CAIR Supports Terrorism Because it is a Terrorist Organization

Arsalan Iftikhar of CAIR and Joe Kaufman of Americans Against Hate were on Fox together and they got into a shouting match. Kaufman makes the assertion (rightly so) that CAIR is a terrorist organization. Iftikhar refutes this and tries to make Kaufman out to be a terrorist. The telling part of the interview is at the end when Iftikhar is asked very directly if Hamas and Hezbollah are terrorist organizations. His answer is that he accepts that the State Department has labeled them that. He is asked at least three times and every time he dodges the issue and refuses to say that he or CAIR consider those two terrorist organizations as such. This says a lot about CAIR, as I have said in the past, they are a front group for terrorism in the US.

This guy Iftikhar is a real punk. I have seen him do a few interviews and he acts like he owns the world and he plays the victim real well. I can not stand this half baked sand flea and when i hear him open that terrorist spewing yap of his I want to punch him right in the face. Give me ten minutes with that pedophile worshiper and I will have him calling Hamas, Hezbollah, and his own organization terrorist groups. I can not understand why we let people like this subhuman in this country or why we allow them the time of day.

CAIR is a terrorist organization as is Hamas and Hezbollah. I don’t just accept it, I know it. They are here to help take over this country and with the help of their ally in Congress, Keith Ellison, they will make a run of it. My friend Bushwack said it best when he said it is time for the Muslims here to decide what side they want to be on. If it comes to a fistfight, we regular Americans will not be encumbered by the rules the government straps on our troops. We will shoot to kill, and we will kill them all. Remember, “Open Season.”

You can see the video of this at Little Green Footballs

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2 Responses to “CAIR Supports Terrorism Because it is a Terrorist Organization”

  1. reddog says:

    My Congressman, Dana Rohrabacher, thinks CAIR are a bunch of great guys. He went to Afganistan and tourista’d with th Taliban. Thought they were great guys, too. He takes a lot of money from Arab organizations. I keep voting against him. He’s still there. Bush seems to like him fine.

    I don’t mind Dana being gay. I just don’t like that he bends over for the towelheads. He should take a lesson from David Drier, another SoCal gay GOP rep. and only engage in sodomy with good white Americans.