Careful What You Ask For

During the debate on gay marriage I heard someone say that homosexuals should be allowed to marry so they can be as miserable as the heterosexual couples. The two women who sued to marry in Massachusetts, a lawsuit that sparked the debate, have decided that they don’t really like being married to each other and have split up. They obviously suffered the misery that the pundit described in his observation.

I imagine it was a terribly hard thing to do, I mean having two wives in the family. It is bad enough being henpecked by one wife but two of them henpecking each other must have been the definition of hell on Earth. They probably would have been much happier without all the attention that was garnered on them. Perhaps they should have just been happy living together. At least then they would not have to worry about a messy divorce.

And speaking of divorce, this should be a doozy. Usually a husband gets screwed in a divorce and the wife gets the goods (though that has been becoming more equal as time goes on) or as Jerry Reed put it, “She got the gold mine and I got the shaft. They split everything right down the middle and gave her the better half.” Imagine the poor lawyer who would have to deal with this mess. How would you determine what wife gets the woman’s portion of the property. This is the hell lawyers have to pay for fighting to allow this kind of behavior.


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