Bush Did Not Lie!

For some time now we have been deluged with the Bush lied people died mantra of the left. We have been told that Bush lied to take us to war. We have been told the WMD lie was all about George asserting himself to avenge his father. The MSM has trumpeted this conspiracy theory while the sane among us contended he used available intelligence, from many sources, to determine the course of action. The Baltimore Sun has a piece today that confirms that Bush had bad intelligence. They probably did not intend to say it but in their zeal to blame the Katrina mess on him they let it out.

The initial reaction is not encouraging. It’s not that politicians are trying to make hay from the disaster – that, after all, is what politicians do – but that they are reaching for easy and expensive solutions that miss the mark by about a mile. Funneling billions in new aid money, for instance, through the Federal Emergency Management Agency, when that agency is an obstacle to setting things right, staggers the imagination. It’s like giving the Medal of Freedom to former CIA director George Tenet after his organization let the country down on 9/11 (and again on Iraq). emphasis added

The Sun is telling us that the CIA, an intelligence agency, let us down by giving bad info on WMD and Iraq. I am glad the Sun cleared that up so we can move on. I wonder if the rest of the MSM will follow suit and finally recognize the truth. I won’t hold my breath. Notice they also took a swipe at FEMA. FEMA was the only government agency that actually followed a plan. The Sun, much like Al Gore and the rest of the left, has ignored the obvious failure of state and local government to lay blame on the feds. Now in fairness, the Sun recognizes that Louisiana, New Orleans in particular, had a half baked plan that they did not exercise, but it glosses over that to lay blame on the Federal government.

But wait! It gets better. The Sun also compares George Bush to OJ Simpson.

The Sun has always been a liberal mouthpiece rag and it will parrot the words of the left regardless of how those words pale in comparison to the truth. The circulation of the Sun is down and I can only look forward to the day when they are out of business. Until then, bird owners will at least be able to find something useful to do with it.

Read the story at WBAL.

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One Response to “Bush Did Not Lie!”

  1. Surfside says:

    I’m sure Maryland puppy owners also find The Baltimore Sun invaluable :lol_tb: