Yes, Trump Was Surveilled

Perhaps the biggest mistake in Donald Trump’s tweet about being wiretapped is that he stated Barack Obama had wiretapped him. It would have been more accurate for him to state that his campaign was the target of surveillance by the government.

Liberals are quick to jump on the claim that Obama did it and then extrapolate that into it did not happen. One does not mean the other. Obama certainly did not wiretap Trump but Trump was surveilled in some fashion. And Obama knew of the surveillance possibly before but more likely after the contents of the surveillance were compiled.

That would be JUST before they were illegally released to the media. You know, right before Obama walked out the door. You have to know that dropping a turd like this in Trump’s path is exactly the kind of thing Obama would do. Let us not forget that Obama (and yes it was he) used the IRS as a weapon against conservative groups. The reason things are compartmented and hidden and obstructed is because the trail leads right to King Barry Obama.

But back on point.

For about eight months prior to the election there were media reports that Trump was being surveilled. The New York Times (and possibly several other outlets) mentioned it and Hillary mentioned it as well. There certainly had to be some kind of surveillance for them to know what was being targeted. In one case it was the servers belonging to Trump. It is true those servers were looked at and it is true someone told Hillary and it is true she mentioned it. All these things are true so it is true there was some level of surveillance going on. It is also important to note that the Russian angle came up DURING the campaign and Hillary continually used it to attack Trump. It appears as if she had inside information regarding surveillance and was using it to attack her opponent.

As far as the later episodes it is quite possible, and more than likely, that Trump associates got caught up in surveillance of Russians. There has been no indication any of those folks colluded or did anything wrong, just that they had contact. Some of them had business entities in Russia and contact with Russians was not abnormal. FBI Director Comey said that his agency is investigating (as it has been for months) any connections between Trump campaign folks and the Russians but that NOTHING (so far) has been found.

The denials about wiretapping appear to be the denial that Obama had anything to do with them (or more accurately ordered them). All denials are that there is nothing to support President Trump’s claim (which was that Obama did it). Has there been a flat out denial that there were any wiretaps AT ALL?

General Flynn got caught up in the surveillance of Russians. It appears he did nothing wrong but he then lied about it to the Vice President and that led to his resignation. How did anyone know Flynn spoke with the Russian ambassador? They knew because they were listening. The US was eavesdropping on the Russians and Flynn got caught up in the recording. Whoever exposed this and made his name public broke the law. Remember when the government told us that they were only concerned with wiretapping foreigners that made calls or who were called by Americans and that our privacy would be protected? Remember when they said they were not interested in our part of the conversation? That seems to have changed and it changed when Obama could use the information for political gain.

Obama most certainly did not wiretap Trump’s phones and it is highly unlikely that Obama ordered such a thing (he would not want his fingerprints on it) but Trump was surveilled as evidenced by the months of media reports and Hillary’s revelations. It is also true that Trump’s people were surveilled as evidenced by the leaked transcripts of conversations, particularly those relating to General Flynn.

It is highly likely that Obama got that information prior to departing the White House and dropped it off on the way out the door. Again, he probably did not leak it but he provided it to the person who did.

There is absolutely no way in the world that Obama did not know.

He might not have fingerprints on it but he surely knew.

So Trump did not express it correctly but he was on the right track.


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Big Dog


Cordozar Broadus Needs A Secret Service Enema

You know Cordozar better by the stage name Snoop Dogg, an allegedly talented rapper who usually sounds like someone hitting a sack of (stoned) cats with a stick. His greatest ability seems to be that of using the words f*ck, motherf****r and nigga in his “songs”.

The reality is he has very little real talent and is usually in a drug induced state when he is awake.

Cordozar is also a black man with an attitude who thinks the deck is stacked against the black folks (who he calls niggas). To Cordozar life is unfair and guys like Donald Trump, who are rich (and white), get away with anything they want. He also believes that there are lots of black folks in jail for possession of drugs (mostly weed) who have been there a long time while the white guys who sold it to them are out in society still pushing those drugs. Cordozar must think none of these drug dealers are people of color.

Yes, to Cordozar there is white privilege and black folks, the downtrodden like him, are getting ridden dirty. Really?

