Bush To Blame For This Too?

We have seen the left blame President Bush for every imaginable thing. He was responsible for 9/11, the leaks, Katrina, Rita and every other thing in the world including a tsunami. Now he is responsible because that half brained nit wit Sean Penn can not quit smoking. That is right, Sean Penn said he can’t quit smoking because of George Bush:

Actor Sean Penn added to the enthusiasm of the day by stressing that all of the nation’s anti-war activism was taking hold and was starting to work—while admitting that the stress of living under the current administration was making it tough for him to quit smoking. Stating that he “was not a pacifist on the inside”, he was moved to be one on the outside for the sake of his children and grandchildren’s future. He said we have to fight for everything we have.

I have another theory and it is probably more accurate. Penn can not quit because he is a weak person with no will power and he probably needs a smoke when he is out getting liquored up. Penn is like the rest of the moonbats; he blames every problem he has on someone else. Penn is a victim because he lacks the will to give up an addictive habit. Now I personally do not care if he smokes, that is his business. I take issue with his poor excuse for his own failing.

I guess Bush is responsible for his break up with Madonna (another moonbat winner). Perhaps Bush is responsible for all the drug addicts and alcoholics in this country.


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