Bush Misled Us Into Iraq

We have heard the countless stories of Democrats who have told us that they were misled into voting for the war in Iraq. They said that they did not see all the intelligence or that it was manipulated. I believe this is nothing more than a lack of leadership ability on their parts in that they are not man or woman enough to take responsibility for their own acts. They have called the President a liar and they are using the war as a political tool in order to get Democrats elected, security be damned. More pathetically, they are using our troops as pawns and they do not care if we lose the war so long as they win. I have stated many times that if they spent as much effort trying to win this war as they do trying to win elections we would be done and the troops would be home by now. A forum called Conserva Babes has a lot of quotes from those hapless politicians and it includes the following video. This has been around a bit but it deserves being reintroduced because of the words coming out of certain people in leadership positions and those running for the White House.

Many thanks to the Conserva Babes (link to printed quotes including some by that liar Joe Wilson).

Big Dog

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2 Responses to “Bush Misled Us Into Iraq”

  1. Ola says:

    There Is always the guy who think justice Is equivalent to biggest penis Is always right.. But the day you really want to be taken seriously you might just consider there Is always someone carrying a bigger [penis*] than you.

    You dont seem to know the meaning of justice, and when you truly feel you are ready to take the responsibility for your own heroic acts, go down to Irag and start clean up radioactive dust from AMERICAN WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION with your own hands..

    *Edited to remove vulgar word

  2. Big Dog says:

    This must be from the La Raza Crowd. I advocate for child molesters to be imprisoned for life (or receive the death penalty), for criminals to be prosecuted and for ILLEGAl aliens to be sent home or to jail. Now, to me, that is the meaning of justice.

    What is not justice is rewarding a bunch of people with amnesty after they broke the law to get here, broke the law getting a job, and continue to break the law each day they are here. Seems to me the scum at La Raza and the rest of the ILLEGAL appeasing organizations are the ones who do not know what justice is.

    One day there will be a new form of justice and that is one you will not want to see…