Can Kennedy Be More Hypocritical?

Today Scooter Libby was found guilty of perjury and obstruction of justice stemming from a witch hunt. I have already indicated that George Bush should pardon him. Not only would it be appropriate but it would tick off the left. Senator Ted Kennedy has weighed in on the matter:

“President Bush should now pledge that he will not pardon Scooter Libby,” scolded Massachusetts Democratic Sen. Edward Kennedy shortly after Libby was convicted Tuesday of obstructing justice and lying to investigators. NewsMax

Leave it to Ted Kennedy to say that Libby should be in jail when this bloated jackass was never held accountable for killing Mary Jo Kopechne. Teddy laid on the bridge in a fetal position crying about how this would hurt his political career and then showed up for the cameras sporting a neck collar while faking an injury. This all occurred after he swam across the channel and slept off the booze. Ted then had someone he knew take care of his expired driver’s license. Kennedy NEVER spent a day in jail for killing that girl because he pleaded to a lesser charge and received a two month suspended sentence and a year probation. Now he has the audacity to say that Libbey should not get a pardon. Libbey was convicted of lying to the Grand Jury, the same damned thing Clinton did and Teddy supported Clinton.

This blow hard needs to tie one on, go to sleep and stay that way.

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2 Responses to “Can Kennedy Be More Hypocritical?”

  1. Rosemary says:

    Dear Big Dog,
    I am still so flabergasted, I don’t know what to do with myself. Remember Sandy Burglar, William Jefferson, the impeached Democrat judge serving in Congress, etc?

    Why is it that not one of our elected officials has any balls? Heck, I’m tired of playing nice guy. If we are not willing to get down in the dirt and go toe to toe, we might as well get the hell out of the ring. I don’t care what the rest of the people say. Scooter Libby is innocent of any and all crimes. How dare they destroy this man. And we could have prevented…that pisses me off more.

    Who was watching this Pattsy dude? As soon as he learned in Oct. 2003 that Armitage was the one who spoke to reporters, he had no right to convene a special councel Dec. 2003! HE KNEW ALL ALONG who told. Armitage is no friend of Bush, and he worked underneath Powell in the State Dept.

    This is a miscarriage of justice…

  2. Virginia says:

    Amen! my friend. Another fine true article.