There Is No National Popular Vote

The left is continuing its assault on freedom by whining about the last election. Today the electors will convene in each state capitol and cast their votes and when all is said and done Donald Trump will officially be the next president of the US. The electors selected to do this have been harassed non stop by the left because they do not want Trump in there and are fighting to make that so.

They are also convinced that the electoral college system is outdated and cost Hillary the election. They believe the winner of the national popular vote should be the president. The way it is now is no democracy, they say.

First of all we are not a democracy. Second of all and just as important is that Hillary Clinton DID NOT win the national popular vote because we DO NOT have a national election. A national popular vote insinuates that there is one great big nationwide election and that Hillary won that but we do not have such an election.

We have 51 individual elections (each state and DC). The winner of each individual election in each individual state gets the electoral votes for that state (usually winner take all but different in a few states).

So Donald Trump won the popular vote in enough states to get more than the 270 electoral votes needed to win the presidential election. Hillary Clinton did not win the popular vote in enough states to become president.

The idea that she won the national popular vote is based on adding the totals of all 51 INDIVIDUAL elections and then declaring her the winner. Since we do not have a national election the total for all the states does not matter. The electoral college is in place to prevent a scenario where a heavily populated part of the nation could determine the outcome of an election even if the rest of the nation wanted otherwise just as it did in this case.

Hillary Clinton won by a huge margin in California so much so that it gave her the advantage in the total of all 51 elections. If California were removed from the totals then Trump has the highest vote total of the remaining 49 states and DC. In other words, if we had a national election (the democracy the left wants) then California would get to decide the president even though the other 49 states and DC combined wanted Trump.

By using the electoral system we ensure that all states have a say in the matter

The reality, whether they want to face it or not, is that Hillary did not win the national popular vote because we do not have a national election.

That should settle the debate once and for all but it will not because liberals are like little children who throw tantrums until they get what they want.

If only we could get them to hold their breath until there is a change…


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How Many Of Them Actually Pay Taxes?

Some chucklehead at Time Magazine (does anyone even read that thing) named Mark Weston is very unhappy that Hillary Clinton allegedly won the popular vote but did not win the presidency. He, like most liberals, is upset that we use the Electoral College system and quite honestly, from his remarks, he does not understand it. Like most liberals he does not understand what kind of nation we are and how elections work.

So this guy is calling for all Hillary supporters to NOT pay federal taxes until the nation changes to a popular vote scheme. He wants people to figure out what they would owe but to write a check to an escrow type account that would be released to the feds once they change how we elect presidents.

Weston is unhappy because he thinks Hillary won the popular vote and should be president. He wants our “democracy” restored. His statements show a complete lack of knowledge.

The first thing is we are not a democracy. In a democracy 50% plus one gets to tell everyone else how things should be. So in a true democracy 50% plus one could vote that the rest of the nation has to work and give all their money up to the majority to spend as it pleases. We have a representative form of government where people are represented by those elected officials and each state in the union has a say in the process. Weston wants the very small land mass of densely packed people that Hillary won to be able to tell the rest of us how things will be. He wants all the rest of us in the vast land mass that Trump won to be under the rule of a few places. He does not want us to have a say in the process.

Weston says that the people should not pay their taxes because they are taxed without representation. His claim is that Hillary won the popular vote and these people are not represented because Trump won the presidency. First of all, he and all others are represented because they have an elected official in their Congressional District and two Senators who represent them at the federal level. The President is not your representation, your Congress critters are. Hell, if we could elect not to pay taxes based on the idea that if the person you did not vote for the presidency won half the nation would never pay taxes.

Let us look at this other claim. Hillary won the popular vote. No, she did not. Hillary won some of the popular votes and Trump won the others. You see, we do not have one great big national election. We have 51 individual elections (50 states and DC) and in nearly every state the winner of the popular vote in that state gets all the Electoral Votes for the state (some states allot them proportionally or by Congressional District). The states do not have to have elections to select the electors so there is no requirement that the people even be allowed to vote to select them. Each state is allowed to decide how the electors are selected. The states have decided on a popular vote (and that vote is PER STATE).

