Can’t Find A Doctor, Blame Obama

But I bet Obama blames Bush.

Obamacare, the terrible law opposed by most people, is set to fully implement in the later years of this decade and when it is fully in place there will be an even larger shortage of doctors. This comes as no surprise to those who noted that you can’t add 30 million people to the eligibility rolls and expect to have access to health care with the same number of doctors.

The New York Times discusses the future shortage under Obamacare as if this is some new revelation.

Amazingly, after supporting this terrible law the NYT finally comes to the game to discuss a major problem associated with it. If the NYT had been diligent in doing its job then perhaps it could have made these arguments during the debate over Obamacare.

Instead, it cheered Obama and the Democrats for their blatant act that enslaved people to government.

The situation will be even worse than this article reports because many doctors will stop practicing medicine when they see how Obamacare will affect their bottom line.

Of course, if the Communist in the White House gets a second term he might just use his Dear Leader powers to force doctors to keep working.

He could just impose a tax for not practicing medicine and call it a penalty.

John Roberts already told him it was OK to do that.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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