Carville Right For A Change

I never thought I would agree with James “Gollum” Carville but I am with him on his latest. Gollum spoke at Northwestern College at an event put on by their Democrat Club. In the speech, Gollum said “Sometimes the problem with being a Democrat is being a Democrat.” I could not agree more. I would only add that most of the time the problem with being a Democrat is being a Democrat. Gollum is out relaying the new battle cry for the left; “Pretend to be Center.” He just did not say it in so many words. The undertone though, is what I have said all along and that is Democrats know they can only get elected by pretending to be something they are not.

The problem with Democrat campaign speeches is “litany,” and they need more narrative like Winnie the Pooh stories, political consultant and pundit James Carville said.

At a speech sponsored by the Northwestern College Democrats Thursday evening, Carville told the audience that Democratic candidates can’t succeed by shouting out to every group in a crowd. Instead candidates should tell stories with the three elements of any good story — setup, conflict and resolution.

“No Kumbayah crap,” Carville said.

The moonbats are good at telling stories. They make them up all the time (I did not have sex with that woman…) but Gollum says they need to be more flowery. What he is saying is that when the donks tell people how they really feel they don’t get elected. His idea that no one likes people who are right (as in correct) all the time is an indication that he espouses the party line. We know more than you and what is good for you so shut up and vote for us.

I have to admit he is a successful man. He has done good things for many in his party. This whole idea about a makeover will flop. Kerry could not be remade into a war hero and the public will not fall for the makeover of other moonbats either. There are some (the sheep) who will be led around by the nose but thinking people can see the difference.

I believe that if you are true to something you should remain that way. If you really believe something then put it out and let the people decide. The donks can not do that because they know when they say what they are really feeling they lose. Enter the make up artists…

As reported in the Daily Northwestern.

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