California Activist Gets Whacked

Tristan Anderson of Oakland California is an activist which means he is one of these people who seems to have time to go around protesting about one left wing cause or another. I can’t imagine this guy has a job because he spent 21 months in a tree protesting the removal of an on-campus grove at Berkeley.

This moron should have stuck with sitting in trees where the biggest danger was falling out though handling human waste had to be a close second.

He went over to Gaza to protest a barrier wall that Israel has up to protect its country from the aggression that is directed toward it from Palestine. Anderson had no business being there and he was only there to stir up trouble for Israel. Anderson, as far as I can tell, is not from either country so he was asking for trouble going over there.

He was struck in the head by a tear gas canister fired by the Israeli Defense Forces and is now in critical condition in a Tel Aviv hospital.

Now here is a guy who goes to that part of the world to protest Israeli security and to make the Jews look bad for wanting to keep their country safe and when he is hurt he gets taken to an Israeli hospital for care. I mean, why didn’t the Palestinians take him to one of their hospitals for care?

Perhaps it is because he would be dead by now.

The Israelis continue to show compassion to people who cause them grief. It says a lot about the people of that country in that they will care for those who care little about Israel.

As for Anderson, I have no sympathy for this moron. He was where he did not belong and he got whacked. I just hope he either recovers completely or dies because I would hate to spend taxpayer money keeping some environmental whacko on life support. I can see that headline now:

Tree Hugger Becomes Vegetable; Nasty Jews to Blame

I guess his family is upset about all this. Perhaps if they raised him to be a productive member of society instead of a moron they would have him at home instead of “hanging by a thread.”

Before any of you libs complain about the productive member comment, keep in mind this guy spent nearly 2 years in a tree. That is not productive by anyone’s definition, unless of course you are a bird.

Hats off to the IDF for another effective way to use a tear gas canister.

Big Dog Salute to Jammie Wearing Fool (and here)

Big Dog

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10 Responses to “California Activist Gets Whacked”

  1. Bunny Colvin says:

    Hmmm. All activists are “left wingers”? That’s a new one.

  2. SpideyTerry says:

    I have no sympathy for that little moron, either. He got himself into that situation. No one forced him to be there. He chose to go. I credit Israel for taking care of him, but I blame that little moron for essentially forcing them to do it. I’m pretty sure they have enough to worry about without having to waste time and resources on a waste of a human being.

    This is like those morons who went over to Iraq to protest the war, got themselves captured and essentially forced the coalition forces to have one more thing to worry about. And I may be wrong, but when those saps finally got rescued, I don’t recall them thanking their saviors or apologizing for giving them unnecessary work to perform. Somehow, I doubt Anderson will thank Israel for pretty much saving his worthless life.

    “Tree Hugger Becomes Vegetable”

    That implies that he wasn’t a vegetable to start with.

  3. Virginia says:

    Guess idiot do grow in tree’s.

  4. Adam says:

    Imagine if it had been Joe The Plumber in critical care, the type of moron activist the right cares about. I never saw anybody on the right say Joe had no business in Israel. He went as a “journalist” giving his crazy and embarrassing rants against media coverage in a war and other uneducated idiocies.

    I’m glad Joe’s OK but I don’t understand how a man like Anderson standing up for things he believes in makes him a target for jokes about being nearly dead.

    But then again the problem is not that he stood up for what he believes in. It’s that he’s a liberal activist. Many of you on the right always likes to demean protesters and activists when it’s a liberal issue they are for but if it’s Gathering of Eagles or a stupid fake “Tea Party” then it’s patriotic Americans standing up for what they believe in.

    • Big Dog says:

      Joe the Plumber was there as a member of the media with credentials. If he had gone over to protest and he got whacked then he would get what was coming to him. I missed the part here Anderson was a credentialed member of the media.

      As for GOE, you never see them protesting in another country. They are the counter protest to the moonbats and the only ones who caused any trouble when we were there was the libs. The cops told us they were not worried about us behaving that it was the others they had to worry about.

      Stupid and fake tea parties? Coming from a guy who likes to burn flags at protests. The people are exercising their rights and they are not violent about it. Do you think the original was stupid or fake? How about the lefties who did the mock waterboarding or had all the dead bodies lying around? Were they stupid and fake as well?

      Anderson had no right to be where he was. Our Constitution allows assembly at home. When you go to a violent part fo the world and protest you put yourself in danger.

      Am I sorry? Yep, sorry that it was not Sean Penn instead.

      • Adam says:

        I missed the part where Joe was credentialed as well but maybe you can back that up for me. No, Joe was there to speak up for Israelis and Anderson was there to speak up for Palestinians. I guess had Anderson been there protesting Palestine you might have more of your conservative compassion for him.

        I have never burned an American flag and I never will. That doesn’t mean I don’t believe it is freedom of speech. I have no problem with protests on either side I just think it’s funny the right mocks liberal activists while they are out there pretending what our founding fathers did is anything like what they are doing now.

        Yes. Stupid and fake tea parties. A bunch of sore loser conservatives pretending there is some kind of American tyranny because they lost a couple of fair elections to the Democrats.

        • Big Dog says:

          He had media credentials from Pajama Media TV. We can debate whether they are a legitimate news outlet but the issue is did he have press credentials. He went to Israel as an employee of PJTV and had credentials with them.

          Not a big deal, a lot of people can get them. But, he was not there to protest. He was there in the capacity of a reporter.

  5. Old Retired Petty Officer says:

    A grown man who chose to go into a place that is known to be dangerous. Doesn’t matter who did it, he placed himself in harm’s way and has now suffered the consequences.
    Tango Sierra.