But, There Were No WMDs

Since way before the invasion of Iraq we have been warned that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction(WMD). Many who now say the President lied about WMD stated in the past that Saddam had them and he should be disarmed because he was dangerous. During the Presidential Campaign last year nearly every major democratic player, including those who stated that Saddam had WMDs, called President Bush a liar after our forces failed to find WMDs. There have been satellite photographs showing Russian trucks at weapons bunkers just prior to the invasion and subsequent photos showing those trucks heading toward Syria. Despite the fact that Hussein used chemical agents on his own people as well as on the Iranians, the looney left continues to espouse the same conspiracy theories: Bush lied about WMD to get into the war. Why, everyone knows he is just doing this because Hussein tried to kill his daddy.

We were told by John Kerry that we should have involved the UN. We should have gotten their approval and we should have developed a coalition backed by them. We have been told that these mistakes would not have happened if we would have just involved the UN and let them guide us in the right way of thinking. Poor Bush, cowboy that he is, went it alone. If he had only involved the UN (nevermind the fact that he tried to involve the UN).

Now there is a report in the New York Times that basically states that right after the invasion of Iraq, weapons facilities were systematically looted and dismantled. The parts were removed, rather skillfully, and taken somewhere else. These parts were in some of Hussein’s most important weapons facilities and included items that could be used to make a nuclear weapon. This is all according to an Iraqi official, Sami al-Araji, the deputy minister of industry. An interesting statement:

Dr. Araji said equipment capable of making parts for missiles as well as chemical, biological and nuclear arms was missing from 8 or 10 sites that were the heart of Iraq’s dormant program on unconventional weapons.

Capable of making chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons. Say it isn’t so. Iraq and that nice guy Hussein actually had the capability to do this? So maybe it is possible he had weapons moved to other countries.

But what about the UN. If we had involved them, we would know what was going on. All the weapons inspectors could have filled us in. To the left, the UN is the answer for everything. So here is what the UN had to say (in case the left wants to discount Araji):

The United Nations, worried that the material could be used in clandestine bomb production, has been hunting for it, largely unsuccessfully, across the Middle East. In one case, investigators searching through scrap yards in Jordan last June found specialized vats for highly corrosive chemicals that had been tagged and monitored as part of the international effort to keep watch on the Iraqi arms program. The vessels could be used for harmless industrial processes or for making chemical weapons.

Now, how can it be that the United Nations is worried that this material could be used in clandestine bomb production? Didn’t Bush lie about all this so he could invade? Does not the left keep telling us that WMD were not there and that Hussein got rid of his weapons making capabilities in the early 90s? Well now we have the UN, the panacea of the left, telling us they are worried that Hussein had these things and that his people dismantled them and sold them all over the world. The article states that it is most likely that these people just wanted to make money off the stuff and did not care about weapons production. Be that as it may, the UN is acknowledging that the Bush administration’s reasons for going in are based in fact. Perhaps now that the UN has agreed, the dems will shut their pie holes and get on with the business of running the country.

What do you call WMD? Perhaps 500 tons of Uranium.

Did some of the WMD leave the country?

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