Can We Get Iraq To Keep Him?

Senator Joe Biden is in Iraq on a tour of the country that the US brought from dictatorship to a fragile democracy. It is unclear as to what Biden actually is doing there when he is only one week away from taking office as the Vice President but I suspect he is there on Obama business.

I referred to Biden as Senator Biden for a reason. He was elected with Obama to run the country but insisted on swearing in as a Senator, so for now he is a Senator and I believe that he is in Iraq ostensibly, as one.

Obama is big on saying there is only one president at a time and he needs to look like he is not stepping on toes so Biden swears in as a Senator and goes on a trip in that capacity and it will look like Senate business.

Maybe that is the skeptic in me but I don’t trust any of them. It could be that Joe wanted to visit his son (who is serving there) on the taxpayer dime. It would save him on airfare and he could personally deliver his message that daddy’s Senate seat will be held for him for two years until he can make it home safely (which I certainly hope he does).

What I want to know is, can we get Iraq to keep him? They need someone to replace Baghdad Bob. You remember him? He was the guy who kept saying the infidels were not near Baghdad and were dying in the streets as American tanks were rolling by. Well, Biden is perfect for a gig like that. He knows how to tell a lie with the best of them and he is a propaganda guru.

They can even call him the Grand Wizard of Ministry Propaganda and name him Obama bin Biden (PBUH).

It would not last long. They would ship him home before too long. Even the yarn spinning Muslims could only tolerate him for so long. Besides, they are still ticked at him for the plan to divide the country.

Then again, maybe Biden is there to confirm for Obama that the surge really did not work, just as the sainted one has maintained despite information to the contrary.


Big Dog

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4 Responses to “Can We Get Iraq To Keep Him?”

  1. billy Joe says:

    I see you’re back to your lazy ways of thinking : ‘it could be that Joe wanted to visit his son’ but you have no evidence whatsoever to back up your theory. Here’s an idea… why don’t you get some?

    I have a better idea. Obama should nominate bush-the-Failure to be the next ambassador to Iraq. It would allow Mr. 25% to dedicate himself exclusively to helping the Iraqis in their democratic experiment. He could walk among the people whom he saved from Saddam Hussein and bask in their gratefulness. Who are we kidding though? I doubt bush will ever visit Iraq again. He certainly won’t walk among the people he thinks he saved – they’ll surely throw more than shoes at him.

    bush will wash his hands of Iraq and leave other people to clean it up, just as he has done throughout his privileged life. Taking responsibility is not for him – it’s for others.

  2. Big Dog says:

    Well BJ, since the story mentions that Joe Might visit his son then I would say there is more than lazy thinking there.

    Yes, privileged life, just like the one Obambi had. He lived good cause he lived on affirmative action.

    You can talk badly about Bush but you could not shine his shoes. Once hopenchange gets done screwing things up, you will be singing a different tune.

    Democrats caused this financial collapse and they are now in charge of it all.

    Maybe Bush will walk among the Iraqis again. Clinton walks among interns…

    And BJ, don’t come back here and start the insults and nastiness. I do not have the time or patience for your childish stupidity.

    If you want to insult then go to meathead’s site. He likes to eat hotpockets and cheetos while thinking of bad things to say.

    He likes that at his site, I do not and won’t tolerate it. You are on a really short leash.

  3. billy Joe says:

    You’re delusional and you don’t make sense. So bush, the son of a former President, grandson of a former Senator, great, great Grandson of another President (Pierce) and brother to the governor of a large state had greater mountains to climb than Obama, a man who was elected the head of the Harvard Law Review (that’s not an ‘affirmative action’ position, btw)? Oh, and bush, got into Yale and Harvard thru his brilliance and not thru legacy affirmative action because 6 generations of bush’s attended Yale? Not only are you clueless, I now wonder if you ever went to a non-online college.

    And Republicans, who basically controlled both the executive & the legislative branches for 6 years and still control the Presidency (and regulators) are absolved of responsibility for the financial crisis? That’s a neat trick that can only be pulled off in the Rush Limbaugh-addled brains of a wingnut.

    I’m on a short leash? I can see why you’d say that. Every time I come by here I break your balls and you start whining about Clinton. I’d happily take you on elsewhere, but you cut-and-run from debate. You are even threatening to cut-and-run from debate on your own home turf! Profile in ‘conservative’ courage you are not!

    I guess we should be thankful that you and your Clinton-obsessed friends will no longer be running the country into the ground – unless they break the last session’s record for the # of filibusters, that is.

    PS. The apparently all-powerful Franken will win in Minnesota and Coleman will hopefully be arrested for accepting a $75,000 bribe (thru his wife) from the same guy who buys his clothes (shades of Palin!) and subsidizes his DC apartment. It’s nice to get confirmation that you prefer corruption to the election of a ‘liberal’. How Republican of you. No wonder you guys keep losing elections.

  4. Big Dog says:

    Hey BJ, Bush had fairly good grades and has two Master’s. Can Obama say that? Who knows, he has never released his college records.

    The law review? I challenge you to find one thing he wrote.

    You are delusional and hate Bush, fine I get it and that is OK. But don’t chide me because I am not in line with you to give Obama head.

    And one other thing, I never said I preferred Coleman, just that there needed to be a fair recount.

    I know, you and Adam say it was OK and that is it.

    I am also suppose to take Adam’s word that there were problems in Florida which of course have been debunked just as those in Minnesota but a Republican won so it must be cheating.

    Adam, you are done with this subject because you did not do it.

    You are not allowed to mention 2000 and say the election was stolen, which every news organization said was not, by the way. As you say, Bush won, get over it.