CAIR, Not For Peaceful Relations

Charles at Little Green Footballs has a post up that is about a Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) rally. A blogger was at that rally and was videotaping the event. Questions were asked dealing with what people were there for and what was their message. To a person the message was unconditional cease fire in the Israeli/Hezbollah confrontation. What they said was that Israel needed to stop its terrorist acts. When asked if there were any words of condemnation for Hezbollah for starting the war all the people denied that Hezbollah had anything to do with it. Either these people are plain stupid or they have been getting in the Kool-Aid line too many times.

Go to the site and view the video. The people start out peacefully but then they grab the camera and try to intimidate ciospirit, who was operating it. You can go to caospirit’s blog to view the video as well.

So does this council want relations with America? If so, it would seem that they do not want peaceful ones.

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