Canada Finds Terrorism At Home

The news this weekend involved two busted terrorist plots. The police in the UK broke up a ring and shot a terrorist during the raid. Unfortunately, the terrorist lived. Now police in the UK are searching for a vest that could be used to deliver a nerve agent and kill a number of people. The other, more interesting story, involves the terrorist ring busted in Canada. This group from the religion of peace, had acquired three tons of explosive material and had plans to blow up several large structures in Toronto. One might understand the UK terrorist plot. After all, they supported the US in the war on terror. But Canada was against the war so why were they a target.

Initial reports indicate the would be bombers might not happy with the way Muslims around the world are treated so they wanted to show their displeasure. In any event, the usual suspects, namely the Imams and fellow Muslims, are out telling us what a great bunch of guys they are. Of course we have to hear how Muslims are being targeted just for being Muslims. It has nothing to do with the plan to kill people.

Canada finds itself in an interesting dilemma. They opposed the war and they, along with most every moonbat in the US, have told us time and again that the war on terror in Iraq has spawned new terrorists and that if we just left them alone there would be no problems. It is convenient for these people to forget that we were not bothering them during the past 20 years or so when they continually attacked US targets and killed our citizens. Canada now finds itself in a scary position. A plot was discovered in time to save them and yet they opposed the war. Why would the religion of peace target them? Perhaps they are beginning to understand that the Islamofascists want to control the world by converting everyone or killing them. This is their way of life and until the free world stands together and fights them they are going to continue to plan attacks, even on people who sympathize with their cause.

I wonder if Canada realizes that if it were not for the United States and our war on terror that plot might not have been discovered. If we had been complacent after 9/11 like we have in the past under stellar leaders like Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, instead of coming within a pubic follicle of being hurt, the Canadians might have experienced their own version of 9/11.

People keep saying that the terrorists are planning to do something on the anniversary of the July bombings in London. I believe that they are less predictable and realize that the world will be on a heightened state of alert (like on every 9/11). The terrorists like to be symbolic and what more of a symbol that 6/6/06 (or 666) to attack. This would allow them to be the great Satan.

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2 Responses to “Canada Finds Terrorism At Home”

  1. Bosun says:

    Toronto’s mayor, David Miller, is feeling the realistic pressures of the “religion of peace terrorists when he issued a statement over the weekend that Canada will not be “intimidated by terrorists” after the great job the Canadian anti-terror unit of their police arrested 17 suspected Islamic radicals for a plot to make bombs to set off in Canada. Mayor Miller recognized right away that terrorism could disrupt trade with U.S., the world’s largest trading relationship with $1.4 billion of goods that cross the border daily between the United States and Canada. We have been trying to tell Canada for years what Mayor Miller figured out this weekend.

    Prior to 9/11 there was not much to get through the over 5,000 mile loosely to unprotected border area between our two countries. Much of the border is still pretty much an honesty area.

    Canada’s more liberal stance on individual rights helped them loose sight of the threat. Now their wakeup call.

    Condoleezza Rice praised the arrests this weekend along with several other government officials. We can breathe just a little easier this evening. However, the United States and Canada should not relax just yet. Complacency kills if we do not try to understand the lunacy of Islamofacism and rise to the occasion.

  2. Robert says:

    Score one for America’s hat… Well done.
    Now if we can get the corrupt idiots on our southern border to tighten up their area we could all breathe a little easier.