Dianne Feinstein Is A Partisan Hack (Surprise!!)

I listened yesterday as Dianne Feinstein, a very old senator from California (as in should be out to pasture), questioned Senator Sessions as he goes through the process to be the next Attorney General. She was a typical liberal and asked about things that dealt with abortion and gay marriage. She was concerned that Sessions still considers Roe v Wade to be the worst decision the SCOTUS ever made (I agree with him that it was unconstitutional and should have been a 10th Amendment issue). Sessions was candid and said it was the law and he would enforce it but that he personally thinks it was wrongly decided. I think the same is true about gay marriage. Marriage of any kind is not in the Constitution so it is not the business of the federal government.

It was obvious to me that Feinstein is biased and does not want Sessions to be confirmed. That is obvious with regard to most Democrats who questioned him. They have decided to run a racist allegation smear and are sticking to it despite mounds of evidence to the contrary. It is how they do things in DC. It matters not that these folks work together and that they have good relationships. As soon as politics are in play they abuse each other with lies. It is a wink, wink situation where they say, nothing personal dude but I have to play up to the base so I look good.

It started with Feinstein’s opening remarks where she expressed concerns (allegedly told to her by victim groups) about Sessions’ ability to be the AG for all people and to enforce all the laws, particularly the ones with which he disagrees.

I have no doubt Sessions will do just that BUT, I want to know where Feinstein was with regard to former AG Eric Holder. Feinstein supported Holder even though he has a history as a radical. While in office Holder refused to defend laws with which he disagreed. He refused to defend the Defense of Marriage Act stating gay rights were the last civil rights. Did Feinstein have a chat with Holder about supporting the law EVEN THOSE WITH WHICH HE DISAGREES?

In 2011, the attorney general said he won’t defend Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) which rules that federal interpretation of “marriage” applies only to heterosexual couples. Last year, Holder told ABC News, “From my perspective, [gay marriage] is really the latest civil-rights issue.” So when six state attorneys general said they would not defend laws that ban gay marriage, Holder did not step in. Instead, Holder said they didn’t have to defend the laws if they believed they were unconstitutional. ABC News

Is it OK for AG Sessions to ignore laws or state AGs who ignore laws that they consider unconstitutional? If a state AG decided that Obamacare or gay marriage or abortion were unconstitutional and refused to enforce or defend the laws guiding them would Feinstein be OK with that? She certainly had no issue with Holder…

Feinstein also expressed concern that Sessions had a history of racism (not proven and contrary to evidence) and she was concerned that people of color (and other protected minority groups) would not get a fair shake under an AG Sessions. Where was Feinstein when Holder refused to prosecute the Black Panthers who were recorded intimidating white voters? She was nowhere to be found when Holder claimed that the focus on the Black Panther Case demeans “my people.”

Did Feinstein call Holder in to let him know it was racist to take that attitude and that all Americans are his people?

It is obvious that the Democrats have a hard on for Sessions (actually they hate Trump and want to wound him this way). That is all well and good BUT a real leader, a principled person in the Senate, would evaluate a person based on skill and career. The reality is the Democrats (hell, most politicians) are immoral and cowardly. They do not care what is good for the country or what is right. They care about how they can get and keep power and how they can control each and every one of us.

Feinstein is a moron and a political hack. She is out for blood because her besty Hillary Clinton got her rear end whipped by Donald Trump.

I want adults with ethical principles and of good moral character to sit in the senate and that is why Feinstein should be put out to pasture.

She is a disgrace to herself and the body in which she sits.

As an aside, Al Franken is as partisan and cowardly as Feinstein.

Democrats ram stuff through when they are in charge and expect their nominees to be accepted. When they are the minority they expect bipartisanship and the ability to oppose nominees because they know what is best for America.

They are a ruthless bunch and must be handled with brutal force. Get them down and keep them down.


Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


The Sugar Epidemic In Politics Is Soon Over

The Lame Stream Media and the Democrat stenographers in the media, those from the media wing of the Democrat Party have had such sweet and sugary things to say about B. Hussein Obama for the last eight years (actually 12 if you go back to his convention appearance) so much so that there is a diabetes epidemic among that crowd. There is a shortage of insulin because of the sugary overload of words stated about Obama by the media puppets who have the amazing ability to speak passionately about their messiah while their mouth is full of his….

