The Child In The White House

I don’t mean either of Obama’s daughters who probably act more mature than their father. No, Barack Obama is a child. He acts like a child and his antics are more comparable to a sixth grader than the leader of the free world.

Obama was in Michigan and he discussed the Republican budget. In his expression of displeasure over the plan he called it a “stinkburger” and a “meanwich”. Obama was in a local deli earlier so I guess he was trying to be funny.

What he actually did was show he is childish.

The budget is no laughing matter. We are over 17 trillion dollars in debt with over 100 trillion in unfunded liabilities and the Republicans (who have some of the blame for the mess) are trying to pass a budget that will bring down the debt.

But to Obama, a dyed in the wool big government socialist, that is not good. The budget stinks and is mean because it cuts spending and reforms outdated and out of control programs. It also reforms the tax code giving us two tax brackets while lowering corporate taxes.

These kinds of things do not sit well with Obama because he does not understand how an economy works. He has never signed the front of a paycheck.

Instead of offering constructive criticism he resorted to childish word games worthy of a kid at recess. Is this truly the best America can do?

I understand that he was speaking to people who support him and most of them could not pour water out of a bucket if the directions were written on the bottom but his words reach the world and those who heard them had to be scratching their heads.

Obama has shown he is not up to the task of leading. Russian leader Putin made Obama his play toy and the world senses a weaker America all thanks to the testicle free mom jean wearing child running the show.

Obamacare is a disaster with a net of about 1 million people signing up and actually paying (6 million were cancelled so the net is about 1 million) and it is a huge drain on the economy. Obama and his progressives have indicated they will run from Obamacare and focus on the economy and jobs.

They have been saying that this is their focus since he was immaculated. The economy is still in the dump and despite the trillions Obama has thrown at it we are (regardless of the phony numbers) no better off than we were when he took office.

Obama showed his true inner child with his remarks. Now it is time for him to sit in the corner and let the adults handle the country.

But give him some bubble wrap to keep him occupied.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Oh Yee Of Little Integrity

DEMOCRAT and anti gun politician Leland Yee of California is in a bunch of hot water. He was arrested by the FBI after an undercover operation caught him trying to traffic firearms in exchange for campaign donations. He was indicted on 26 March 2014.

Yes, you read that right. A DEMOCRAT who worked to ban firearms labeled as assault weapons, who worked to ban lead ammunition, who wants background checks for people to purchase ammunition and who is against law abiding Americans owning firearms was caught in an undercover operation where he was working to traffic illegal firearms.

Reports indicate that Yee helped get firearms (and missiles) valued from half a million to 2.5 million dollars into the hands of a Muslim separatist group. Other reports indicate this group is a terrorist group.

It appears as if Yee was aiding terrorists.

I guess Yee is OK with terrorists having firearms (and allegedly ammunition) just not law abiding Americans.

It looks like we need to have a universal background check on people running for office and that check needs to be as tough as the one people purchasing firearms have to go through.

As for Yee, he should use the Obama did it defense and call it Fast and Furious II…


Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Democrats Are Good At Pointing Fingers

We know that Democrats are good at blaming others for their shortcomings. Barack Obama displays this regularly when he blames George Bush for everything that is wrong and when he blames Republicans for things that he is responsible for.

Harry Reid is a typical liberal Democrat who needs to retire and yell at kids walking on his lawn. Reid is blaming the problems in Crimea on Republicans. It seems that Republicans held up aid to Ukraine because the bill includes changes to the IMF. Reid complained that the bill was held up prior to the last break and now that they are back at work the Republicans need to do something so we can show we are committed.

If it was that important then why did they recess and go on a break?

Harry blamed the Republicans saying that their refusal to comply endangered our national security.

“As we begin debate on this aid and sanctions package, I also hope that the Republicans stopped action on this legislation prior to the break have considered how their obstruction affects our great country’s national security as well as the people of Ukraine who are struggling so very, very much,” Reid said on the floor.

Reid said that Republicans blocking action on the bill sent “a very weak message to the Russians” that the U.S. was taking its time, saying since the bill failed to advance, Russia has been aggressive in the Crimean region of Ukraine.

“It’s impossible to know whether events would have unfolded differently if the United States had responded to this Russian aggression with a strong unified voice, which we did not do,” Reid said. [Politico]

First of all the situation in Ukraine has little to do with our immediate national security (once again, if it does why did they go on break). The Russians did not attack us though their action might cause us to react because of treaties. They only thing they really did was demonstrate that we have a weak leader in Obama. Putin has made Obama look like a child on the playground of life.

