Calling the Democrat’s Bluff

Prior to the 2006 elections Nancy Pelosi put out a memo telling people that the Democrats had a plan to lower gasoline prices. Her memo discussed many items that Democrats, if placed in charge, would do to lower prices and ease the burden of rising fuel costs. Two years later the plan has yet to be revealed and the price of gas keeps rising. This year alone it has gone up an average of nearly 30 cents a month.

This plan must be like the mystical plan that John Kerry had for everything but refused to reveal. It is typical for the Democrats to claim they have plans but to be rather short on details. Barack Obama is no different. he talks of hope and change but other than promises to increase taxes and spending he lacks any specifics on how he intends to accomplish things and he does not state exactly what change he is looking to effect.

Back to the gas plan. The Republicans in Congress have sent a letter to Speaker Pelosi respectfully requesting that she release the plan she claimed the Democrats had oh so long ago. I doubt we will see a plan because none really ever existed. Democrats are big on making empty promises and hoping that people will not remember them. In the state of Maryland we have a governor who did this very thing in the run up to the 2006 elections. He promised that he would lower the electric rates that consumers in the state pay. The rates went up 75% and will increase again this summer (the new rates are justified and Democrats are the ones who caused the sudden increase).

I believe that this letter from the GOP is their way of politely saying to Speaker Pelosi, “Put up, or shut up.” If only it were that easy.

Big Dog

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