So it is a non argument to say Hillary won the popular vote because we do not have a popular vote nationwide. The only thing the nationwide total shows is that Hillary’s total of the number of people who voted, when ALL of the INDIVIDUAL STATE elections are added up, is more than the number of people who voted for Donald Trump. But that does not matter because Trump won enough of the popular votes in states to capture enough electors to be president.

Liberals like to keep repeating things that are not true so that they can brainwash followers into believing things that just are not so. If you listen to a Hillary supporter spout off you will hear the mindless parroting of talking points that are not true but have been repeated so often that the liberal drones believe them. This is why so many of them think we have a national popular vote, the Electoral College is outdated, that Hillary won and was robbed and that we are a democracy. They keep hearing it so they begin to believe it (this is why so many liberals think the Second Amendment only applies to the militia).

The reality is our system is set up in such a fashion that each state has a say in the matter. We are not ruled by the tyrannical majority in a few densely populated areas. We all get a say in it and we do it because each state has its OWN election. Hillary did not win the popular vote and she did not win the presidency so crying about it won’t change that. Refusing to pay your taxes will not change it either.

How many of the folks in question actually pay taxes? Her rich donors certainly figure out how to pay less and the millennials and college kids probably don’t make enough to pay anything. Add them to the welfare rolls and felons who voted and it is unlikely that we are talking about a huge amount in tax money. Hell, if we stopped paying the welfare to those who fall into the category Weston describes we might be able to have a net increase.

I know it is tough Mr. Weston but you are very wrong. Get a real book and undo the damage your college professors caused.

And get used to saying it:

President Donald Trump.

Source: WND

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Use the Stick

There is an old adage about a carrot and a stick indicating that one can be enticed or forced to do something. In the case of politics it would be wise for Donald Trump to use the stick.

Mr. Trump won the national election by winning the most electoral votes. I don’t want to discuss popular votes or any other non Constitutional issue. We use electoral votes, they are the best way for us to do things and they are not going anywhere barring an Amendment to the US Constitution in which case we will no longer be a republic,

During the campaign Mr. Trump indicated that if he won he would pursue criminal charges against Ms. Clinton for her illegal activities. After the election he softened that stance by refusing to say if he would prosecute her.

I understand how it works and it would be unwise for Trump to say he would prosecute her since that is not his job. It would be up to his DOJ, his Attorney General, to decide. Trump would need to stay out of it and let the DOJ do its job.

We now have this demand for a recount in three states. It is clear Trump won those states and it is also clear that the person asking for the recount, Jill Stein, could not possibly win no matter what a recount showed. The only person who could possibly benefit would be Hillary Clinton and her actually winning enough changed votes to matter is nearly impossible.

This is all being financed by George Soros in an effort to make Mr. Trump seem illegitimate. The goal is to have a hand recount take so long that there would not be enough EVs certified to give Trump 270 thus denying him the presidency. But Clinton would not have the 270 either so the reality is either the person with the most out of those available (the recounting states would not have theirs in in time) would win or the House and Senate would decide and Trump would still win.

However, this would tarnish him and the feeling is it would weaken him in the eyes of the public. Soros is unhappy that he could not buy this election and he is working to disrupt it in any manner he can (like paying for riots and recounts).

The Clinton campaign is now on board with the recounts. They are interested in assisting in the Soros project. Clinton knows she will not win even with the recount but she will help in the attempt to weaken Trump.

So Mr. Trump should make it clear that he expects his DOJ to go investigate and prosecute anyone who engaged in illegal activities including any co-conspirators. He should make it clear that anyone who did anything wrong will be prosecuted and sent to prison. He should make sure that all the lackeys know that they will be targets as well.

Mr. Trump does not appear to be a wallflower. He demonstrated that he can take a punch and return one quite effectively. He did not wither under the unrelenting attacks.

