Carney: We Have No Idea But You Are Wrong

Imagine if you owned a grocery store and you had no way of tracking what you received and what you sold. Now imagine you claimed that 1000 cans of peas had gone out of your store yesterday and when asked how many of the cans had been paid for you said you did not know (or you said you didn’t have hard numbers).

Someone with access to some information makes the claim that only 670 of them were paid for.

What would your response be? Would you say you needed to see how those numbers were derived or would you claim they were wrong?

Keep in mind, you have no idea.

Jay Carney, the Press Clown for Barack Obama did just this when asked how many of the 8 million people the administration claims signed up for Obamacare had actually paid. When presented with numbers in a report from the House Energy Committee Carney said the Obama Regime does not know how many signed up but that the Regime disputes the numbers.

How exactly can they dispute something if they have no clue what the actual numbers are?

Carney could have said they find the report hard to believe but would need the actual information to know.

Instead he basically said we have no idea but the others are wrong.

This is what passes for intelligence in DC.

It is bad enough these clowns are cooking the books (if 8 million really did sign up how many are people who did not have insurance before Obamacare) but after forcing millions out of their health insurance and then signing them up into Obamacare they not only claim they had 8 million sign up but that, while they don’t have a clue as to how many paid, the numbers presented by others is wrong.

We won a World War in the amount of time the Regime has had to build a website that would capture all this information and it has failed miserably.

Then again, this might have been by design. If they can’t tell how many paid (or other useful data to determine success or failure) then they can claim success without having failure pointed out. If we do not know we cannot tell you.

And if you have an answer you are wrong…

Oh, and it is Bush’s fault and you’re a racist…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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