Businesses Seeking Relief From Obamacare

Anyone with a brain knew Obamacare would cause problems. The law and the regulations implemented to enforce it are cumbersome and do nothing to help. The cost of the program has risen since it was enacted (they lied about what it would cost) and the downstream current of the law has caused the cost of private insurance to go up. The DHHS has admitted that because of Obamacare insurance will cost much more.

Businesses across the nation are appealing to the government for relief from the costs of this law. Specifically, businesses in states that have refused to bow down to big government are the ones asking for relief. They need help because the SCOTUS shot down the Medicaid requirement. The SCOTUS ruled that states could not be compelled to participate in the expansion and a number of them have decided not to do so.

This means that businesses will have to foot the bills and if any of their employees end up in a state exchange the employers will have to pay $3000 for each employee who joins.

This means a lot of businesses will end up in financial trouble. Some will likely end up closing their doors or they will fire enough people to get under the 50 employee mark where Obamacare is applicable.

It certainly sucks to be in the position in which these businesses find themselves but they should not get any kind of relief. If they are given relief then the costs will be shifted to everyone else. Those of us who pay taxes are already paying for the law and those who benefit from it. We are footing the bill for everyone else and if we have to cover the cost to these businesses then we will be paying even more.

It is not my job to provide health care dollars for someone else. It is my job to take care of me and my family. This is true of anyone who knows what responsibility is. Yes, we need programs in place to cover the absolute poorest among us and those who absolutely cannot afford health care BUT there are not many of those people out there.

Those who can afford cell phones, multiple cars, satellite or cable TV, expensive clothes and the newest modern gadgets can pay for their own health care insurance.

Anyone who smokes a pack of cigarettes a day and/or drinks a few beers or other drinks could quit doing so and use the money to buy basic health insurance. Give up the cell phone and the satellite/cable TV and they could buy a better plan.

It is about responsibility and choice.

As for the businesses, if they do not feel the pain and if their workers do not feel the pain then they will never learn. Anyone affected who voted for Obama and his minions voted for this to take place. Those who did not vote for him are, sadly, collateral damage in the war on the people waged by government.

They were all warned and now they are finding out that their decision (or the decision of the low information voters) comes with consequences.

Let them live with their decisions or the decisions of others. If their business cannot thrive in a state that has refused the Medicaid expansion then these businesses are free to move to states that have.

Or they can fire any of their employees who voted for Obama until they get down to 49.

Then they can ignore the law and their former employees can deal with the change they voted for.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog



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One Response to “Businesses Seeking Relief From Obamacare”

  1. Blake says:

    The whole healthcare plan is so moronic that I have to wonder about peoples’ intelligence- cant they even do basic math?
    Add 30 million people to the healthcare rolls, with NO increase in the amount of doctors, equals longer wait times, plus less quality care, because you have to remember, doctors can make a C-, and still become a doctor.
    Woould you like to have a doctor that made a C-?
    I would not, but soon you might have no choice.