That leads to the second point. The refusal of Republicans to act on the bill did not demonstrate weakness, Barack Obama did. He believes that all he has to do is speak and people will be hypnotized by his message. Putin was having none of that and, recognizing he was dealing with a weakling, pressed on.

The final point is that it is not impossible to know if things would have unfolded differently, they would not have. Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney warned of this years ago. They were both mocked and criticized by Obama and his cronies.

Turns out they were right.

Putin has known for a while that Obama is weak. He demonstrated that in the Syrian issue and he knew that he could outplay Obama on the world stage and that Obama would not have the testicular fortitude to do anything.

Putin was right and that, Harry, is why things happened the way they did. The Russians forced their will on the people of Crimea and are turning toward Ukraine to do the same.

You Harry, should understand forcing something on people who do not want it.

We call it Obamacare.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Let’s Change Their Address To Jail

CBO Director Douglas Elmendorf had some sobering words about the state of our fiscal health and is indicating that we will have to employ some combination of higher taxes, cutting spending or scaling back programs that have been robbed by politicians.

Elmendorf said that the growth in spending of Social Security and health care programs has resulted in “fundamental fiscal challenges.” He claims that we have the three choices outlined to fix the problem which exists because politicians took the money that people paid in and spent it on other things.

What he is basically saying is that you sheep paid into these programs and government spent YOUR money on other things and since government can’t repay what it stole YOU have to pay more in. You paid it in and now you have to pay again because they robbed you blind.

Imagine what members of Congress would do to a business that managed people’s money like Congress has managed ours. The legal eagles would be all over this and the person (or persons) who stole your money would be in jail.

Not so with our elected officials. They robbed you blind and they expect you to pay more to remedy their theft. They do not feel they should be held accountable for violating your trust. Yes, you did trust them. The government set up Social Security and forced people to participate. The promise was that if you paid a little in to the account each pay you would have money for retirement. Don’t worry; big government will look after your money until you retire.

Problem is whenever money sits around a politicians thinks it needs to be spent. So spend it they did and now the lock box only has worthless IOUs in it. The only way to replace the money you paid in is to take more money from you.

Of course, they will spend that as well.

We need to abolish the Social Security system. We can allow those on it or near retirement to stay in and they will eventually die off. The rest of us can put our own money away and when we retire it will be there.

Even though government robbed Americans of trillions of dollars people still think it is a good idea to have government in charge of health care.

What could possibly go wrong?

I think one change that Elmendorf did not address is the change that would help the most. We need a change of address for all the politicians.

That address should be a prison.

One run by Sheriff Arpaio…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Spending IS The Problem

The reality is not that the federal government does not get enough of our money to spend, the reality is they spend too much of it. No matter how many times the government has some kind of record revenue (read more taxes coming in) it always manages to spend more than that number.

The biggest problem is that the federal government is an ever expanding entity that keeps taking on things that it should not and that it has no Constitutional basis for getting involved in. Each time government decides to add more to its plate it has to add more plates, more people, and more money. Its insatiable appetite for spending is why there is no money in the Social Security Trust Fund. Government looked at the money we paid in for retirement as a slush fund and issued worthless bonds and took the money to spend. Now it cannot pay back the money without taxing us more which, in effect, means we pay into Social Security at least twice.

Despite the terrible Obama economy the federal government took in a record amount of tax revenue during the first five months of this fiscal year. One would think that would be a good thing but the government spent more than it took in. So even with more revenue the government overspent.

Government has had a spending problem all along. When Reagan and Bush cut taxes the revenue to the Treasury went up. The government decided this meant it had more to spend and did so. The government never gave a thought to paying down the debt or balancing the budget.

There are claims that Clinton balanced the budget and had a surplus. This is untrue. The revenue and expenses looked good on paper but the government did not follow the plan. The Treasury shows that we had deficits each year the budget was allegedly balanced. You can claim anything if you change the parameters after making the claim.

We are well past the time when government should be reigned in. We are well past the time where unnecessary, duplicated, and unconstitutional spending must end.

We are over 17 TRILLION dollars in debt (well over 100 TRILLION when unfunded liabilities are included) and that will go way up over the next ten years. We are in a crisis and it has to do with out of control spending.

Our government views us as an endless ATM but we are unable to pay our debt even if most of the wealth in this nation were to be confiscated. Until we get spending under control we will continue to spiral downward and when we crash it will make Greece look like a playground fight.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog