Bush Will Screw Up Immigration

There was always tepid support for an immigration bill that actually had any teeth. Democrats want ILLEGALS to have a direct path to citizenship and are willing to overlook the fact that laws were broken in order to secure the almighty vote, albeit at the expense of national security. Now that the Democrats are in charge it is a certainty that they will push to make America weaker while rewarding lawbreakers. They will give these lawbreakers a pass on infractions that would land a real citizen in jail.

Last year, under Republican leadership, a bill passed directing the erection of a 700 mile long wall on the southern border. The funding for that is in jeopardy as Democrats get set to run the country into the ground. Additionally, the Democrats will introduce legislation making it easier for all the law breakers to become citizens. Some Republican (as well as conservative Democratic) opposition is expected but the fact is we will likely have a watered down bill that basically grants amnesty to every ILLEGAL.

Where does President Bush stand on this? It is obvious that Bush is in favor of more robust immigration and that he supports some type of amnesty. His desire to establish the North American Union plays into his immigration position and in all likelihood, he will support an amnesty bill. Bush has turned from leading to worrying about his legacy. When any leader puts his legacy before the welfare of the nation the outcome can not be good. Clinton’s desire for a great legacy made him soft on terror and our national security and helped give us the mess we have today. Bush’s desire to ensure his legacy will give us similar problems because national security is taking a back seat to this desire to be remembered kindly by historians.

God help this nation. Our leaders are selling us out and it is only a matter of time before we are weakened to the point of disaster or are engaged in our own civil war. When that war comes, the politicians will find no safe refuge.


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7 Responses to “Bush Will Screw Up Immigration”

  1. Rosemary says:

    Yes, he will. I don’t want to think about that. I just want you to have a very Merry Christmas! ;)

  2. ray says:

    Merry Holidays and prosperous New Year
    to Big Dog,friends,readers, brothers.
    peace with you and may the force be with you.
    Seasons Greetings

  3. Right Truth says:

    Has Bush lost his mind?…

    American voters are pretty smart, although we don’t always act like it. Take illegal immigration, which I prefer to call the influx of criminal invaders. Many of us have kept the phone lines to Washington burning with our pleas for…

  4. bj1 says:

    Big Dog I applaud you .. You are telling it exactly like it is! Amen to your last paragraph .
    I voted for Bush and thought he was going to do wonderful things for us.. I got fooled! Bad times are coming…

  5. Big Dog says:

    Thanks for commenting Bj1. I appreciate it when people express themselves here. I think Bush started out fine and in some things I still agree with him. I just believe he was so stunned by the losses that he is willing to sell the farm to preserve a legacy. Plus, he has always been big on lots and lots of immigration.

  6. bj1boo says:

    I have a request.. I understand President Bush is meeting in Mexico with the Mexican president this wednesday… In my opinion,I greatly fear Bush is going to betray us to the Mexicans.. Im speaking of Bush signing some kind of agreement with Mexico to allow free access to our America with just a step back over the border of Mexico and then step back into the US in order to qualify for all things we hold dear in America… Please help stop this man from giving our country away . Send emails, fax, phone calls, anything to stop this travesty of justice.Thank you , BJ Hicks