But He’s Effective

Drudge has an interesting article about the donk leadership meeting with Howie Dean to tell him to cool it. I had commented in an earlier post that Dean would be on his way out. I was, of course, taken to task by those who told me that Dean has such great leadership skills. To those unaccustomed to real leadership I guess this would be their idea of it. However, this interesting tidbit from a few of the donks.

Also Thursday, two Democrats seen as rising stars — Rep. Harold Ford of Tennessee and Virginia Gov. Mark R. Warner — made a point of distancing themselves from Dean’s remarks.

Ford, who plans a Senate run next year, said on the Don Imus radio show that if Dean could not “temper his comments, it may get to the point where the party may need to look elsewhere for leadership, because he does not speak for me.”

Ford later told The Times that Dean was “leading us in a direction that makes it difficult to win…. His leadership right now is not serving any of us very well.”

Might need to look elsewhere for leadership. Hmmm, where have I heard that before. The donks will keep him around for a while. They do not want to admit the only reason they put him in is to raise money and he has been woefully inadequate at that. They would hate to admit they lack the ability to select a proper leader for the DNC. What would it say about their ability to judge who should lead. I only hope they let him stay there long enough to completely ruin the party. As Joe Biden put it:

“Do I think this has caused long-term damage for the Democratic Party? No. If it becomes the steady diet for the next three years? Yeah.”

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