Capture Or Kill Will Raise Approval Ratings

The moonbats have basked in the glow of George Bush’s low approval ratings. We constantly hear how there were no WMD and we never got Osama bin Laden, and he is the real focus of the war on terror. News out today indicates bin Laden has been spotted in the area of the Pakistan border and that he is moving closer to the populated areas. If we are able to go in and get him you can bet the President’s approval ratings will go up a bit.

Not that it matters, but if the DBM is going to harp on his numbers it would be good to see them go up for good news. Though, given how moonbats blame him for everything from Katrina to Global Warming it is not hard to believe that they would somehow minimize this kind of information. We could haul OBL in and hold him up for the cameras and the moonbats with their ACLU idiots would say we violated his human tights. They would claim OBL is not the main focus (contrary to how they feel now). His capture or killing would give them another slap in the face.

They have been slapped with the culture of corruption BS, slapped by Louisiana’s inability to figure out who is in charge during an evacuation drill (thus showing the incompetence in Louisiana caused most of the problems) and would be slapped mightily by the capture of the man the left claims should be the sole focus on the war on terror.

I hope if we get him we capture him. We can kill him later but I want that sorry excuse for a human paraded around the country. I want his picture on all the TV screens so the libs can see that if you stay the course, you can succeed.

Of course, we have to get him first…

Source: ABC

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