Bush Was Right Again

It would appear that when George Bush said Iraq was trying to obtain uranium that was actually right. There is, and has been, enough evidence that this was the case but some badly forged documents allowed the drive by media to draw the conclusion that the whole claim must be false. They swarmed on that faster than bugs on a porch light and have been more reluctant to leave it than Dan Rather and his document story. The point is, despite the efforts of whomever forged the documents and despite the best efforts of Joe Wilson and his wife Valerie Plame (Wilson), the facts show that George Bush was right when he said that Iraq was trying to get uranium. Many of the drive by media continue to ignore facts in the case and despite mounting evidence that Wilson lied and Bush told the truth, the media reports it the exact opposite.

Recent disclosure of a redacted report shows that Iraq was in fact attempting to acquire uranium and that Wilson was in fact recruited by his wife, a CIA analyst who became a media darling when her husband, again in a lie, reported that her “covert” identity had been revealed. Forgetting for a moment that Plame was not covert, look at the fact that her husband introduced her and told people where she worked, she was photographed and her picture appeared in a magazine, and the 2 1/2 year investigation failed to get anyone charged with disclosing this not-so-well kept secret.

The memo in question is redacted as to names and places. Interestingly, Plame’s name is not redacted [it appears as Wilson] and though the paragraph is marked as Secret, that does not mean all the items in the paragraph are so. In fact, the secret part is probably the part that has been redacted.

Wilson lied about the uranium, he lied about his wife’s identity and he has continued to lie all along. Yet, the hacks in the DBM and the moonbats on the left who are so desperate for a knock out punch refuse to see the truth. Their blind hatred for the President and anything Republican has caused them to lose objectivity and has caused them to be blinded as to what is really going on in the world. That is why we can never trust them with national security.

Big Dog50

Source 1: Town Hall
Source 2: New York Sun

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