Canadians Get It So Why Don’t Kerry and the Donks?

Those of you who have read this blog or my web site know who Mike Hersh is and what I think about him. It is interesting to read through his web site. By his accounts Bill Clinton walked on water and didn’t get his feet wet and Ronald Reagan was a bumbling idiot who muddled his way through eight years in the White House while messing up everything Hersh can recall from the democratic talking points.
This was posted on his web site:

Mike Hersh writes: Voters have a clear choice between Kerry’s clear thinking, honesty and leadership ability versus Bush’s odd mix of vacillation when we need clarity and stubborn refusal to change course when his simplistic stabs at policy blow up in our faces. Bush’s lies, denials and excuses won’t bring the dead back to life or prevent future attacks. Bush tries to excuse his horrendous record by blaming “bad intelligence.” That’s not good enough.
Bush ignored sound advice and followed only the “intelligence” that supported his snap judgments and prejudices. We must hold Bush accountable for his fatal mistakes. Bush showed he won’t stop endangering our lives with his bad decisions. He refuses to adjust or reverse the bad choices he keeps making based on ignorance, false information and poor planning. Kerry can keep us safe. Bush can’t. We have to vote Bush out before he gets more Americans killed. What more is there to think about?
Oct 2, 2004

You can go to his web site to read the entire article (this was from the truncated portion) if you can stomach more of this. I had a hard enough time getting past Kerry’s honesty but in the interest of fairness I went to the entire article. The first few paragraphs are so full of lies and misstatements that I can not imagine what planet this man lives on. He spouts more of the talking points and describes how terribly things are going in Iraq. As Hersh sees it, Bush is getting people killed. I think he must have been hibernating when 19 people flew planes in to buildings here in the U.S. and killed 3000 people. Hersh still does not get the fact that we were attacked. He does not understand that some things are worth fighting for and that we do not need anyone’s permission to defend ourselves. He has the Kerry Global Test idea down pat. Well Hersh, there was a period in history when we needed permission to do anything and that was when we were under British rule. We fought for independence then and we are fighting for freedom now. It is unfortunate that you can not see this. I imagine you have never been in the armed forces because you would understand why we do what we do. It is people like you who want all the liberties and freedoms but are unwilling to stand up and fight for them.
The real sad part is that people from other countries understand it more than you. I had a comment to this site from a Canadian who said this:

Thanks for your insights abt Kerry and Bush, esp. As I heard this part of the debate. I’m Canadian so I wont be voting and at first I did not support the War in Iraq but after Bush spoke at the debate abt looking at things from a Global point of view, I realized that you can’t really avoid going to war to keep the world safer.

This person said that after hearing about the global view and how George Bush refuted it, she understood that you can’t avoid war to keep the world safer. Now, here is someone who gets it. Hersh, on the other hand, is so full of hatred and liberal mumbo-jumbo he can not see what is important.
Twinkie boy, I know you think Kerry could bring the world together and get everyone and their brothers to the table. This will not happen. The election hasn’t even been held and his plan for Iran and their nuclear materials was rejected by the Iranians.
One last thing. Hersh, you blame Bush for everything under the sun. 9/11 was his fault despite Clinton’s failures, Bush lied about Iraq despite bad intelligence from agencies whose budget had been cut by John Kerry. Bush cares less about intelligence data despite the fact that Kerry missed 77% of the intelligence meeting, etc. I want to know one thing. On the outside chance Kerry gets elected, and lets say we are attacked again, will you blame that on Bush because you KNOW Kerry will keep us safer? BTW, we have not been attacked since 9/11, how much safer can you be?
Please Mike, go to Canada to learn about us Americans.
Readers, if you want to know what is going on in Iraq do not rely on the main stream media. They are biased and remember, bad stuff sells. Ask the service members who are there. Ask their families. Look at some of the pictures and listen to the interviews. Then you will know how the average Iraqi feels about us. Believe me, it is not the John Kerry Mike Hersh view of doom and gloom.
Click here to see who gets it
Here are some photos from Iraq that will never make the news.

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