Hey Cordozar, you have been arrested an awful lot of times for illegal possession of a firearm (handguns) and have not spent much time in jail. You have been placed on probation or forced to make public service videos or had to do community service but you damn sure do not end up in jail where you belong for those gun infractions.

There are a lot of people, black and white alike, who are rotting in jail for illegal possession of a firearm and they did not get arrested as many times as you. How many times have you been arrested for drug possession and how many countries have you been banned from, for at least some period of time, because of your illegal behavior?

I can’t seem to find any report that indicates you are spending 10 or 20 years in a jail while white guys are walking the streets. Truth be told, your sorry ass is walking the streets while many white folks are in jail for far less. So please don’t give me any BS about privilege.

In Cordozar’s latest video (more garbage) he pulls a gun on a Trump look alike made up like a clown. To Cordozar it seems like a perfectly OK thing to do as the Trump look alike is referred to as a “f***ing clown.” You see, to Cordozar anyone he does not like should be shot. This is probably why his gangster ass has been arrested for illegal possession of firearms SO MANY TIMES.

Cordozar is a member of the Nation of Islam and has praised its leader, the equally insane Louis Farrakhan. To put that in perspective, Cordozar has praised Louis Farrakhan, an idiot who wants to eliminate Jews and who rails against white people, but in his video pulls a gun on a Donald Trump look alike and calls him a f***ing clown because, well I guess because it is Trump. Perhaps it is because he is white, oh say it isn’t so Dogg Pooh. I guess Cordozar is bitter because he voted for Clinton and Trump beat her like a rented mule.

The real clown in all of this is Cordozar Doggy Pooh who thinks he has a voice in the world. His message resonates to the low information voters (and non-voters) and the undereducated who listen to his music. He appeals to those he inspires to be gangsta and do what he sings about. His lifestyle inspires the undereducated to act like thugs and to break the law (thus becoming felons and losing the right to vote or possess firearms, like hero Cordozar).

Then when they end up in jail Cordozar can cry like a little punk about white privilege and the racist system that sent these poor little gangstas to jail.

In other words, Cordozar was taught to play the victim card. Let’s hope the Secret Service plays the Trump card and looks into this violent video aimed at the president.

Cordozar should expect nothing less. Don’t you think that is what he would have wanted if a video like this were made during the Obama reign of terror and it showed Obama at the wrong end of a firearm?

I only want to make sure Cordozar gets the equality he claims does not exist.


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Big Dog


So Oppressed They Attend College

Pomona College states that it believes in diversity and is against discrimination but in the past it has hosted events white students were not allowed to attend.

This year the arriving student population was greeted with posters hung in dorm hallways explaining how all white people are racist, how they can’t understand racism like people of color (POC), how they must make amends by not using racist code words or speaking about racism and they must acknowledge they are racist, have white privilege and should apologize for it.

How is that for a diverse and unbiased standpoint?

I am glad I do not attend the brainwash factories that pass themselves off as “higher” education. I would not last long if I were subjected to this kind of nonsense.

Yes, it would not take me long to tell the people responsible to take an aeronautical intercourse at a revolving pastry.

This is the kind of nonsense that divides people and causes hostile environments and it is nothing more than an attempt to stifle white people and scare them into keeping silent.

I guess white lives don’t matter at Pomona.

I guess I get the point. There is so much white privilege that all the affirmative action slots are taken by the white kids. Oh wait, those only exist for the POC…

I imagine it is tough to overcome all that white privilege that is so pervasive the white kids are second tier on grants, loans and slots in the school. Yep, I can see how it all adds up.

In reality I see a bunch of people making excuses for the failure of the liberal policies that have fostered so many single parent homes in the black community. I see the culmination of liberal policies that have turned cities into battlefields where education is frowned upon and not needed when a kid can run drugs and make money. They don’t live too long but they earned while they were alive and passed on that generational welfare mindset that enslaves generation after generation of POC to the liberal plantation.

Put your silly posters up if you must.

My hope is that the non POC will call them out on this and confront the racist attack.

Then again, I would not be surprised if the white kids just kept quiet and did as they were told.

We have, after all, raised a generation of pussies who can’t stand up for themselves and what is right.

Keep in mind if these POC were truly oppressed they would not be in college.

But nothing says stop the oppression (phony as it is) more than oppressing another group of people.

