Canada Finds Gun Control Does Not Work

Canada has a problem with murders by gun. They have this real big and expensive program of gun control that is supposed to eliminate crime with guns. They found out it is not working because criminals do not follow the laws. This is something that smart Americans have known for years. Yet, the gun grabbers are hell bent on taking away our guns. The criminals are free to prey upon the unarmed. Of course, we saw what guns did for home owners in Louisiana. Those who had them were able to defend themselves. Canada has not learned that to stop crime they have to lock up criminals (they copied the American left). What are they doing to solve the problem? Amazingly, the same thing that the gun grabbers did here. They are going to sue American gun manufacturers.

They have not explained how these guns ended up in their country, especially since their customs agents control entry. They are using this as an election year ploy to make it seem like they are tough on crime. The fact they are suing American companies will go over well with some of their electorate. The funny thing is, the party in Canada doing all this is the LIBERAL party. Here is what one writer said about the crime and gun control in Canada:

It is hard to see how American companies who sell a legal product in the United States can be held responsible for their product getting past our customs officers. Beefing up the border might be a better solution but it won’t get as many votes as blaming the Americans will.

The proposals that were given to the Toronto Star seem strangely silent about the other 50 percent of the guns that presumably have Canadian origins. Oops – almost forgot the gun registry. The billion dollar boondoggle was supposed to stop all the violence that is currently taking place. But it seems that the bad guys aren’t registering their guns; they should be put in jail. So to all those who will get wasted in the weeks and months ahead on the streets of Toronto or Vancouver by a Canadian gun, looks like you’re out of luck. So sorry.

Read it here:

How they stopped looters in Louisiana after Katrina.

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