To this group of sycophants nothing Obama did was wrong. If he farted it smelled like lilacs and should be bottled for future use. If he misspoke it was overlooked as a passionate man who is eloquent with words and must be listened to.

This link has a large number of direct quotes about B. Hussein by his sock puppet media and reading them is sure to make you wonder if objective journalism has become extinct.

After you read those quotes you will need a dose of insulin to keep from going into sugar shock but have no fear.

You see, the media hate Donald Trump. The very people who talked about Obama as if he would walk on water and not get his feet wet will bash Trump with little or no restraint. Their talk will be bitter, sour and acidic. In other words, you will not die of sugar shock while listening to them talk about the man they hate, the man who made them all eat crow.

The media will be no more objective in its reporting about Trump than it was in its reporting about Obama.

But if you feel the need for a sugar fix just listen to Sean Hannity.

He is to Trump what the linked media were to Obama….

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Republicans Need To Take No Prisoners

The Republicans are in control of the House and the Senate and on the 20th they will also have the White House so I do not want to hear anything about compromise or working together or any other blather that involves appeasing Democrats.

Every time Republicans are in charge the Democrats tell us there is a mandate to work together. Bull squirt. There is no such mandate. The mandate is that Trump and the Republicans are charged with changing things from the screwed up mess the Democrats have made over the last eight years. If the mandate was more of the same Hillary would have won.

There obviously MUST be a mandate to do everything different or else a man who never held a political office would not have beaten a seasoned criminal, err politician like Clinton.

Democrats do not want to work together and when they win they make sure to let us know their mandate is to ignore us. Hell, when they lose they don’t want to work together. Take upchuck Schumer for example.

For the past ten months he has been screaming that the Senate needs to do its job and give Obama’s nominee for the Supreme Court a vote. Now that Trump won Schumer is vowing not to confirm Trump’s nominee (whoever that will be).

Now it bothers me not one bit that Republicans kept Obama’s pick out off the Court and it won’t bother me that Schumer will try to do the same with Trump’s, with one small difference. I did not oppose what Republicans did, Schumer did. Now he is saying he will do that which he opposed and every liberal who screamed at what Republicans did will back Schumer 100%.

I hope the Democrats do all they can to obstruct. I want Republicans to engage in no holds barred, no prisoners taken, all out warfare. I want them to exercise the nuclear option for every one of Trump’s picks for any position. When Democrats complain they can be told to sit down and shut up because they enacted the nuclear option.

Then I want Republicans to extend the nuclear option to include Supreme Court nominees and push through all of Trump’s picks. The Democrats will squawk but they opened that door. Hell, if we are lucky Trump will be able to replace every aging POS liberal currently on the SCOTUS and keep the Court from liberal influence for a generation or two.

I also want to see the Republicans use reconciliation to get rid of Obamacare. It is true that Democrats did not use it to PASS Obamacare but they used it to get things thrown in after it was passed. They also used parliamentary procedures to get the damn thing passed in the first place. They thought they had it in the bag until Scott Brown won the seat held by Ted Kennedy. Once Brown won they decided to use the Senate bill and craft the House to match it as their reconciliation process. Hell, the bill did not even originate in the House which violates the Constitution.

Republicans should dismantle Obamacare (which has been anything but affordable) and get rid of it quickly.

There are, of course, stories about Republicans being worried that this will go away and there will be nothing to replace it and they will get blamed for taking away people’s health care. I believe this is the case because Republicans are basically cowards who are afraid of looking like the bad guy.

I would like to see it go away and NOT be replaced. Government has no business in providing or facilitating the health care of citizens. It has no Constitutional duty or authority to establish or pay for the health care of people so it should not be involved in it.

The same holds true for Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid but those were pushed in and no one challenged them. Now they are nearly impossible to get rid of even though getting rid of them would be better for people.