Source: Claremont Independent

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Big Dog


Anti-Bullying? Start With The Feds

For some time now we have had anti-bullying campaigns to stop bullying. It can be for legitimate bullying like schoolyard hooligans or it can be for wussy stuff like trauma over a vote Trump sign. While I think the best way to deal with bullies is to beat the snot out of them I can see value in teaching children not to be bullies (and they will not grow up to be bullies).

The anti-bullying campaign needs to start with the federal government and by that I do not mean they should be leading the charge. I mean that the campaign should be directed at them.

The federal government is a huge bully that uses its size and resources to force states to comply with things that states do not like and that are not in the realm of the feds. The feds force states to do things like ignore immigration laws, they force states to take refugees and they force states to follow laws regarding gay marriage and abortion even though those things are not in the Constitution and do not belong under federal control.

In the latest example of bullying the federal government is trying to force [bankrupt] North Carolina to reverse its position on allowing people of one sex in the public restrooms of the opposite sex. To coin a phrase from the left, the law in question is a common sense law that will help keep perverts out of places they do not belong.

It is bad enough we have to worry about some child molester of the same sex attacking our children but now the feds want us to allow anyone to use any restroom so perverts will have unfettered access to our wives and daughters.

Several federal agencies are threatening to withhold federal money if NC does not change its ways and allow open restrooms. The government confiscates our money and then uses it to extort things from us.

Perhaps it is time to take a stand. NC should not allow any federal agencies inside its border. It should use its resources to close down federal buildings or force the feds to pay for having them there. The NC governor should declare that all businesses must submit federal taxes withheld to the state. The state should hold that money in escrow and use it to pay for whatever the feds cut. The money could also be held until the feds give in. Perhaps NC can erect toll booths on federal roads to pay the state for their use.

I hope NC gets tough and beats back the tyrants in DC.

Let’s put an end to bullying by the federal government by beating the snot out of the bully.

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Big Dog


Was Trump Right About Breaking The Law?

Donald Trump is apparently in hot water over a comment he made about a woman getting an abortion. Trump was asked if abortion were made illegal and a woman got one should she be punished under the law? Trump stated that if she broke the law by getting one she should be punished.

The media reported this as Trump saying women who get abortions should be punished.

This hypothetical question was designed to trip him up and it is obvious by the way it was reported that the media deliberately deceived people.

Trump was correct in his answer. If abortion were made illegal then anyone getting one or performing one would be in violation of the law and would be subject to punishment. For what its worth, Trump handled this question terribly and could have done a much better job considering the media and all liberals (and a lot of Republicans) are out to get him. For a guy who is supposed to be media savvy he blew this one.

The reality is that anyone who knowingly does something illegal has broken the law. People can argue if, in this scenario, she should get in trouble and that is for a court to decide. No matter what the outcome she broke the law and if found guilty should be punished.

If a drug dealer sells illegal drugs to a junkie they are both guilty of a crime. No one would argue that the buyer was a victim in this scenario…

The interviewer also asked Trump if the man who impregnated the woman should be punished and he said no. In most cases, getting someone pregnant is not against the law. But if the guy took her to get the abortion and was part of the process then I think he should be punished as well. The liberal media folks discussing this had a hard time grasping any of it and indicated that Trump had some kind of double standard when it came to punishing women and men.

Trump’s answer has nothing to do with abortion. It is simply a matter of the law. In the case of the interviewer however, this was about abortion and finding a way to trip up Trump.

I guess Trump just has more regard for the law than all those folks screaming about what he said (or what they were told he said). To those folks the woman did nothing wrong in obtaining an illegal abortion.

Sort of like how they all find nothing wrong with a woman running her own private email server and risking classified information, in violation of the law.

As an aside I saw an interview (it could have been excerpts of a speech) with Clinton and she was all over Trump for what he said, you know, women’s issues and all that. Keep in mind Trump never said he would make abortion illegal, just that if it were (part of the question) the woman should be punished if she got one. Given Hillary’s blatant law breaking and her flagrant disregard for the law it should not be surprising to learn she would not punish a lawbreaker.

I think Trump changed his opinion five times in the last day but that is neither here nor there. The damage by the media assassins has already been done.

They will continue until they can get rid of him and clear a path for their lawbreaker to win the presidency.

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