But Don’t Hang Bad Guys

Stephen King’s Mist has been made into a movie and the ending was changed. King likes the ending so much he thinks anyone who reveals it should be killed:

Frank wrote a new ending that I loved. It is the most shocking ending ever and there should be a law passed stating that anybody who reveals the last 5 minutes of this film should be hung from their neck until dead. First Showing

It is too bad these Hollywood types don’t feel the death penalty is warranted for actual criminals. They all cried about Hussein, they cried about Tookie Williams and they protest every time some murderous thug is set to be executed.

No, they will protest killing a murderer and will protest the “right” to murder an unborn child. And now, God forbid anyone discloses the ending to a King movie.

Big Dog

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12 Responses to “But Don’t Hang Bad Guys”

  1. Adam says:

    Stephen King makes one joke statement about killing somebody and that makes all of Hollywood a bunch of hypocritical baby killers? Give me a break. It’s like you’ll do anything you can to make broad generalizations and rail against them. Come on, what a stretch…

  2. Big Dog says:

    Adam, have you watched the last few protests for executions in California? There were quite a few celebs there. When there are abortion rights rallies a whole lot of the Hollywood elite are involved.

    No, what Stephen King said does not make them all what they are. Most of them were baby killers long before he said anything.

    When Stephen King espouses putting murderers to death instead of sparing them, then we can discuss if he was making a joke….

  3. King Groundhog says:

    Puppy mill owners
    Mink Farmers
    Pet Dealers
    Incest people
    Child beaters
    Child rapists
    Anti-abort bombers
    Anti-abort murderers

    are among 100’s of others who need the stirng before king-Talkers.

  4. Schatz says:

    For crying out loud, they want to make a noose a hate crime and a punishable offense. But this statement is OK? Joking or not, you can believe if this statement was made by someone of another persuasion (like a conservative) we would be hearing all sorts of crap about it.
    People of all races have been hanged and it should not be considered a “hate crime” because one group of people find it offensive. I find a lot of things offensive and no one wants to make them crimes. One of those things is letting criminals off the hook for their actions due to their race, socio-economic status, or upbringing. However, if you let someone know the ending of a movie – death becomes you!

  5. Adam says:

    You should really look further into what a hate crime is and isn’t, Schatz. It has very little to do with any group simply finding a certain action offensive.

  6. Big Dog says:

    While we are at it let us look at the sense of having a hate crime law. Why is it a HATE crime to beat up a gay guy? The assault is against the law and should be sufficient to handle the crime. Unfortunately the government has decided that they can punish someone for hanging a noose or saying nigger, offensive for sure but not illegal. Let Jesse Jackson call Jews Heimies or Al Sharpton incites riots where people are killed and those are not hate crimes.

    Hate crimes are affirmative action of law enforcement. Let’s pile on the white guy. I have never seen a minority prosecuted for a hate crime. Let a Mexican rape and kill a “gringo” and we are lucky if the bastard is prosecuted for the crime much less being charged with a hate crime.

    Let 6 black guys rape a white girl and sodomize her boyfriend and then kill set them on fire and dismember them and it it not prosecuted for a hate crime. It is hardly reported in the news. A noose gets national attention while truly violent crimes are ignored because of who committed them.

    Hate crimes are stupid. Prosecute the original crime and stop the insanity.

  7. Adam says:

    What makes you think that if a “Mexican” raped and killed a white person they might not be prosecuted? Have you seen an example of this before?

    You say you haven’t seen a minority prosecuted for a hate crime but take a look at what happened in Long Beach, CA a few months back. Eight black teenagers charged with a hate crime for racially motivated attacks on white girls. It does happen.

    The intent of hate crimes legislation is to acknowledge motivation behind a crime and to examine how these types of crimes affect society in general and not just the victim of the crime.

    There are several strong arguments against hate crimes legislation, but I haven’t seen you make a good one. You have this false sense of reverse-racism as if hate crimes charges are simply another way to cause undue trouble to white people. Poor whitey, again. Give it a rest.

  8. Big Dog says:

    OK, so you can find some news that it is used the other way. It has nothing to do with poor whitey. What is has to do with is the abslute stupidity of ading hate to a crime. It is stupid to add it and anyone who thinks it is valuable for fighting crime is just as stupid.

    It is hogwash to say that it is designed to see about impact on society blah blah. All crime has an impact on society. How do you justify hate and how does one read a criminal mind to say it was hate. Riddleme this Batman:

    If a teen paints graffiti on a bridge it is vandalism. If th same kid paints swastikas it is a hate crime. Why is that? They are both vandalism. How can you or anyone else know what was in the mind of the person who painted it? Perhaps he likes the way the swastikas look and has no intent at “hate”.

    Hate crimes are ridiculous. And yes, there are many examples of crimes against whites that are violent and are ONLY treated as crime, not a hate crime. Your link leads to a log in page but the teaser shows that blacks are upset that they were charged an called it a mob lynching (those racist whites again). Perhaps you could read this and see how the media actually covered the incident and how the idea of hate crime perplexed them.


  9. Adam says:

    The fact is there are no automatic hate crimes like you imply. Beating up a gay man is not a hate crime unless there is evidence to suggest the attack was motivated by hate of the homosexual lifestyle or something like that. Same with painting swastikas. Same with burning crosses.

    You don’t have to see into the criminal mind to tell if it’s a hate crime. You do it the same way you do every criminal investigation. If there is witness testimony or background to suggest racial/sexual/religious bias then there may be evidence to suggest the crime was more than just a crime.

    There’s always the Sharptons and the media to blow things out of proportion, but in general there needs to be evidence of hate before it becomes more than just a regular crime.

    I’m starting to remember discussing this with you before, so I’m going to stop beating a dead horse.

  10. Big Dog says:

    I guess you still fail to understand that it does not matter why a person committed the crime. Who cares if a guy got beat up because he was gay or because he ahted gays? The fact is someone got beat up.

    It does not matter if a person paints a swastika on a wall because he hates Jews or because he likes the picture, it is still vandalism and that is a crime. To tack on more punishment because a guy hates something is wrong. I do not like mint ice cream, if I attack a guy while he is eating mint ice cream do I get a more harsh punishment because I hate the stuff?

    Also, can we now have lesser crimes if someone loves something? Suppose I rob a bank because I love money, will I get less time? Or how about if a guy robs a store because he needs to feed his family so he gets less time than a guy who just robs the store for crack money?

    It is unnecessary to add hate to a crime. But if we are going to do that than sneaking into the country should be a hate crime because the ILLEGALS hate what we have here that they do not have at home and they hate us for buying their property from them (except Texas which that coward Santa Anna signed over to save his life).

  11. Big Dog says:

    BTW, yes there are examples of ILLEGALS commiting serious crimes and being deported instead of jailed here.

  12. Adam says:

    The bottom line is that hate crimes are especially heinous. You may think they’re dumb and unnecessary but those who study the affects of hate crimes on society think otherwise, and the law is on their side. I for one am grateful of this fact.