Can We Ban Guns In Movies?

Some food for though; Rambo movies did not stop violence and neither do any others where guns are used…

Harvey Weinstein will make a show that he promises will destroy the National Rifle Association. No real details on the film but it is not going to be a documentary. It will probably be something like the Al Gore global warming crap that tries to indoctrinate people into a different reality. You know, all guns are bad and people don’t need them.

Use these kinds of propaganda and some folks will be influenced. There are plenty of people who recite things based on some movie or story as fact while ignoring the reality of the situation. The faked moon landing conspiracy comes to mind.

I doubt Weinstein will be able to influence the debate as there are far too many gun owners who know that more guns equals less crime. That has been proven time and again but the left, and morons like Weinstein, think that guns are the problem.

Let me reiterate; more guns equals less crime.

As Al Gore might say, the science is settled.

Weinstein has made it clear that he does not think there should be any guns in this country except for the guns in the hands of the government. I saw a movie once about a place where the only people with guns were government and soldiers. The movie was Schindler’s List.

One would think that a Jewish guy would be wary of government confiscating firearms from its citizens considering what happened to the Jews in Nazi Germany but Weinstein seems to live in the world he creates in movies. Emily Miller points out in her article that Weinstein must have watched too many of his own movies if he thinks a fully loaded gun will just pop up when he needs it.

I am willing to bet the film will do nothing to hurt the NRA.

In fact, I bet they get even more members.

I also think that we should ban guns in all movies. We should make it illegal for Hollywood and the rest to possess prop guns and there should be a fine if a gun is used or displayed in a movie. Hell, if, as Weinstein says, we do not need guns in society then we do not need guns in movies in society…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
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One Response to “Can We Ban Guns In Movies?”

  1. Blake says:

    This is hypocrisy of the highest level- which means that liberals will believe in it- if it makes NO sense, liberals flock to it. That is just the plain truth.