Now is not the time for Trump to go easy on opponents particularly those who are working to undermine him.

Mr. Trump needs to put the carrots away and wield a very big stick.

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Barack Obama Is A Sexist

In a speech while campaigning for Hillary Clinton (instead of doing his actual job), Barack Obama presented a thinly veiled message that men who do not vote for Hillary are sexists. He did not come right out and say that. No, instead he said we have not had a woman president and I think you guys know why.

If Obama thinks men who do not vote for Hillary are sexist then he is a sexist.

Remember, Obama ran against her in 2008 so he did not vote for her. He blocked her from getting into office. Let’s face it, if she had been the nominee then she probably would have beaten McCain. At least she would have had a good chance since this was BES (Before Email Scandal).

Funny though, Obama challenged her and beat her thus denying her the chance to become president. He must be, by his own definition, a sexist. He is already, by his own definition, unpatriotic.

Obama also did not mind beating McCain and his running mate, a woman, so he is a double sexist because we have never had a female VP either.

It is also important to note that all the things Obama is saying about Hillary and why she is so great are the exact opposite of the things he said about her when she was his opponent. He told us she was not qualified to be president. Now he says she is more qualified than he or Bill Clinton ever were.

In other words folks, not only is Obama unpatriotic and a sexist, he is also a lying sack of feces.

I also pose this question. When Obama ran any opposition to him was considered racist because he is black. He is out there opposing Trump and insulting him. Since Trump is white does that make Obama the racist?


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From Watergate To Water Under The Bridge

I have not posted in a month. In late September my father died and 12 days later my brother died as well. It has been a tough time for our family and I ask you to pray for us

The Washington Post went after Richard Nixon and the cover up of the Watergate break in. Reporters Woodward and Bernstein were relentless and they finally got the goods. Their pursuit of the truth led to the resignation of Richard Nixon.

While there is evidence to indicate Nixon was not the one doing the bad things the reality is the blame fell on him and he ended up resigning. This never would have happened if The Post had not investigated. They, if you are to believe them, looked to expose government corruption.

If Nixon had not been forced to resign under threat of impeachment it is hard to imagine The WaPo would have ignored all of it and endorsed him for office (he was in his second term and could not run again but if he could it is hard to imagine The WaPo would ignore it and endorse him).

The WaPo though is no longer interested in government corruption. Truth is The WaPo was never interested in it when it involved a Democrat. Can you recall any in depth investigation into Bill Clinton’s sexcapades?

Hillary is corrupt. She has a long history of lying, doing illegal things, lying some more and then getting away with her misdeeds. There is no doubt about this and one only need look as far as her server and email issue to see it. She set up the server to avoid having her emails archived per the LAW. She did it for one reason, to skirt the law. Then when she got caught she deleted over 30 thousand emails that had been subpoenaed. That was also a violation of the law.

Hillary supporters will tell you that she was cleared of any wrong doing but that too is a lie. She was not prosecuted for her wrong doing. The FBI director laid out a case of point by point issues where Hillary Clinton broke the law. He also showed where she had lied about classified information and it has been shown that she lied to Congress. Amazingly, the FBI director decided not to push for charges claiming no reasonable prosecutor would indict such a case.

Maybe in his world that is true. It also helped that the Attorney General met with Hillary’s hubby and that these folks are all liberals. The fix was in and the reasonable prosecutor claim was the nothing more than the No True Scotsman fallacy. Plenty of prosecutors would have taken the case.

In any event, The WaPo has ignored all of the evidence of corruption and endorsed Hillary Clinton for president. Hillary made Nixon look like a piker and the very same newspaper that relentlessly pursued Nixon over government corruption is ignoring the mountains of evidence showing the corruption of Clinton and endorsing her.

They toppled Nixon.

They want to elect Clinton.

And this folks, is why most people do not take them seriously and why newspapers are going the way of the Dodo.

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