The Democrats knew once people got a taste of the free stuff (which is not free) they would balk at anyone trying to take it away. People feel entitled to things and they feel particularly entitled to things that others have to pay for. Bernie Sanders is an example of this mindset.

I think people should be responsible for their own health care and government’s only duty is to ensure that companies are unencumbered in pursuing the business of those who wish to purchase insurance.

In any event, the longer this monstrosity is around the harder it will be to get rid of and the more expensive it will become.

It is time to turn back all the things the liberals have done. It is time to live in accordance with the Constitution and it is time to shut little whiners like upchuck Schumer up from the get go.

Make him sit in the corner and play with his safety pin while the adults set about fixing things.

Republicans, be ruthless or we will send you packing.

In other words folks, we have them down. Time to step on their throats.

The New York Times (note how they make it seem like a bad thing when Republicans do it)

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


There Is No National Popular Vote

The left is continuing its assault on freedom by whining about the last election. Today the electors will convene in each state capitol and cast their votes and when all is said and done Donald Trump will officially be the next president of the US. The electors selected to do this have been harassed non stop by the left because they do not want Trump in there and are fighting to make that so.

They are also convinced that the electoral college system is outdated and cost Hillary the election. They believe the winner of the national popular vote should be the president. The way it is now is no democracy, they say.

First of all we are not a democracy. Second of all and just as important is that Hillary Clinton DID NOT win the national popular vote because we DO NOT have a national election. A national popular vote insinuates that there is one great big nationwide election and that Hillary won that but we do not have such an election.

We have 51 individual elections (each state and DC). The winner of each individual election in each individual state gets the electoral votes for that state (usually winner take all but different in a few states).

So Donald Trump won the popular vote in enough states to get more than the 270 electoral votes needed to win the presidential election. Hillary Clinton did not win the popular vote in enough states to become president.

The idea that she won the national popular vote is based on adding the totals of all 51 INDIVIDUAL elections and then declaring her the winner. Since we do not have a national election the total for all the states does not matter. The electoral college is in place to prevent a scenario where a heavily populated part of the nation could determine the outcome of an election even if the rest of the nation wanted otherwise just as it did in this case.

Hillary Clinton won by a huge margin in California so much so that it gave her the advantage in the total of all 51 elections. If California were removed from the totals then Trump has the highest vote total of the remaining 49 states and DC. In other words, if we had a national election (the democracy the left wants) then California would get to decide the president even though the other 49 states and DC combined wanted Trump.

By using the electoral system we ensure that all states have a say in the matter

The reality, whether they want to face it or not, is that Hillary did not win the national popular vote because we do not have a national election.

That should settle the debate once and for all but it will not because liberals are like little children who throw tantrums until they get what they want.

If only we could get them to hold their breath until there is a change…


Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Barack Obama Is A Sexist

In a speech while campaigning for Hillary Clinton (instead of doing his actual job), Barack Obama presented a thinly veiled message that men who do not vote for Hillary are sexists. He did not come right out and say that. No, instead he said we have not had a woman president and I think you guys know why.

If Obama thinks men who do not vote for Hillary are sexist then he is a sexist.

Remember, Obama ran against her in 2008 so he did not vote for her. He blocked her from getting into office. Let’s face it, if she had been the nominee then she probably would have beaten McCain. At least she would have had a good chance since this was BES (Before Email Scandal).

Funny though, Obama challenged her and beat her thus denying her the chance to become president. He must be, by his own definition, a sexist. He is already, by his own definition, unpatriotic.

Obama also did not mind beating McCain and his running mate, a woman, so he is a double sexist because we have never had a female VP either.

It is also important to note that all the things Obama is saying about Hillary and why she is so great are the exact opposite of the things he said about her when she was his opponent. He told us she was not qualified to be president. Now he says she is more qualified than he or Bill Clinton ever were.

In other words folks, not only is Obama unpatriotic and a sexist, he is also a lying sack of feces.

I also pose this question. When Obama ran any opposition to him was considered racist because he is black. He is out there opposing Trump and insulting him. Since Trump is white does that make Obama the racist?


Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog