Carry Laws In Maryland

Whenever any of the Democratic hopefuls running for Governor of Maryland are asked about gun carry laws for the state they both give the same canned response. “Maryland already allows carry with a permit.” What these chowder heads fail to expand upon is that getting a carry permit in Maryland is more complicated than Rubik’s Cube. You have to transport large sums of money (like making bank deposits), work in a gun shop, or be able to show a pattern of threats through police reports. A regular law abiding citizen who wants to carry a weapon but does not meet the guidelines will not get a permit. So they are really stretching when they say we have a carry laws.

It is easy for people who live in protected communities and travel with police officers to forget about the safety of the average citizen. Why should they care about us when they are protected? Of course if they ever did anything about crime and keeping criminals off the street then there might be fewer murders. But what they heck, they are safe. There is a man from Bel Air (MD) named Mark Beckwith who is fortunate because he carries large sums of money to the bank. He therefore has a carry permit. Last week he was getting out of his car when three men attacked him and started beating him. He was able to reach the handgun he had in the car and he shot two of them. One was killed at the scene while the other two (one who was shot in the hand) made an escape. The second criminal was found in a hospital trying to get medical care. Too bad Beckwith did not cap all three of them and send them to hell so they would not have a chance at manipulating the sorry criminal justice system that will no doubt tell us about bad childhoods and abuse, blah, blah, blah.

If Mark Beckwith did not carry money he would not have been eligible for the permit. He would likely have been seriously injured by these criminals who are probably on probation or out on bond awaiting trial for other charges. Yes, if Beckwith was an average Maryland citizen he would have been a victim, a crime statistic in the ever mounting stack of crime statistics. That is of course, if the police took a report and if Mayor O’Malley reported the crime, but that is another issue.

It is time for the politicians in Maryland to get their heads out of that warm smelly place in which they keep them firmly tucked and start upholding the Constitution. It is time for them to realize that honest law abiding citizens deserve and have a right to the same protection they themselves ensure their families have. Until the day the average guy in Maryland has a cop sitting outside his home and following him everywhere, he needs a means to defend himself. If Mark Beckwith is any indication, a permit can save a life.

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