wanted Obama’s support. They expected that Obama would at the least endorse her candadacy and then use his vast voter outreach program to help her. Obama was not really keen on that part of the deal but he needed Clinton to seal up a second term win.

Clinton gave a great speech at the Democrat Convention, a speech that riled Obama and his people because it took the spotlight off the chosen one.

In any event, Obama won reelection and this was, in large part, because Clinton helped him out.

The details are outlined in a new book by Edward Klein entitled Blood Feud; The Clintons vs. The Obamas. Klein gathered information from his vast network of inside sources to reveal life in the underbelly of DC politics between the Democrat’s two power families.

All of that is well and good. Anyone with eyes can see these people do not like each other. I am more concerned about this little issue;

Bill Clinton thought Obama was unqualified and not doing a good job. But he helped him out in order to get his support for Hillary in 2016. In a nutshell, Bill Clinton put his personal agenda and ambition over the best interests of the country. This is not some minor league issue where people scratch each other’s backs. This is a game where the top player makes decisions that affect the entire nation, the world, and our way of life. Obama started screwing the country up the day he took office and he kept digging after hitting rock bottom. Clinton could have declined to help Obama or endorsed another candidate for the good of the country but Clinton does not care about the country.

It should not surprise me because Clinton has already shown that he lacks integrity and that he puts his desires above all other things but I still have this idea that true patriots put the needs of the country first.

Then again, no one ever confused Bill Clinton with a patriot…

Bill sold out to help Hillary. Incidentally, Hillary sold out to give Obama cover after Benghazi.

These two are self serving and do not care what happens to the country as long as they satisfy their thirst for power.

It is really a shame because America can do better…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog