Just In Time For Obama’s Departure

Obama will leave office next January and soon after health insurance premiums will go way up. Obama will leave the scene of the hit and run and leave the next president with a huge mess and millions of Americans unable to afford health insurance, unable to get it, or both.

Many insurance companies are dropping out of Obamacare exchanges and nearly all of them are planning on a rate increase.

Obama will not be affected since he will live somewhere in Hawaii drawing a federal retirement check and availing himself of government (read taxpayer) provided health care. While the rest of us are the victims of his crime he will be enjoying the life of a king.

I hope that the morons who wanted this mess suffer the most and revolt against their masters. I also hope they don’t act stupid, like Bernie Sanders, and push for single payer health care. That would be even more damaging and more expensive than Obamacare.

The only bright side to this is I and many like me will be able to say I told you so once again.

The government does not belong in the health care business and the only way to make things better is to get them out of it and many other things they have their greedy little hands in.

It will be nice to see the liberals affected by this crying in their Kool Aid.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Bernie Says Hill Breaking Law

With all the attention focused on the infighting in the Republican party the fighting among the two old white Democrat candidates has not received as much press, at least until recently. Sanders and Clinton have been steadily increasing their attacks on each other. They claim not to run negative campaigns but they are really going after each other.

The debate last Thursday was a demonstration of how far south things have gone between the two Democrats.

The New York primary is tomorrow and the polls indicate that Clinton is leading but the race has tightened. With that tightening race comes new accusations by Sanders that Clinton is violating campaign finance laws. The full details are in the linked article and if the allegations are true then it would appear she is breaking the law.

Is that a shock? Hillary has been breaking the law for decades so why would anyone think she would follow it now?

Ever since the Clintons started their public lives they have been involved in scandal after scandal. If the history of the Clintons involved an accusation or two one might dismiss them as politics but with these two everything they are involved in results in accusations of criminal activity. Hillary is the focus at the present because she is running for the presidency.

So did she do it? Probably but if her history is any indication then she has put several layers between her and the activity so that she has plausible deniability.

Sanders is probably right on this one but Hillary will never face the music because she is not the only criminal involved. She has most of the Democrat party as accomplices.

So while she wants a term of four years I think twenty-five to life is more appropriate.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


It Is A Spending Problem

The United States has a published debt of 19 TRILLION dollars. This does not include the 100 TRILLION or so in unfunded liabilities that we cannot possibly hope to pay for. The government wants us to believe that it needs to tax us more so it can pay for these things. They would have us believe that there is nothing they can do unless we pay more because this is what it costs to run government.

Barack Obama and his regime have added nearly 10 TRILLION dollars to the debt which means, by his own definition, he is unpatriotic.

The problem is not that the government does not extort enough from us. The reality is the government takes far more than it needs to accomplish its CONSTITUTIONAL responsibilities. The problem is our government has gotten itself involved in all kinds of things for which it has no authority and no responsibility. Social programs are the bulk of the government despite the fact there is no authority for them in the Constitution. The Constitution clearly defines the role of the government and what it has authority over. Those authorities do not include health care, education, welfare, college and many other items too numerous to mention.

The bottom line is we spend too much. The federal government took in a record amount of tax revenue in the first part of this year and still managed to spend over 400 BILLION more than what it received. IT IS OUT OF CONTROL AND UNCONSTITUTIONAL SPENDING that is causing the problem.

We now have people running for the presidency who want to add even more debt to the ledger. Bernie Sanders wants to give away everything for free (by free he means other taxpayers foot the bill) and Hillary Clinton wants to add another TRILLION dollars to the budget (for more unconstitutional spending) and pay for it by increasing taxes ONE TRILLION dollars (likely more).

This must stop. All the ancient politicians in DC will be dead and gone when the ticking time bomb they set off explodes and causes the collapse of our nation. They and their families have profited quite nicely by gaming the system and then they will die off while the rest of us suffer the consequences.

We need to reduce the size of our government and end ALL unconstitutional spending and we need to do it yesterday.

You might think it is all free and the rich can pay or we can tax our way out of it but that thought would be wrong.

And when the SHTF the leeches thinking such thoughts will be the first to suffer and the first go.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Anti-Bullying? Start With The Feds

For some time now we have had anti-bullying campaigns to stop bullying. It can be for legitimate bullying like schoolyard hooligans or it can be for wussy stuff like trauma over a vote Trump sign. While I think the best way to deal with bullies is to beat the snot out of them I can see value in teaching children not to be bullies (and they will not grow up to be bullies).

The anti-bullying campaign needs to start with the federal government and by that I do not mean they should be leading the charge. I mean that the campaign should be directed at them.

The federal government is a huge bully that uses its size and resources to force states to comply with things that states do not like and that are not in the realm of the feds. The feds force states to do things like ignore immigration laws, they force states to take refugees and they force states to follow laws regarding gay marriage and abortion even though those things are not in the Constitution and do not belong under federal control.

In the latest example of bullying the federal government is trying to force [bankrupt] North Carolina to reverse its position on allowing people of one sex in the public restrooms of the opposite sex. To coin a phrase from the left, the law in question is a common sense law that will help keep perverts out of places they do not belong.

It is bad enough we have to worry about some child molester of the same sex attacking our children but now the feds want us to allow anyone to use any restroom so perverts will have unfettered access to our wives and daughters.

Several federal agencies are threatening to withhold federal money if NC does not change its ways and allow open restrooms. The government confiscates our money and then uses it to extort things from us.

Perhaps it is time to take a stand. NC should not allow any federal agencies inside its border. It should use its resources to close down federal buildings or force the feds to pay for having them there. The NC governor should declare that all businesses must submit federal taxes withheld to the state. The state should hold that money in escrow and use it to pay for whatever the feds cut. The money could also be held until the feds give in. Perhaps NC can erect toll booths on federal roads to pay the state for their use.

I hope NC gets tough and beats back the tyrants in DC.

Let’s put an end to bullying by the federal government by beating the snot out of the bully.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Donald To Get Trumped By Rules Committee?

The GOP is working very hard not to suffer a self inflicted wound but if they repair the damage done the cure will likely fracture the party.

You see, the Republicans do not trust you, the voters, and they set rules so that they can select who they want to run for the presidency. Last cycle they imposed rules that were specifically designed to keep Ron Paul out of the process. Even though they have had four years to change it they have not done so.

If things ended today Donald Trump would be the only candidate, under the Romney rules of four years ago, who qualifies for the nomination.

The rule they wrote to exclude one they did not desire will likely force them to accept one they do not desire.

Here are some excerpts from the linked article. They come from people who will sit on the rules committee. I will translate them so you will know exactly what your task masters are saying:

“I’m not a big fan of the eight-state threshold. I think that’s an artificial number,” said David Wheeler, a rules committee member from South Dakota. “It was designed to prevent Ron Paul delegates — their votes from being counted. I don’t think it’s necessary to do that this year.”

Interpretation: We used this process to deny a candidate and his supporters from having their voices heard because we, your elitist masters, did not want Ron Paul’s delegates to be counted. Your vote means nothing to us.

“We don’t want to give the impression that we are leaning one way or the other in support or trying to hold somebody else back,” said Sandye Kading, the other South Dakota delegate on the rules committee.

Interpretation: We definitely are leaning for anyone but Trump but we don’t want it to look like that so we will play games and tallk about fairness and placate his supporters but we do not favor him and want anyone but him so much so we might all vote Democrat if Trump wins.

“They’ve created these goofy, bogus primaries out of whole cloth,” said Haugland, who argues that conventions are largely irrelevant if the party’s delegates are meant to slavishly follow the results of primaries and caucuses.

Interpretation: We have these primaries and it gives people the idea that their vote matters. We should not be bound by their votes and delegates should be free to vote for whom they want regardless of the outcome of the primary contests. The primaries are bogus because we should have the final say and not have to worry about the results of some sham elections. We know what is best for you.

The news today discussed the Democrat Primary process and their super delegates. They are delegates that are not bound to any election result or candidate. These are used to ensure the party picks the nominee and not a bunch of rube voters.

It appears as if the Republicans have their own process to disenfranchise voters in their party.

If the Republicans change the rules to keep Trump from getting the nomination then all hell will break loose and the party will pretty much be over. Millions of people will sit out the November election and the Democrat will win. We will have a Socialist as our president if this happens.

The party will scream that it is not right and that vows were made to support whomever the nominee ended up being. They will say these things without seeing the irony in what they are doing with their rules change.

But that’s alright. You have no say in the matter now shut up and go vote for whom we tell you.

Just for transparency, I am not a Trump supporter (or anyone else right now). I am listening and watching and I will decide by the time my primary rolls around. Having written that I do not want to see him screwed by the party. If he wins then he should be on the ballot and there should be no rule changes or games played to manipulate the process.

If that happens I see a few possibilities. Trump runs as a third party candidate and the Democrat wins. Millions od disenfranchised Republican voters stay home in protest and the Democrat wins. None of the candidates is deemed worthy so a person who never ran or one who dropped out is selected by the committee. In that case people stay home and the Democrat wins.

Playing games with the rules is what got them in this mess. They changed them to harm Ron Paul and now they want to change them to harm Trump and to avoid a problem of their own making. They had four years to do it but then again, no one knew a guy like Trump would run.

Or take the lead.

Or might actually win.

Now they are scrambling to undo the damage they caused.

And these people want to lead us.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog