Californians Divorce Selves From Gay Marriage

Not too long ago the voters of California decided that marriage was between one man and one woman. Then some gay couples got their collective panties in a wad and decided that the will of the people meant nothing and that the will of the voters must be overturned. They sued and a moron judge decided that gays had the right to marry. It would appear that whatever the people voted on was not a vote to change the Constitution (though I am not sure how the convoluted California system works). In any event, the proposition (8) was placed on the ballot and it specifically called for changing the California constitution to define marriage as one man and one woman.

On November 4th, thanks to Barack Obama, Prop 8 passed and now gay marriage is illegal in California. Yes, blacks opposed the measure and since a record number of them turned out to vote for borther Barry, they also voted to squash gay marriage. The people who supported it are not happy and they are looking for ways to, once again, thwart the will of the people.

RINO Governor Schwarzenegger says he hopes it will be overturned in the courts. Ellen, Rosie and any number of other celebrities gay and straight alike are in a tizzy over the whole issue and they are looking for ways to negate the will of the people. Yes, those who supported it feel they have the right to overrule the HUGE majority of people who oppose gay marriage. But even if it passed by one vote, it is the will of the people.

The gays have been protesting in the streets and they have the support of some of the better known celebrities who support gay marriage. You see, the vote did not go the way they wanted so they are upset and looking to change it. This is how things work on their side of the world. When elections do not go their way they protest and raise hell. They look to the courts to change the will of the people by having them overturn what the voters decided. This time, the voters decided on an amendment to the Constitution in accordance with their law. They had a ballot initiative and one side lost. The courts should have NO say in this matter.

I imagine these celebrities (gay and straight) who are up in arms and want the results of the vote overturned would probably lose their liberal minds if Americans who voted for someone other than Obama started challenging the results in court and tried to get a Conservative judge to overturn the results. Don’t get me wrong, there is a lawsuit in place but it deals with a Constitutional issue and will likely go nowhere since the Supreme Court lacks testicular fortitude.

Look, gay people in California and those who are upset with the outcome, you lost, get over it. Your side will not be walking down the aisle in the near future because the sane people in your state decided that they needed a constitutional amendment to clarify what should be common sense in accordance with nature and normalcy.

For you moonbats who refuse to pay your taxes over this, you could be in trouble. Melissa Etheridge has stated that since she is denied the right to marriage she will not pay her CA taxes. I don’t agree with Obama being elected, does this mean I don’t have to pay my federal taxes? I don’t believe in taxpayer funded abortion so should I pay taxes if they are used for that?

The ruling of the people stands and it will be a part of the Constitution in California. If any judge overturns the will of the people this time they should drag him out of court and string him up.

As for the bleeding heart Governor Arnie, someone change his voter registration to Democrat. He is liberal and out of touch with what the Republican party stands for, like the rule of law, so throw him out and be done with it.

Must be what happens when you marry a Kennedy, half your brain is removed and you become a lib…

You guys should be careful what you ask for. You wanted Obama really bad and in getting him you got a large number of his followers who voted against you. I might not like it that Obama won but I take comfort in the knowledge that his victory caused your defeat…

Big Dog

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6 Responses to “Californians Divorce Selves From Gay Marriage”

  1. Vxnschatzee says:

    What is the point of putting a proposition on the ballot and then rejecting the results because you don’t like the way it turned out? Isn’t the point of voting to have the people speak and then do their will? That is what the libs say about BO and expect us to respect that and tow the line so how is that not the case with prop 8? We, the people, are supposed to making these decisions not a judge.

  2. Adam says:

    I typically support some form of gay marriage but of course I like it when the state legislates it either way. I was opposed to changing the US Constitution for marriage when that mess came up a few years ago.

    I kind of felt like the Prop was going to come into trouble by the way all the Hollywood elites were donating money and raising a stink.

    I hadn’t looked at exit polls until your post and you’re right. The large minority vote (37% combined) definitely swung the yes vote. That’s pretty interesting.

    I was disappointed in the two AR props that passed, one dealing with banning adoption from gays and those generally outside of wedlock and one dealing with a creating state lottery. Both passed to my dislike.

  3. Big Dog says:

    Two in MD. One for slots and one for early voting. Both are destined for disaster. Early voting but the state can decide in which districts. Last time they floated legislation (which was unconstitutional leading to the ballot initiative) they only had it in heavily Democratic areas…

    Slots should not be a part of a constitution. Legislate it but do not add it to that document.

    As for gay marriage, not in favor of federal Constitutional amendment so long as state courts do not keep overriding the legal process of the states. CA voters decided on an issue for their state constitution. If a judge overturns it then the only process is to amend the federal Constitution to protect the citizens from the courts.

    It is like abortion. It is not a federal issue and should never have been decided as such. It should have been left to the states.

    Minorities have fairly conservative family values which is why I am bewildered at their support for the Democratic party. Most of their personal values line up more with conservatives but they vote liberal…

    Go figure.

  4. Adam says:

    I think that’s something thing to consider also in terms of the CA gay marriage thing. It’s not like there are more Republicans than Democrats in CA but it really shows that the Democratic party represents conservative Democrats as well as liberals, despite what some of you guys say or think.

    The so called “Christian Left” is very underrated but I think it would grow in prominence in the next few cycles if the Republicans continue to lose their monopoly on religious values as a party. This is important to consider in terms of the Hispanic vote which is predominately Catholic and of course you’ve said many times now that the Jewish vote goes to Dems.

    I don’t know if the Dems have a standard at which they scorn party members over like you guys and the term RINO. Even Reid is hesitant to toss Lieberman off certain committees though that might have changed had the Dems gained more of a majority in the Senate and didn’t need him anymore.

    It seems like the term RINO was hidden away until McCain was defeated and then rolled back out, dusted off, and used again.

  5. Big Dog says:

    Reid is only hesitant because of what you state. If they had 61 they would toss him so it is not any different than the RINO situation.

    A lot of the groups that have conservative leanings 9that you have pointed out) are aligned with Democrats so they can get more of the social pie when the Dems dole out the money.

    I certainly recognize that there are socially conservative Democrats but I also realize the Dems do not act like who they really are when they want to be reelected.

    I think the increase in black voters led to the defeat of prop 8. Interesting too because the gay community looks at it like a civil rights issue so one would think the black community would be sympathetic to the cause…

  6. Adam says:

    There isn’t a united civil rights movement and never was one really. That’s probably a factor in the difference. Whether it’s women’s issues, race relations, or gay rights, there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of seeing eye to eye.