Cartoon Draws Ire

A cartoonist names Tom Toles drew a political cartoon that has drawn the ire of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. It is a cartoon about an injured soldier and it is pretty disgusting. I understand the outrage by the JCOS, they have to defend the troops and they have to speak up for the soldiers. It is rare that they would address something such as this so the cartoon must have struck a raw nerve.

I believe the cartoon was despicable but I also believe that Toles is entitled to his opinion no matter how misguided it is. He is an a very good position because he is an American citizen. You see, he can draw these terrible things mocking the very people who give him the freedom to do so and other than a letter from the JCOS, he will never be punished. He has a right, as do all Americans, to express themselves. Cindy Sheehan had a right to express herself except she was not following the dress code. Freedom of speech or not, you still have to follow rules.

Toles is lucky to be here. At a time in history when we see China censoring the Internet, when we see people arrested and radio stations shut down in Iran because of differing views, we can thank God we live in a country where people are free. Yes, even Mr. Toles has a right to be an idiot. The next time he draws one of these cartoons, maybe he will pause for a moment and realize that the men and women of the armed forces, past and present, have given him a precious gift. They have given him a gift that he is even free to use to insult them. He should remember though, people are free to buy or not buy the publications he is featured in. He might want to talk with Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks and see what the price for exercising freedom can be. As long as he is willing to accept the consequences, then he can have at it.

Source: Editor and Publisher

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2 Responses to “Cartoon Draws Ire”

  1. Wild Thing says:

    Furious! My blood is boiling at what this so called human being has done in his cartoon.

  2. Cartoonist Tom Toles is DESPICABLE…

    Congratulations to the Joint Chiefs! This is an insult to our military in the name of free speech!!…