Bush’s Job After Politics

I have figured out what George Bush can do once he leaves office. He can tell Susan Sarandon what roles she should take, how to rewrite parts, and pass judgment on scripts she is offered. He can also serve as a critic of her work and publish reports on how well she did or did not do.

After all, that is what she is doing to him. She is telling him how he should be doing his job, expressing her political views and acting as if she could do a better job, or even do it at all. She was bored by his speech and wants the troops home now. She is even going to participate in a protest this weekend with fellow idiots Sean Penn and Tim Robbins.

They can all get together and smoke a few joints, pass the bong around and put on tie dyed jeans. Then they can march and sing anti war songs. That would be great and given their lack of talent in their chosen professions it might just be a perfect gig for them, something they can handle.

I think it would be great for Bush to become a critic when he leaves office. He could go on TV and review the work of these has-beens and let them know how he feels about their work. He is certainly as qualified to tell them how they should do their jobs as they are to tell him.


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