Bush Will Get Blamed For This

The New York Times, the mouthpiece for the democrats, has announced it will cut 500 jobs, on top of the 200 it cut earlier. They say this is part of an ongoing effort to cut costs. Since newspapers around the country are suffering from low numbers of readers, it is only natural that they have more people than they need. My question is, why don’t they practice what they want the rest of the country to do?

The Times is all about taxing the “rich” and giving the money to those less fortunate. They espouse the liberal idea of a Robin Hood society and are always against tax cuts and cutting pork, programs, and waste. They would just as soon have the tax payer fork over more money to pay for widely expanded programs and to grease up the pork barrel. So why don’t all the high paid owners and executives take a pay cut and offer the money to the poor slobs who are going to get canned? They could practice what they preach on a smaller scale. Surely those rich guys can afford a few less martinis for the good of the workers.

In the overall scheme of things, somehow, George Bush will get blamed for the poor economy at the New York Times. He will shoulder the burden of people thrown out into the cold because there was not enough for them. If he would only have put those war dollars to better use subsidizing the newspaper industry. Maybe, if we are lucky, Maureen Dowd will be one of the ones out in the cold. Imagine her having to give up Perrier for tap water.

Yes, the ivory tower is crumbling piece by piece and the newspapers will start to fold (no pun intended) one by one. They can join network news anchors in the soup line.

Read it at WNBC.

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