Bill Whittle Nails Political Correctness Origin

Bill Whittle discusses where political correctness got started and how it is used to force an agenda.

Very nicely done Bill!

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Obama Admits To Violating The Constitution

A brief lesson for people like Lynda Mari**, a Facebook commenter (who I saw commenting back and forth with some other person about Michael Brown at a Ravens player’s page) who displays ignorance and is representative of the liberal morons in this nation. Lesson: There are three branches of government and each has certain responsibilities. The Constitution spells out what each branch is allowed to do (what powers We the People have given them) and if they are not given a responsibility then they just can’t do what they want.

The three branches are supposed to provide a checks and balances system to our form of government.

B. Hussein Obama has been saying for several years that he could not change immigration laws through Executive Order. He told people at least two dozen times that he did not have the Constitutional authority to do so.

After the last election Obama changed direction and decided that he did indeed have the power to change laws. He claimed that he was not really changing anything and that he was only using his discretion in order to prioritize. What he means is he is ignoring some laws to help out people who are here illegally.

A funny thing happened while he was out drumming up support for his illegal action. He actually told the truth. Obama told people that he changed a law. He was campaigning in Chicago and had this to say to a person who was giving him a hard time:

“Now, you’re absolutely right that there have been significant numbers of deportations. That’s true. But what you are not paying attention to is the fact that I just took an action to change the law.” [emphasis added] The Daily Caller

While Republicans were protesting (not like the riots in Ferguson) Obama was claiming that he did not change the law. But when he went off script he specifically stated that he violated the Constitution. He claimed that it was a FACT that the person was not paying attention to.

I have already spelled out what I would like to see done. To recap the Republicans should draw up articles of Impeachment and include all illegal acts from the time Obama was coronated. Then proceed and ensure the Senate has a thorough trial. Won’t get a conviction but it will air all the dirty laundry and show how lawless he is (while taking down a few Democrats who were involved).

They should also fund all parts of the government except the parts that will carry out his illegal acts. Then refuse to confirm any of his nominees.

Obama is a lawless politician who sees himself as Emperor. He is a tyrant and he should be removed from office as quickly as possible.

People like Lynda Mari will say that this is racist because that is the only trick people like her have.

Though given it is Bathhouse Barry Obama I guess she might scream homophobe.

In any event, people like her are why we have black folks on the liberal plantation as slaves to government and why there are NO liberal run cities that are succeeding.

The gimmiedats are too busy with their hands out instead of working.

Maybe if Michael Brown was punching a time clock instead of a cop he would still be alive today…

**I don’t know why but when I happened upon her comments they struck me the wrong way. It was obvious she is a person who has little knowledge…

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What Can Be Done To Stop Obama?

Very few people know for sure what B. Hussein Obama will say tonight but all indications are that he will bypass Congress and take matters into his own hands with regard to immigration. There is no doubt that whatever he does will violate the Constitution because he does not have the authority to appropriate money or to change laws. But he will likely do just that and if the Republicans do not stop him in his tracks the next thing he will do is start enacting gun control via Executive action. If he gets away with immigration he will be emboldened.

The Republicans need to smack him down and they need to do it quickly and without mercy.

There are a number of things that can be done but most will have to wait (though they can begin working on them now) until the new Congress is sworn in and Republicans have control of both chambers. I already discussed impeachment and while the Senate will not get enough votes to convict the trial could be long and drawn out particularly if the articles of impeachment are broad and cover his entire term in office.

This entire process would consume his presidency and keep him in check. His misdeeds would be exposed and a few of his partners in crime might get taken down along the way.

However, that is not all that can be done. Obama is going to give millions of illegals a legal status and permission to work. Governors who are opposed to this need to take people who fall into this category into custody to decide if they are in the state legally. Perhaps instead of using immigration the states can charge them with trespassing. DC, on the other hand, is federal land so let them go there.

In addition, states can encourage businesses NOT to hire people with recently issued green cards** (from the date Obama enacts his illegal plan). Just do not hire them and pick a citizen instead.

The Congress can also structure the budget such that money to pay for Obama’s illegal actions will not be appropriated. This can be done so that even if he vetoes a bill the parts of government that need to continue functioning can do so. There are smart people in the Legislative Branch who can figure it out.

One last thing I think they should do. The Senate should tell Obama they will NOT confirm any of his appointees until all of the lawless acts are reversed. Obama will need an Attorney General to fight his legal battles and provide council. If the Senate refuses to confirm an AG Holder will have to stay (and he probably wants out badly before he ends up in jail) or Obama will go without. The Senate should make it clear there will be absolutely NO confirmations until Obama is compliant with the law.

If Democrats in the Senate balk or use procedure to get in the way the Republicans can change the rules so they can get what they want. Harry Reid set the precedent for that.

It is time for Republicans to play hardball. America did not deal a huge blow to Democrats a few weeks ago in order to work together. They did it to stop Obama and his agenda. Republicans need to get in front of this and tell the public what they are doing and why. They need good messaging and they need to be relentless.

I have my doubts that anyone in Republican leadership can do this and if that is the case then we need to hand them their asses in the next election. They need to know that they can be voted out as well.

