Can America Learn from Israel?

Last week a Palestinian terrorist took a weapon to a Jewish Seminary and started randomly blasting, shooting hundreds of bullets a minute. He killed eight children and could have killed many more if not for the acts of an Israeli man. Yitzhak Dadon, an off duty military officer shot the terrorist twice in the head killing him. Dadon was carrying a weapon like many other Israeli men often do. Lesson number one, an armed citizenry is the best way to protect people from violence. But Big Dog, eight people died. Yes they did and that is tragic but think of how many more might have been killed waiting for the police to show up. Think Virginia Tech and how many people died there because no one had the means to stop the attacker. If one person at VT had a gun the outcome might have been different. However, since VT is a gun free zone the only one with a gun is the killer. Most recent shooting in America have happened in areas designated as gun free. Unfortunately, this uses the same logic that gun control laws use and that is, criminals will somehow obey the law.

Lesson two occurred during the funeral procession when a man stooped down to pick up a piece of paper that was on the ground. The police immediately surrounded him to determine what he was up to. They wanted to make sure he was not getting a gun out of his pant leg or picking up a stone.

They would not comment on why they had stopped Mr Muniyeh. He may have been stooping to pick up a stone, they suggested, or to pull out a firearm. He looked Arab, they concluded. [emphasis mine] Times Online

The police concluded that he looked Arab so they checked him out. Profiling at its best. The Israelis have figured that the people who are trying to kill them are Arabs so they look for people who look like Arabs and check their behavior. In America, we let people in this demographic board a plane without question because the authorities are worried some terrorist organization like CAIR will make a stink. CAIR is very important with regard to the protection of terrorists and since our government lacks the testicular fortitude to smack them down, Middle Eastern men board aircraft unabated while little old ladies get strip searched. Lesson two is very simple; profiling works. Law enforcement does it all the time except to a few select groups who use the status of victim quite well.

All law abiding citizens in the US should be allowed to carry a concealed weapon if they desire. It is a right reaffirmed in the Second Amendment and one that is routinely ignored by the government. Law Enforcement should profile based upon the probability of a particular group committing a crime based upon the incidence of that group actually committing said crimes. It would put the criminals on the defensive and let the little old ladies get on the plane without being harassed.

Perhaps our government should pay a bit more attention to these things because, after all, it’s for the children.

Big Dog

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One Response to “Can America Learn from Israel?”

  1. Schatzee says:

    I love it – personally, I think allowing citizens to carry a weapon would cut down on crime. It may make the criminal element think (if they ever do that at all) before trying something if they believe their own life might be at risk.

    When I heard this story I could not believe how horrendous it was and how the MSM almost seemed to gloss over it. They failed to mention that these were school CHILDREN. Unarmed youngsters in a school environment. I am glad this creep got what he deserved and more innocent lives weren’t lost. Great post!