Do your jobs and get in there and hammer Obama for his illegal acts.

Otherwise you might as well go home…

**UPDATE: The news reports these folks will be able to work but will not be issued Green Cards. I am sure employers can figure out who not to hire. Lack of jobs will send them back where they came from.

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Obama; The Vote Whisperer

Barack Obama did not learn much from the ass kicking his party took on Tuesday. That was to be expected because he learned nothing in 2010 when he took a similar ass kicking. The big difference between then and now is that the Republican party took control of the Senate giving it control of both chambers of Congress.

It is also not surprising that Obama would not get the point because he is a narcissist. It can’t possibly be because of him.

When he gave his post election press conference he seemed to gloss over the people that turned out to vote against him and his policies (he did say they were on the ballot) and instead looked at those who did not vote. He discussed the election from the point of view that more people voted when he was on the ballot as if that is some revelation. More people turn out during ALL presidential elections.

But Obama seems to think that those who did not turn out now but who did then still want him to take the path he has chosen. He seems to think that because they did not show up they still support him.

Let me make it easy for him. If they still supported you they would have gotten out and voted. They would have seen the polls, they would have paid attention and they would have voted to stop what happened from happening.

Instead they chose to stay home. Obama, always the narcissist, seems to think that he still has a mandate from those people to continue on the path he is on regardless of what just happened.

No Barry. If they wanted you to continue they would have shown up. They cared so little about you and your failed presidency they could not be bothered to vote.

Barry’s belief is that the mandate he thinks he has comes from the people who did not vote instead of those who vote. In other words, those who voted did not vote the way he wanted so he will just assume that those who did not vote would have done it his way. He is the vote whisperer who can channel the desires of those who did not vote.

What he needs is to have his ass spanked by the Republican controlled Congress. He needs to get bill after bill that he can pass or veto. Let the country see who the real obstructionist is.

And if he works outside of his Constitutional authority he needs to be taken to the woodshed.

I will put it to Barry in words he can understand and that he actually used in the past.

We won…

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Maryland Suffers A Brown Out

Anthony Brown was supposed to waltz into the Governor’s Mansion. He spent eight years in Martin O’Malley’s shadow and it was his time. In a state where Democrats hold a greater than a 2:1 lead over Republicans it was just a formality. In Maryland the Democrat Primary is considered the general election because whatever Democrat wins the primary wins the general.

But a funny thing happened on the way to Annapolis. Lt. Governor Anthony Brown hit a shockwave in the form of businessman Larry Hogan. Hogan campaigned on economic issues and reducing taxes. Hogan vowed to get rid of as many of the forty plus tax increases put in place by O’Malley/Brown.

Brown, for his part, failed to campaign on what he would do and instead chose to attack his opponent. Brown accused Hogan of everything short of the Crucifixion of Jesus and claimed he would be bad for the state.

Some of Brown’s ads were outright lies and used fear to persuade people that Hogan would have “assault” rifles lying around all over the place. Brown also misled people on his military service by showing himself piloting helicopters while a narrator talks about Brown answering the call of duty.

Brown did indeed fly helicopters and he did indeed deploy to the Middle East. But he was a pilot on active duty and deployed while a reservist. As a reservist he was a JAG officer (Army Lawyer). There is no evidence he piloted helicopters while deployed as a lawyer.

Who does he think he is, Harm Rabb?

In any event, the O’Malley/Brown tenure destroyed the state, increased unemployment, raised taxes (including a tax on rain water runoff), and busted the budget while driving good businesses out of the state. Brown was solely responsible for the failure of the health care exchange and the millions of wasted dollars the project cost taxpayers.

People were fed up and they took it out at the polls by delivering a crushing defeat for Brown who lost by about 5* points. The defeat was a referendum on the tenure of O’Malley whose aspirations of being president took a huge hit (as if he actually had a chance). All in all it was a two-fer with Brown losing his bid to be governor and O’Malley losing nearly any chance of becoming president.

Brown is out and it looks like he might have to sign up for government health care and get a real job.

Hogan on the other hand, will have a tough time dealing with the huge Democrat majority in the legislature. He has stated he is willing to work with Democrats to get the state on track.

The big question is, are Democrats ready to work with Hogan to achieve those results?

Time will tell but if history is any indication Hogan will have to overcome a lot of resistance.

I think he is up to the challenge. Hell, no one gave him any chance of winning the race and he blew Brown out of the water. If he pulled that off I think he can accomplish quite a bit.

Democrats in the legislature beware. Some of your fellow Democrats suffered defeat on Tuesday and that should be a wakeup call that you are not doing your jobs.

Listen to the businessman and get this state back on track.

As an aside, when the tallies were coming in and it looked like Hogan might just pull it off I watched the local station to get current information. It was being reported that Brown would be making an announcement. Speculation was that he would concede because he could not overcome the vote deficit. I took great pleasure in watching the stage as the who’s who of Maryland Democrats stood there with sour looks on their faces waiting for Brown to arrive.

When he did it was short and sweet and that was all she wrote.

I loved that moment.

*This post was updated to put in the final margin of victory which changed from 9 to 5.

Washington Post

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